Tuesday, 30 July 2013

You Blew It!

Thanks to Awo for the request.

You Blew It! is a five-piece band from Orlando, Florida, though they play emo/indie as if they were from the Midwest, Cap'n Jazz/American Football-style. Modern bands like Algernon Cadwallader, Joie De Vivre, Dikembe, Dowsing, etc. could work as comparisons as well, I guess. Very clean, noodly guitar parts decorate each song, which occasionally turn into slightly overdriven, full, ringing chords or octaves. The vocals are another great point with this band. They're usually really catchy, but with the perfect amount of melancholy thrown in. They can get fairly strained and off-key at times (in a good, gruff way), but can also turn quiet and melodic, which is a dynamic they often employ to their benefit. They're currently signed to Topshelf Records. That's it, I guess. These guys are a fucking awesome band, and personally one of my favourites in this niche of music, so check them out. Enjoy.

1. Kevin, You're Such A Disease
2. Goodbye A.M.
3. Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle!
4. He's Grumpy, He's Broke
5. Just To Make A Sound

1. Hope It's Not A Deposit Bottle!
2. LB Jefferies
3. To The Moon
4. Kevin, You're Such A Disease
5. Sneaky Fuckin' Russian
6. Saddle Up, San Antonio
7. Sorry 'bout That

1. Grow Up, Dude
2. Pinball House
3. The One With David
4. Terry v. Tori
5. Medal of Honor
6. The One With Marc
7. I Am, I'm Trying
8. The Fifties
9. Good For Bond, Bad For You
10. I'm Bill Paxton
11. A Noble Black Eye
12. There's Nothing I Love More Than Baseball

1. Fake Problems - Small Devil Song
2. Fake Problems - Gone Before Dawn
3. You Blew It! - Batavia, NY
4. You Blew It! - I'm A Kid, That's My Job

1. You Blew It! - Medal Of Honor (acoustic)
2. Nai Harvest - Washy (acoustic)
3. Marietta - You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt (acoustic)
4. Dikembe - Untitled (How Demos Feel)

1. Match & Tinder
2. Award Of The Year Award
3. Strong Island
4. Regional Dialect
5. House Address
6. A Different Kind Of Kindling
7. Rock Springs
8. You & Me & Me
9. Gray Matter
10. Best To Best

1. In The Garage
2. My Name Is Jonas
3. Only In Dreams
4. Surf Wax America
5. Susanne

1. Lanai
2. Beside Manor
3. Your Side

1. Epaulette
2. Like Myself
3. Sundial Song
4. Greenwood
5. Autothology
6. Hue
7. Canary
8. Forecasting
9. Minorwye
10. Arrowhead
11. Basin & Range
12. Kerning

Self Proclaimed Narcissist

Band Submission. Self Proclaimed Narcissist is a one man (sometimes three piece) folk punk band from Roseburg, Oregon, formed in 2009. I just started listening to these guys, and I'm loving it so much, This genre is one of my favorite, and it's one of the best, in my opinion. SPN has awesome lyrics and this great raw sound, and it's just all-around amazing. Linked below is the EP they sent us to upload, but if you like it, go to their Bandcamp and download some more stuff, and if you can, pay them for their great work!

FFO: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Johnny Hobo, Ghost Mice, Defiance Ohio, Modest Mouse, etc.

1. Surgical Extraction
2. 90 lb. Wuss
3. Shallow Water
4. I Am Narcissist
5. Fantasy
6. Trainwreck
7. [Bonus Track]

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Thanks to Justin and Anonymous for the request, and thanks to Shadman for helping out with the post.

Transit are a five-piece pop punk/emo band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 2006. They've been one of the most prominent and noteworthy bands in modern pop punk, and for good reason. Transit consistently knock out great songs that are infectiously catchy, but still personal and relatable. As their sound developed, they began to incorporate a strong influence from bands such as American Football, most notably with the guitar work. They're currently signed to Rise Records, though they have worked with Run For Cover and Mightier Than Sword in the past, among others. Transit are a great band, I don't know what else to say. Enjoy.

