Tuesday 31 March 2015


Malady were a screamo/post-hardcore band from Virginia that formed in 2004 and ended in 2005. They are most known for being the band that members of pg.99 and City of Caterpillar formed after both bands broke up. Despite coming immediately after the aforementioned bands, they had already shown drastic signs of progression. Malady isn't quite as quick and chaotic as pg.99, but not as drawn-out and dynamic as City of Caterpillar. Malady played fairly straight-forward hardcore punk, though it did still dwell within the darker sounds of the genre. The guitars are sharp, and pierce through these 8 scorching songs with a sense of melody that is constantly eschewed by noise. The rolling drums throw the band into different directions, and the vocals sound worn, but just as passionate as any of their previous bands. Their sole album, put out by Level Plane Records, is incredible for a band with an existence as short as theirs. It's unfortunate they didn't do more, but to compensate, Pygmy Lush was the next major band that came out of the pg.99 clan, so that definitely does even things out.

Below is their sole LP, and if you want to hear an early practice tape, plus some stuff that would later become Verse En Coma (another short-lived pg.99-family project), check them out on Robotic Obscurities. Enjoy.

Update: The Archivist is finally giving this incredible album a proper online release. I've been asked to remove the download link, but you can still grab this classic over at their Bandcamp (which is now linked below), or any of the streaming platforms listed here. You can also get more info about The Archivist there, and should have no problem finding a place to give this a listen, as well as your support if you can.

1. Tongue
2. Yeah
3. Well Again
4. The World is a Tomb
5. Bad Life
6. Heroine
7. Said Simone
8. Let's Face It

Friday 27 March 2015


Shizune are a five-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Lonigo, Italy. Since 2012, they've been releasing some of the best screamo around now. They continue what bands like Raein and La Quiete have been doing, which is making incredibly visceral, but technically proficient, emotional hardcore. They are the definition of "beauty in chaos", by driving melodic guitars through blasts of drum beats and scorching vocals. Their latest release, Le Voyageur Imprudent is easily one of, if not the best screamo/post-hardcore records you're going to hear all year, so get on this now. Their back catalogue is equally impressive, with numerous albums to their name that pummel through emotional excruciation that never ceases to demand attention. Plus, Shizune work with two of the best record labels out there, Driftwood Records and Dog Knights Productions, which are both worth looking into. Not only for their impressive roster, but to support them as much as they support some of the best bands out there now. Enjoy.

1. Petit déjeuner en enfer
2. ok...anywhere, but not in 秋葉原
3. Kairos
4. Redshift
5. Days of Væstena
6. shit, I need more RAM!
7. Weekend at Lake Vostok

1. Kamchatka
2. HAARP connections
3. Dyatlov Pass Incident, Холат-Сяхыл
4. MONØLITH: Fall of Nibiru
5. Plague doctor

1. Minus Tree - never walk on a frozen lake
2. Shizune - souvenirs d'éternité
3. Shizune - in memoria di nessuno

1. Things Fall Apart - Everyday Takes Me Further from You
2. Things Fall Apart - Virginia Woolf
3. Tall Ships Set Sail - Pizza Donut
4. Tall Ships Set Sail - Filet of Fish
5. Infro - 嘘の鏡と真実の悪魔
6. Infro - モドラナイ
7. Shizune - An appointment with Richard Harrison
8. Shizune - March blizzard in Rostov na Donu

1. Kamchatka
2. souvenirs d'éternité
3. Redshift
4. Petit déjeuner en enfer
5. amaritudinis (il mostro)- I movimento
6. Days of Væstena
7. March blizzard in Rostov na Donu
8. Kairos
9. HAARP connections
10. ok...anywhere, but not in 秋葉原
11. Dyatlov Pass Incident, Холат-Сяхыл
12. MONØLITH- Fall of Nibiru
13. Weekend at Lake Vostok
14. An appointment with Richard Harrison
15. shit, I need more RAM!
16. Plague doctor
17. in memoria di nessuno

1. Aestheticism
2. Notes of decay
3. Un telefono che non squilla
4. Sputnik! nostalgia
5. Vesper
6. Immortel et Impérissable
7. Senza luce
8. Orienteering in Aokigahara青木ヶ原
9. Difficile da capire, impossibile da spiegare
10. Instructions for inertia

