Thursday 31 July 2014

I Am The Avalanche

Guest post by Jacob Shumaker, major thank you to him.

I Am The Avalanche are an indie rock/pop punk band from Brooklyn, New York. They were formed in 2004 by Vinnie Caruana after the breakup of The Movielife and after shortly playing guitar in Daryl Palumbo's post-Glassjaw band Head Automatica. They were originally signed to Drive-Thru Records but only released their debut album and a split with The Early November on the label. There was a 6 year wait in between full-lengths for the band, and between then they changed labels to I Surrender before their second full-length. They have toured and played with many bands from the past to the present and in support of their third full-length, they are about to start 2 co-headlining tours this fall with Modern Baseball and Dads.

For Fans Of: The Movielife (obviously), Bayside, Saves The Day, Brand New

1. Symphony
2. Emergency
3. A New Disaster
4. Beating

1. Dead And Gone
2. New Disaster
3. Murderous
4. Green Eyes
5. I Took A Beating
6. Wasted
7. Always
8. This Is Dungeon Music
9. Symphony
10. Emergency
11. Clean Up
12. My Second Restraining Order

1. The Early November - Outside (Demo)
2. The Early November - Ever So Sweet (Live from Philly)
3. I Am The Avalanche - New Disaster
4. I Am The Avalanche - I Took A Beating (Acoustic)

1. Bayside - I Will Follow You Into The Dark (Death Cab For Cutie cover)
2. I Am The Avalanche - Drinking Songs

1. Amsterdam
2. Brooklyn Dodgers
3. Conan O'Brian
4. Is This Really Happening?
5. You've Got Spiders

Avalanche United (2008)
1. Holy Fuck
2. Brooklyn Dodgers
3. Amsterdam
4. I'll Be Back Around
5. Is This Really Happening?
6. This One's On Me
7. Dead Friends
8. You've Got Spiders
9. The Gravedigger's Argument (Ft. Anthony Raneri)
10. Casey's Song
11. The Place You Love Is Gone
12. Gratitude

Note: Removed for copyright infringement

1. Two Runaways
2. 177
3. The Shape I'm In
4. Young Kerouacs
5. Wolverines
6. Anna Lee
7. Save Your Name
8. Where Were You
9. My Lion Heart
10. One Last Time

1. Better Days
2. You're No Good To Me Dead
3. Dive
4. Fake Weed
5. Love Song 69
6. Are You Listening?
7. Tokyo
8. Concrete
9. Earthquake Weather
10. The Morning

Monday 28 July 2014

Killing The Dream

Alright, here's a band that anyone even remotely into melodic hardcore needs to know. They are right up there with Modern Life Is War, Have Heart, Verse, etc. as one of the most essential bands to come out in the past ten years or so. Killing The Dream were a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Sacramento, California that formed in 2002 and broke up in 2011. In their time, the band managed to pump out all the fury and passion they could muster into three stunning full-lengths, a bludgeoning EP, compilation, and demo. All the assaultive, mosh-worthy, scream along lyrics you would expect from a band in this genre are here, but Killing The Dream managed to raise the bar on all of them and just pushed everything past its limit. They were also backed by some amazing names, being signed to Deathwish, working with legendary producers such as Kurt Ballou and J. Robbins, as well as artwork done by Jacob Bannon (in my opinion, the work he did for KTD is some of his best). Enjoy.

1. Before You Fall Asleep
2. January 2nd
3. Pardon The Interruption
4. The Escape
5. By Now

1. Picking Up The Pieces
2. We'll Always Have Paris
3. Save.Our.Ship
4. Play The Tune Or Die
5. 10 1/2
6. Before You Fall Asleep
7. January 2nd
8. Pardon The Interruption
9. The Escape
10. By Now

1. Ante Up
2. 39th & Glisan
3. Spoken in Clocks
4. Where The Heart Is

1. Rough Draft (An Explanation)
2. Critical Thought
3. Post Scripts
4. If It Rains
5. Where The Heart Is
6. We're All Dead Ends
7. Ante Up
8. Past The Stars
9. Sick Of Sleeping
10. Writer's Block

1. (Re)acquaintance
2. Part II (Motel Art)
3. Fractures
4. Thirty Four Seconds
5. Consequence (What Comes Next)
6. Everything But Everything
7. Hang The Jury
8. We Were
9. You're All Welcome
10. Thirteen Steps
11. Holding The Claws
12. Resolution

1. Blame The Architects
2. Walking, Diseased'
3. Testimony
4. Past Of A Saint (We Were Thieves)
5. Part IV (Sinner's Future)
6. Hell Can Wait
7. Black


Frameworks are a five-piece post-hardcore/screamo/melodic hardcore band from Gainesville, Florida that formed in 2011. They just put out their first full-length this year, Loom, on Topshelf Records, and holy shit is it good. The band blends harsh, screamed vocals with intricate instrumental parts, using both clean arpeggios as well as distorted climaxes. The band uses the perfect balance of dissonance and melody, creating dynamic songs that go in many different directions. Fans of modern bands such as Pianos Become The Teeth,  The Saddest Landscape, We Were Skeletons, Tiny Moving Parts, Old Gray, Prawn, Caravels and Native need to check out Frameworks. They certainly stand out as far as modern post-hardcore/screamo goes, and all their work so far has been mind-blowing. Enjoy.