1. Shift On
2. Bowline
3. Analucia
4. Cast Away
5. Waterways In New England

1. Opener
2. Castaway
3. Radio Flyer (Away From Home)
4. Rule Of Nines
5. For The World
6. Lexington Park
7. Dead Weight
8. Scrape and Claw
9. Changing Season
10. Empty Shell
11. Giving In
12. Parking Lot Nights

1. Stay Home
2. Namesless (Songs To Static)
3. Stays The Same
4. Atlas
5. Riverside
6. Outbound

1. Transit - Please Head North
2. Transit - Riding The Bullet
3. Man Overboard - I Ate My Gluestick
4. Man Overboard - Basics 101

1. Dear Anyone
2. Please Head North
3. Footwork
4. Hope This Finds You Well
5. Return Address
6. A Living Diary
7. No Inbetween
8. I Was Going to Cross This Out
9. The Downsides
10. Photographic Memory
11. PS
12. Keep This To Yourself
13. Our New Year
14. Love____

1. Indoor Voices
2. Please, Head North
3. For The World
4. Just Go, Just Leave
5. Castaway
6. I Hope This Finds You Well
7. Stay Home
8. Something Left Behind
9. 1978

1. 1978
2. Take What You Can
3. Outbound
4. Just Go, Just Leave

1. You Can't Miss It (It's Everywhere)
2. Long Lost Friends
3. Listen & Forgive
4. All Your Heart
5. Asleep At The Wheel
6. Cutting Corners
7. Skipping Stone
8. I Think I Know You
9. Don't Make A Sound
10. 1978
11. Over Your Head
12. The Answer Comes In Time

1. I Told You So
2. Skipping Stone (Alternate Version)
3. Forgive Forget Space (For Future Reference)

1. The Wonder Years - Anchor (Into It. Over It. cover)
2. Polar Bear Club - Skipping Stone (Transit cover)
3. Transit - Resent And Resistance (Polar Bear Club cover)
4. The Story So Far - Wrightsville Beach (A Loss For Words cover)
5. A Loss For Words - Quicksand (The Story So Far cover)
6. Into It. Over It. - Don't Let Me Cave In (The Wonder Years cover)

1. Nothing Lasts Forever
2. Second To Right
3. Young New England
4. Sleep
5. So Long, So Long
6. Weathered Souls
7. Hang It Up
8. Don't Go, Don't Stray
9. Thanks For Nothing
10. Summer, Me
11. Hazy
12. Bright Lights, Dark Shadows
13. Lake Q

1. Long Lost Friends
2. So Long, So Long
3. Listen & Forgive
4. Young New England
5. Over Your Head
6. Futures And Sutures

1. The Only One
2. Saturday, Sunday
3. Rest To Get Better
4. Sweet Resistance
5. Nothing Left To Lose
6. Ignition & Friction
7. Fine By Me
8. Loneliness Burns
9. Summer Dust
10. Too Little, Too Late
11. Pins And Needles
12. Follow Me

The Space Between Thoughts

Band submission. The Space Between Thoughts is the one-man project lead by Aidan Morley, who put out his debut album earlier this month (July). The entire thing was written (with the exception of a Joy Division cover) and recorded by him over a two-year period. The result: There It Is! I Can Almost See It!. This album is entirely instrumental (again, with the exception of the Joy Division cover), and certainly contains many post-rock leanings. The album is mostly guitar-based, featuring a nice blend of both electric and acoustic guitars, though there is occasionally some drums and bass (though the drums sound like they were done using a program). This album is nicely varied, and each song brings some new ideas to the table. Overall it's quite atmospheric and reverb-laden, though can still range from being ambient, to melodic, to dark, heavy, and ominous. This is certainly an interesting album that features some great and innovative guitar work, so check it out. Enjoy.

1. The One Who Heals
2. You Know, Babe, There Isn't Much Else To Live For Besides Pomegranates
3. Her Eyes Were Half-Open. No. Half-Closed.
4. Okay, you know what, I'm so, well because I, but that's not, because she, ... Let's go to the Movies.
5. Disorder (Joy Division cover)
6. Birdo
7. 1-5-9
8. Stay Afraid

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sed Non Satiata

Sed Non Satiata are a screamo band from Toulouse, France that began in 2003. There are a bunch of amazing French screamo bands (Daïtro, Le Pré Où Je Suis Mort, Amanda Woodward, Anomie, etc.), and Sed Non Satiata are among the best. They basically cover all possible aspects of screamo you can think of. They're intense, dark, chaotic, heavy, passionate, dissonant, melodic, bludgeoning, noodly, etc., etc. This band is essential, so check them out. Enjoy.