1. the dreamers sleep on concrete
2. dance dance dance
3. lentiggini
4. take her to takamatsu toonice
5. per stare al passo coi tempi ho perso tutti di vista
6. dead all day, rodeo tonight!
7. espiazione del moratorium
8. je veux que la mort me trouve plantant mes choux
9. kathmandu
10. always separate the drugs

1. Shizune - greg e a roppongi con john macAfee
2. Shizune - occhiaie metafisiche
3. Lytic - Greener Grass
4. Lytic - All Bleeding Stops Eventually
5. Lytic - Lugenpresse

Wednesday 25 March 2015


Apart were a five-piece screamo/hardcore band from Greenville, South Carolina, that existed from 2010 to 2013. They were signed to Mayfly Records during their time. They are often described as mixing contemporary melodic hardcore with older screamo influence, and I think that's pretty accurate. They are incredibly passionate in their delivery, with some very melodic guitar parts, but piercing vocal delivery. They shred themselves through each song, making comparisons to bands as different as More Than Life or Loma Prieta warranted. To namedrop a few other comparisons, Caravels, State Faults, Beau Navire, and We Were Skeletons might be adequate. Their album Gray Light is really, really good, and I suggest giving it a try to any fan of the aforementioned bands. Not to mention it has some amazing production work on it. Enjoy.

1. Make Not A Single Sound Amongst Saints
2. The Wild And Outraged Earth
3. A House Of Many Windows
4. The Frailty Of Everything
5. Now Call Down Your Dark and Your Cold, and be Damned

1. Play on, soft pipes
2. The Best 8 Words

1. Carolina Cold
2. Two Lane Blacktop
3. Play On, Soft Pipes
4. Candles and Calendars
5. Sick of Sunlight
6. Blindfolds
7. Gray Light
8. Dead Air

1. Worth Remembering
2. Suffer In Rhythm
3. Martin
4. Oak Island
5. Untitled
6. Second Best (Pedro The Lion cover)

In My Eyes

In My Eyes were a five-piece straight edge hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that was around from 1997-2000. They take obvious influence from early 80's DC hardcore bands, especially since they derive their name from a Minor Threat song and do a cover of a song by The Faith. In My Eyes were major in late 90's hardcore, youth crew, and straight edge scenes. Along with bands such as Ten Yard Fight and Reach The Sky, they were kind of like the second coming of bands like Youth of Today and Gorilla Biscuits that dominated a decade before. In My Eyes and co. were also seminal influences for some of the 2000's best hardcore punk, such as Have Heart. Both of their albums are essential, so check it out and enjoy.

1. Intro
2. This Is Our Time
3. Courage To Care
4. Out Of My Hands
5. Lasting Values
6. Built On Trust
7. Actions Fall Short
8. In(My Eyes)tro
9. Lasting Values (Live)
10. A Little Too Late (Live)
11. Out Of My Hands (Live)
12. Built On Trust (Live)
13. My Reply (Live)

1. The Way It Was Left
2. The K.O.S.T.
3. Advice Taken?
4. Lasting Values
5. Through The Motions
6. Actions Fall Short
7. Difference Between
8. In(My Eyes)tro/This Is Our Time
9. My Reply
10. A Little Too Late
11. Courage To Care
12. Overlooked
13. Conversation Drifts 

1. Take The Risk
2. For The Moment
3. Nothing To Hide
4. Can't Live Through Me
5. Perspective
6. Making Sense
7. Welcome To Boston
8. On My Side
9. What's Wrong With Me? (The Faith cover)
10. The Big Day
11. Another Way
12. The Weight Of Words

Project X

First off, this has nothing to do with the movie. In fact, this is pretty much the polar opposite of the movie. Project X were a four-piece straight edge hardcore band from New York City. They were there and then gone in 1987. They are probably best known for sharing members with seminal hardcore/youth crew bands Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, and Side By Side. Some of their members would even go on to be members of Quicksand, CIV, and Glassjaw. However, at this point in time, they were still playing fast, angry, hardcore punk. They played as few as 5 shows in their time, and only released one 7" (which was recorded with Don Fury). Their sole EP has since been re-released by Bridge Nine Records in 2005. As far as 80's hardcore goes, Project X are an incredibly solid band. It may be nothing groundbreaking, but I personally love their EP. They plow through 5 songs with fury, and that's exactly how it should be. Definitely check this out if Youth Of Today and Gorilla Biscuits are your idols, this is like the long-lost child of the two. Enjoy.