1. Tile Floors
2. Ceilings
3. April
4. Rosebuds
5. Our Fragile Intakes

1. Ida
2. Sewn
3. Model Homes
4. Old Chokes

1. Kittyhawk - Daily Dodger
2. Kittyhawk - Food Fight
3. Prawn - Nerves
4. Prawn - Laki
5. Droughts - Deaf Grin
6. Droughts - Financed Furniture
7. Frameworks - Presomnal
8. Frameworks - Preamble

1. Disquiet
2. Loom
3. Mutual Collision
4. True Wealth
5. Splinters
6. Rosie
7. Bright And New
8. Affordance
9. Familiar Haze
10. Autonomy
11. Agreeable Thoughts

1. Frameworks - Fell In Love With A Girl (The White Stripes cover)
2. The Saddest Landscape - Burning Fight (Inside Out cover)

1. Worn Out
2. Time Spent

1. Fear Of Missing Out
2. Smother
3. Peculiar People
4. Purge
5. Song Of Myself
6. Tinnitus
7. Marathon
8. Interlude
9. Trite
10. Tangled
11. The New Narcissistic American Dream

1. Joliette - Henry Coyote
2. Frameworks - The New Narcissistic American Dream
3. Frameworks - Marathon
4. Joliette - Tionkel

Sunday 27 July 2014

The Movielife

Guest post by Jacob Shumaker, thanks a bunch to him.

The Movielife were a five-piece pop punk/melodic hardcore band from Long Island New York. They are one of my favorite bands and one of (in my opinion) the most underrated pop punk bands to this day. They formed in 1997 and were active until suddenly breaking up in 2003. The band was around such a short time but went on to influence many bands such as Bayside, Brand New, Set Your Goals and Crime in Stereo. So in some form essentially all bands currently playing pop punk. They played a form of fast melodic punk that the Long Island scene was known for and were originally signed to Fadeaway records before moving onto Revelation on their way up to Drive-Thru Records. After disbanding vocalist Vinnie Caruana went on to form I Am The Avalanche and guitarist Brandon Reilly formed Nightmare of You. 

For Fans Of: Set Your Goals, The Wonder Years, Saves The Day, Brand New

1. Thermals
2. Route 66
3. Skyscrapers

1. Valens
2. Lockjaw
3. Money To Burn
4. Fake Blood

1. Barefoot
2. Dead To The World
3. Champ
4. Speed Demon
5. Read My Lips
6. Maybe Its Nothing
7. Except Me
8. One Way Ticket
9. Racer

1. Self-Destruct
2. Maybe It's Nothing
3. Bryant Park or Bust!

1. I Hope You Die Soon
2. 10 Seconds Too Late
3. This Time Next Year
4. Once In A Row
5. Self-Destruct
6. Deal With It
7. Single White Female
8. Pinky Swear
9. How Can You Even Face Me?
10. Me And You Vs. Them
11. Another Friend
12. It's Monday And Raining

5. I Can't Do Nuttin' For Ya Man (Public Enemy cover)

1. The Movielife - Another Friend
2. The Movielife - Sailor Tattoos

1. Walking On Glass
2. Hand Grenade
3. Up To Me
4. If Only Duct Tape Could Fix Everything
5. Operate

1. Faces Or Kneecaps
2. Jamestown
3. Spanaway
4. Kelly Song
5. Takin' It Out And Choppin' It Up
6. Scary
7. Hey
8. Jamaica Next
9. It's Something
10. Keep Never Changing
11. Ship To Shore

1. Ski Mask
2. Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel
3. Ghosts In The Photographs
4. Sister Saint Monica
5. Pour Two Glasses
6. Lake Superior
7. Laugh Ourselves To Death
8. Blood Moon
9. You're The Cure
10. Hearts

Pet Symmetry

Pet Symmetry are three-piece indie/emo band from Chicago, Illinois, that formed in 2012. The band features Evan Weiss, main member of Into It. Over It., as well as Stay Ahead Of The Weather and There/Their/They're. Erik Czaja from Dowsing plays guitar, and Marcus Nuccio plays drums. Pet Symmetry is currently signed to Asian Man Records. They sound a lot like Into It. Over It., with catchy, uptempo songs about midwest living. Their discography is quite small as of now, so definitely check out everything below. Enjoy!