1. Pessimiste, Toi Aussi Saisi Ton Rêve
2. Ambition Transverse Part 1
3. Ambition Transverse Part 2
4. Valse Of Coffins

1. Aghast - [virus]
2. Aghast - Erase Data
3. Sed Non Satiata - Pessimiste, Toi Aussi Saisis Ton Rêve

1. Moi Le Premier
2. Spirit Fuel
3. En Attendant L'aube
4. Hypocrisie Des Sentiments
5. Urgent D'attendre

1. Daïtro - De L'eau Coule Sous Les Ponts
2. Daïtro - Place Tolozan
3. Daïtro - Nous Ne Participons Pas Tous à La Même Utopie
4. Daïtro - Un Fléau Pour Un Autre
5. Sed Non Satiata - Les Hommes Sans Visage
6. Sed Non Satiata - Mask
7. Sed Non Satiata - Interlude
8. Sed Non Satiata - Des Ruines

1. Les colonnes de soie
2. Osögõ orõ
3. Calle Jaen 23... ou l'antre de la bête
4. L'arrache cœur

24. None More Black + Impersonating Martin Rev (Orchid covers)

Full comp here

1. Extrospection
2. Sehnsucht
3. San Andrea
4. Ghost
5. Entropia
6. Nemesis
7. Vague a l'ame
8. Soma

1. Sed Non Satiata - Dans Le Tumulte Et Les Lumiäres
2. Sed Non Satiata - Mineral
3. Sed Non Satiata - Interlude
4. Sed Non Satiata - Aldebaran
5. Carrion Spring - Frackture
6. Carrion Spring - Roofed
7. Carrion Spring - It's Like Swallowing Shit Meets Life.Love.Regret.
8. Carrion Spring - Rest
9. Carrion Spring - Degenerator


Raein is a screamo band from Italy that began in 2002, went on hiatus in 2005, returned in 2007, and are still around today. They share members with fellow screamo titans La Quiete. Raein are one of the most essential and influential bands within their genre, and for good reason. I don't think this band needs much more of an introduction, since the music can speak for itself from here. Seriously, check this band out if you haven't already, you're missing out. Here's everything that I have from them. Enjoy.

1. Shout The Silence
2. ...So We'll Be The Winners (Sure?)
3. Straight To The Mirror
4. Bright Key
5. Chains
6. Sad's Swing A.K.A. Deadly Kiss
7. Like A Batman Dressed Clerk
8. The Monitor Told Me To Kill Her!

1. The Tree
2. The King Is Dead
3. From 3 To 1 In 2 From 4
4. Il N'y A Pas D'Orchestre
5. Tetraedycal Fluctuating Faster Than The Speed Of Light
6. Artmachine Observation Tower
7. Miss Kelly Dathe
8. Tigersuit
9. She Wears My Blood
10. I Was Fine Before You Came

1. Döden Marscherar Åt Väst
2. Den Bästa Tiden i Våra Liv

1. Phoenix Bodies - The Future Is Eating
2. Phoenix Bodies - Sense Is Out Of Style
3. Raein - Endless Tourlife

1. Raein - This Life My Cage
2. Raein - On Air
3. Funeral Diner - Welcome To My Book Collection

1. Raein - Faithless
2. Raein - New Day Scenario
3. Raein - Blue Lines
4. Daïtro - Au Bout De Mes Lèvres
5. Daïtro - Un Bateau Ivre
6. Daïtro - A Chaque Fois

1. Raein - Part 1
2. Raein - Part 2
3. Lhasa - Mother Earth Father Sky
4. Lhasa - Fallen Grace
5. Lhasa - Bogged Horizon
6. Daïtro - Une Fois Encore Aka Redrum JR
7. Daïtro - Un Bateau Ivre
8. Daïtro - Le Bout De Mes Levres