1. Straight Edge Revenge
2. Shutdown
3. Cross Me
4. Dance Floor Justice
5. Where It Ends
6. Dance Floor Justice/Cross Me (live)

Tuesday 24 March 2015


Daisyhead are a four-piece emo/alternative rock band from Nashville, Tennessee that began in 2012. They worked with Spartan Records up until releasing their debut LP this year, 2015, which is out on No Sleep Records. Their guitars are laden with reverb and distortion, with melodic vocals topping them off. Daisyhead have a lot in common with bands like Basement, since they create tons of catchy songs with some powerful instrumentals backing them. The Jimmy Eat World influence (who they actually cover) is also very evident. Daisyhead are equally heavy as they are melodic, and any fan of the 90's alt. rock resurgence going on with bands associated with Run For Cover, No Sleep, etc. should definitely keep an eye on them. Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post. Enjoy.

1. Numbing Truth
2. Sun
3. I Couldn't Face You
4. What's Done Is Done

2. O Holy Night

1. Can't Live In It

1. Daisyhead - Dishonest
2. Daisyhead - Wonder
3. Have Mercy - Pete Rose and Babe Ruth
4. Have Mercy - Pawn Takes Rook

2. Work (originally by Jimmy Eat World)

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2. Silent Night

1. Defenselessness
2. Lacking Basis
3. Neck
4. Lead
5. The Halt
6. The Smallest Light
7. Lost Her
8. Take
9. East Bend
10. Inanity
11. I Didn't Deserve This

1. Hold The Door
2. In Case You Missed It
3. Bodies
4. Ready For The World
5. Never Know
6. TV Song
7. Our Last Exchange
8. Common Ground
9. Don't Feel Bad
10. Dark Circus
11. Opryland Lights

1. Cool Kids Table
2. Making Me Feel Safe

Monday 23 March 2015

football, etc.

football, etc. are a three-piece indie/emo band from Houston, Texas that formed in 2009. They are currently signed to Count Your Lucky Stars. In terms of sound, think of Rainer Maria, first and foremost. The female vocals, clean guitar tones, and lushness of football, etc. is very reminiscent of Rainer Maria. Also, add the slow, clean, arpeggiated guitars of Sunny Day Real Estate, plus the production atmosphere of modern bands like Joie de Vivre and Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). Voila, football, etc. Beautiful guitar melodies and stellar vocals are key here. Their songwriting is solid, and they can fill up songs with such a seemingly minimal approach. They've kind of got a Sleater-Kinney thing going on between Lindsay Minton (vocals, guitar) and Mercy Harper, who plays guitar, but tuned down so it has the low end range of a bass. It makes for an interesting combination of sound. Enjoy.

1. Dream Big
2. Touchdown (Dance)
3. Catch The Spirit
4. First Down

1. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - Documenting Thirty Days 
2. football, etc. - Fightin' Phoenix

1. Away Game
2. XXL

1. Sudden Death
2. Incomplete
3. Safety
4. Lambeau Leap
5. X's And O's
6. Halftime
7. Sideline
8. Hail Mary
9. Flood
10. Mouthguard

1. football, etc. - hut 1
2. football, etc. - hut 3
3. football, etc. - hike
4. Square Business - Weight
5. Square Business - Medicine
6. Square Business - Walk By Faith

1. football, etc. - Down the Field
2. Plaids - Eleven
3. Plaids - Twelve

1. Fair
2. Goal
3. Audible
4. Hut 1
5. Forfeit
6. Extra Point
7. Time Out
8. Black Out
9. Red Zone
10. Turnover
11. Return