1. Pet Symmetry - Boldly Going Nowhere
2. Dikembe - Keys To The Jeep

1. A Detailed And Poetic Physical Threat To The Person Who Intentionally Vandalized My 1994 Dodge Intrepid Behind Kate's Apartment
2. Please Don't Tell My Father That I Used His 1996 Honda Accord To Destroy The Town Of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania In 2002

1. Cereal Killer (Album Demo)
2. Go Outside: Stare At The Sun (Album Demo)

1. Pet Symmetry - Potted Plant Meets Vintage Amp: A Katherine Grube Love Story
2. Slingshot Dakota - Rise (Rainer Maria Cover)

1. My Exhausted Month (Of May)
2. Give Thanks (Get Lost)
3. Go Outside (Stare at the Sun)
4. Class Action Force (Useless Tools)
5. Use Your Illusion III (Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Evan's Door)
6. Spacial Ex-Perception (No...Sleep...Til Bedtime!)
7. Aisle (Or Window)
8. Cereal Killer (Rellik Laerec)
9. Gone, Gone, Gone (Even Further Gone)
10. Salad Daze (Seein' Cred)

1. Everyone, If Anyone
2. Stare Collection
3. Hall Monitor
4. You & Me & Mt. Hood
5. 50%
7. Blue Bottle
8. St. John
9. Eyesores
10. Mostly Water
11. Lint Roller

1. Simply Irresponsible
2. Object Objectives
3. Cat & Mouse
4. Pet Sympathy
5. Debt Symmetry
6. 2021: A Personal Space Odyssey
7. Portland To Portland
8. Pet Synergy
9. Bootlicker
10. Awesome Kingdom

Friday 25 July 2014


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Mixtapes is a four-piece pop punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio, formed in 2010. They are currently signed to No Sleep Records. In my opinion, they're on a different level of badass. They have male/female dual vocals which really sets them apart from just about all pop punk bands. It's kind of like if Candy Hearts and blink-182 had a baby. They have plenty of fast-paced fun songs, but also have they're fair share of songs that are slowed down and really deep and meaningful. They can be enjoyed by just about anyone, and I strongly recommend their album Ordinary Silence to everyone.

FFO: Candy Hearts, old blink-182, Forever Came Calling, old Bowling For Soup, old The Wonder Years, Sum 41, Veara

1. Direct Hit! - Werewolf Shame
2. Direct Hit! - I Was A Teenage Poltergeist
3. I Was A Teenage Poltergeist
4. Werewolf Shame

1. Birthday Party Summer Camp (Hellloo Meggann)
2. The Real Hotel California
3. Soups Whatever
4. I'm Like
5. Whit's End
6. Anna Maria

1. Recently
2. Morning Sex and AM Radio
3. Pop Rocks n' Coke
4. Sprinkles

1. Cause I'm A Genius
2. Hey Baby

1. Taking A Year Off
2. Hope Is For People
3. You'd Better Bring More Dudes
4. Where I Live
5. The New Ride the Lightning
6. Where I Live (Acoustic)

1. Sunrise
2. Maps
3. Nothing Can Kill The Grimace
4. And If We Both Fall?
5. The Mixtapes Misplaced Missed Takes
6. Road Apples
7. Hope Springs Eternal
8. OrangeYellow
9. Moonglow
10. Sunsets
11. And if We Both Fail
12. 6 Quarters
13. Orange Yellow
14. Soups Whatever
15. I Accept That

1. Even On The Worst Nights
2. All The Mistakes We Make (Are Gonna Lead To All The Important Things We're Gonna Do)
3. P.E.T. S.O.U.N.D.S.

1. Seven Mile
2. Something Better
3. Hey Ma Pt. 2
4. Even On The Worst Nights
5. You Must Not Be From Around Here
6. You & I
7. I'm Wearing The Device (Bridge, Water)
8. I'll Give You A Hint, Yes
9. Russian House DJ
10. Anyways
11. Indian Summer
12. One For The Ozarks
13. Just When You Thought It Was Over
14. Golden Sometimes
15. Basement Manners
16. Mt. Hope

1. 10 A.M. (how to successfully start the day)
2. Noon (protest song)
3. 2 P.M. (how to end something good)
4. 4 P.M. (stupid famous quotes)
5. 6 P.M. (how to enjoy the scenic route)
6. 8 P.M. (the apple barn)
7. 10 P.M. (safe)
8. Midnight (from the red to the blue)
9. 5 A.M. (how to successfully throw a party)

1. To My Friends (I Stand By You)

1. Broadway Calls - Open Letter
2. Broadway Calls - You Got Me
3. Little Miami
4. Puzzle Part. 2 (I Don't Believe In Ghosts)

1. Bad Parts
2. Ross (Dirty Water)
3. Elevator Days
4. C.C.S.
5. Like Glass
6. Gravel (Interlude)
7. Happy And Poor
8. I Think I Broke It
9. You Look Like Springtime
10. Cheapness
11. Everything's Eventual
12. A List Of Things I Can't Handle
13. Swirling
14. Be The Speak That You Change About