1.  From 3 To 1 In 2 And 4 Remix
2. Untitled Track

18. Armento Zo Bota

1. 1 Di 6
2. 2 Di 6
3. 3 Di 6
4. 4 Di 6
5. 5 Di 6
6. 6 Di 6

1. Se La Notte Sogno, Sogno Di Essere Un Maratoneta
2. Nirvana
3. Trasparenti Oscure Virtù
4. Costellazione Secondo Le Leggi Del Caso
5. Raein: Rumore.Tre
6. Oggi Ho Deciso Di Diventare Oro
7. Attualità Dell'Utopia
8. Abitudine, Cerimonia, Magia.
9. Dopo Di Noi La Libertà
10. Come Materia Infinita

1. Loma Prieta - Immemorial
2. Loma Prieta - Poverty Map
3. Loma Prieta - Mansion Fire
4. Loma Prieta - Spray Paint (Black Flag cover)
5. Raein - Amore & Guerra

1. Salvia
2. Tutte Parola D'Amore
3. Drvenik
4. Giovanni Drogo (Requiem)
5. Polline. Pensieri Generosi Delle Donne
6. Senza Titolo

1. Raein - Comete
2. Raein - Spaccare Il Mondo
3. Ampere - Parallels
4. Ampere - Holding Pattern
5. Ampere - On Form & Function

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Nam Le

Band submission. Nam Le are a four-piece post-hardcore band from Allentown, Pennsylvania that began in 2012. They just put out their debut album, and it is definitely one you should be getting into. This is an incredibly solid album, that I thoroughly enjoyed throughout. If you like bands such as Title Fight, Joyce Manor, Touche Amore, and Citizen, then Nam Le should definitely be on your radar. They take the best elements of those bands and mesh them together to create their own sound. Not only that, the elements they incorporate from those bands and do it really well themselves. So check it out, share it, and enjoy.

1. Buried
2. //
3. Alley Cat
4. Chambered
5. Raw Dog ABE 2012
6. Action-Boxboro
7. Weekends II
8. Shattered

Real Friends

Real Friends are a five-piece pop punk band from Chicago, IL. They formed in 2010 and aren't currently signed to a label. It's hard not to bounce at least a little when listening to these guys. They're fucking amazing in every way. The majority of their instrumentals are high energy and really fun, and the lyrics are not only catchy, but pretty deep and meaningful. If you like pop punk and emo music, these guys will be right up your alley. I'm actually seeing them live tonight, so I felt like this was the right request to fill!

FFO: The Wonder Years, Citizen, early Fall Out Boy, I Am The Avalanche, Living With Lions, Pentimento etc.

1. A Little Too Nice
2. High Hopes
3. Skeletons
4. Something's Keeping Me Here
5. Monday

1. Cheap Talk And Eager Lies

1. Floorboards
2. Anchor Down
3. Keep It Together
4. Everything I Never Want To Be
5. Home For Fall

1. I've Never Been Home
2. Anchor Down
3. Floorboards
4. Home For Fall
5. Mix Tape (Brand New cover feat. Joe Taylor)

1. Dirty Water
2. Hebron
3. Alexander Supertramp

1. Late Night In My Car
2. Skin Deep
3. Dead
4. Dirty Water
5. I've Given Up On You
6. Old And All Alone
7. Lost Boy

1. Maybe This Place Is The Same...
2. I Don't Love You Anymore
3. Cover You Up
4. Old Book
5. Summer
6. Loose Ends
7. Short Song
8. Sixteen
9. Spread Me All Over Illinois
10. To My Old Self
11. I Think I'm Moving Forward
12. ...And We're Just Changing

1. Summer (Acoustic Version)
2. I Don't Love You Anymore (Acoustic Version)
3. Late Nights In My Car (Acoustic Version)
4. Island (The Starting Line Cover)

1. Stay In One Place
2. Empty Picture Frames
3. Keep Lying To Me
4. Scared To Be Alone
5. Mokena
6. Mess
7. Isolating Everything
8. Well, I'm Sorry
9. Basement Stairs
10. Door Without A Key
11. Eastwick
12. Colder Quicker

1. Me First
2. Stand Steady
3. From The Outside
4. Smiling On The Surface
5. Hear What You Want
6. Unconditional Love
7. Composure
8. Get By
9. Ripcord
10. Take A Hint