Wednesday, 9 December 2020


Elliott were a four-piece indie/emo/post-hardcore band from Louisville, Kentucky that were around from 1995 to 2003. They put out three full-lengths, all of which continued to progress their sound. Their debut U.S. Songs is probably their most hard-hitting, where each song just brims with energy, the guitars are distorted and the vocals are loud and soaring. Fans of bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Sense Field and The Get Up Kids will definitely dig this band, as they're very emo-centric, but also sit comfortably in alternative rock. Their sophomore release False Cathedrals slightly toned down the energy of their debut in favour of more clean, arpeggiated guitars and occasional piano flourishes. Having said that, some of their most energetic and anthemic songs also appear on here, in the form of tracks such as "Calm Americans" and "Lie Close".

Their final album, Song In The Air is aptly titled, as the band took a big turn with this sweet, dreamy sound, incorporating soft vocals, pianos, atmospheric interludes, and even some strings. This album clearly took influences from the more serene side of post-rock. If you're new to this band, it's best to start from the beginning and work your way forward. If They Do includes tracks from their earlier singles and EP's. Songs In A Transit Wind was released years later with a similar tracklist (with the exception of one track) and a few more songs added. Photorecording is a compilation that contains a live set in the first half and a collection of demos and alternate versions of songs on the back end. Enjoy.

1. Miracle
2. Intro
3. The Conversation
4. Dionysus Burning
5. The Watermark High
6. Every Train That Passes
7. Suitcase And Atoms
8. Second Story Skyscraper
9. Alchemy As A Rhythm
10. Ten Cent Inquiry
11. Safety Pin Explanation

1. Waiting While Under Paralysis
2. As Arson
3. The Watermark High
4. Halfway Pretty
5. Lost Instrumental
6. Halfway Pretty Acoustic

1. Voices
2. Calm Americans
3. Blessed By Your Own Ghost
4. Drive On To Me
5. Calvary Song
6. Lipstick Stigmata
7. Dying Midwestern
8. Shallow Like Your Breath
9. Superstitions In Travel
10. Carving Oswego
11. Lie Close
12. Speed Of Film

1. Land And Water
2. Carry On
3. Believe
4. Beijing (Too Many People)
5. Drag Like Pull
6. Bleed In Breathe Out
7. Song In The Air
8. Away We Drift
9. Blue Storm
10. Genea

1. Away We Drift [Live]
2. Drive Onto Me [Live]
3. Dionysus Burning [Live]
4. Blessed By Your Own Ghost [Live]
5. Calm Americans [Live]
6. Shallow Like Your Breath [Live]
7. Drag Like Pull [Live]
8. Bleed In Breathe Out
9. Drive
10. Believe
11. Carry On
12. This Program Is Not Responding
13. Leona
14. Intro To False Cathedrals

1. Waiting While Under Paralysis
2. As Arson
3. The Watermark High
4. Halfway Pretty
5. Calvary Song
6. The Fan And The Bellows (Chameleons cover)
7. Orphalese
8. Lost Instrumental


  1. I can't believe you didn't mention that it's the singer from Falling Forward! Such a unique voice. Thanks for doing this blog. I check it out constantly.

  2. Elliott are one of those bands that should have been huge. False Cathedrals is a masterpiece from start to finish. Sadly most people at the time would rather listen to Coldplay...