1. Sunday
2. Sweep
3. Receiver
4. Open

1. Save
2. Try Out
3. Foul
4. I Believe
5. Space
6. Eleven
7. Advantage
8. Overtime
9. Nutmeg
10. U20

1. Howler
2. Woodwork
3. Caught Sleeping
4. Vision

Saturday 21 March 2015

Crash Of Rhinos

Crash Of Rhinos were a five-piece emo/indie/math rock bands from Derby, UK that formed in 2009 and broke up in 2014. Their own description of themselves is "Five voices, two guitars, two basses, one drum kit. We made a racket". This is quite accurate. They had a huge sound, that bounced between a slew of genres, whether they be post-rock or post-hardcore, and anything in between. Crash Of Rhinos certainly encompass a lot of different stylings. They could easily garner interest in fans of the classic emo/indie bands such as Sunny Day Real Estate and Braid, the alternative rock of ...And You Will You Know Us By The Trail of The Dead, modern emo/post-rock bands such as Foxing, and even at times, could fit in with Title Fight-esque bands. Every member gets to shine, whether it be in a bass melody or a drum pattern. Not to mention there's the whirlwind of guitar and vocal sounds, that swell and swirl all over their songs. Their 2013 album, Knots, was put out by Topshelf Records, and in my opinion, is one of the best "emo revival" albums to ever come out. It's absolutely solid from start to finish, and each song shows off their musical and dynamic prowess. Definitely be sure to check this band out if you haven't already, they are absolutely incredible. Enjoy.

1. Big Sea
2. Stiltwalker
3. Wide Awake
4. Lifewood
5. Gold On Red
6. Closure
7. Asleep

1. Luck Has A Name
2. Opener
3. Everything Is
4. Interiors
5. Sum of All Parts
6. The Reason I Took So Long
7. Impasses
8. Mannheim
9. Standards & Practice
10. Lean Out
11. Speeds Of Ocean Greyhounds


RVIVR are a punk band from Olympia, Washington that formed in 2008. Their origins lie in the demise of Latterman and Shorebirds, both of which featured Mattie Canino. He formed a new band, along with Erica Freas (guitar/vocals) and drummer Kevin Rainsberry. Bassists in the band are the equivalent of Spinal Tap drummers. RVIVR (pronounced "reviver") have remained active for years, and have a number of EP's and two full-lengths under their belt. Stylistically, they have a lot in common with Latterman. Their chunky rhythm guitars, sharp lead guitars, pumping rhythm section, and catchy songs are still the norm here. However, RVIVR make full use of their two vocalists, which adds an entire other dynamic to their music. Both singers have very distinct voices, which work well either separate or together, and they balance each perfectly. The vocals are a big part of the band, since they write such catchy songs, with some awesome lyrics to back it up. Other comparisons can be made to punk/pop bands around now, including Iron Chic and Spraynard. However, RVIVR certainly stand on their own, by writing great songs and putting on amazing live shows. This band gets a ton of requests, so enjoy.

1. Life Moves
2. Plenty Of Time
3. Can't Stand It
4. Scrooged

1. Derailer
2. Real Mean

1. Rain Down
2. Edge Of Living
3. Breathe Out
4. Real Mean
5. Cut the Cord
6. Grandma
7. Life and Death
8. Animal Hands
9. Cold in Your Bones
10. Pause
11. Breathe In
12. Change on Me

1. Seethin'
2. Tallest Tree
3. Tiny Murders
4. Had Enough (Of This Hell)
5. Resilient Bastard

1. Seethin'
2. Tallest Tree
3. Tiny Murders
4. Had Enough (Of This Hell)
5. Resilient Bastard
6. Life Moves
7. Plenty of Time
8. Can't Stand It
9. Scrooged
10. Derailer
11. Elizabethan Collar (by Jimbo)

1. Paper Thin
2. Wrong Way/One Way

1. The Seam
2. LMD
3. Spider Song
4. Old Dogs
5. Wrong Way/One Way
6. Big Lie
7. Paper Thin
8. Rainspell
9. Ocean Song
10. The Hunger Suite I. Go Away
11. The Hunger Suite II. Bleed Out
12. The Hunger Suite III. Hunger
13. Elephant Song
14. Party Queen

1. 20 Below
2. Goodbyes
3. In Waves
4. The Sound
5. Bicker/Breathe

1. The Tide
2. Shaggy