Tuesday 30 August 2022


Terror are a five-piece beatdown hardcore band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 2002.. Vocalist Scott Vogel and drummer Nick Jett have been with the band since their inception, with a few line-up changes amongst their guitarists and bassist. Its cumulative members have served time in Buried Alive, Nails, Carry On, Down To Nothing, No Warning, Hatebreed, Xibalba, Integrity, Cruel Hand, Ringworm, Sworn Vengeance, First Blood, God's Hate and more, if that's any indication as to why Terror are the créme de la crème. They are without a doubt one of the most imporant and influential hardcore bands of the past two decades, and are quick to remind everyone what makes hardcore so special and integral. 

Helmed by Vogel's commanding prescence, Terror have been a testament to overcoming strife, with aggressive music set to determined lyrics, all while building a sense of community in its mantras and at their shows. On a personal note, Keepers Of The Faith was one of the first "modern" hardcore albums I ever got into, and revisiting it now is nothing short of an incredible experience. It's a fantastic reminder of how good this band is, and how these albums and these messages hold up and become timeless. That's why 8 albums and countless mosh pits later, hardcore has endured 20 years of Terror. Enjoy.

1. Life And Death
2. Another Face
3. Nothing To Me
4. What Have We Done

1. Don't Need Your Help
2. Push It Away

1. Terror - What Have We Done
2. The Promise - Comeback
3. Plan of Attack - Goodbye, Fuck You
4. The Promise - The Kiss Off
5. Plan of Attack - Kicked Out
6. Terror - Push It Away

1. Better Off Without You
2. Don't Need Your Help
3. Nothing To Me
4. Keep Your Distance
5. Another Face
6. Push It Away
7. Life And Death
8. What Have We Done
9. Lowest Of The Low

1. What Have We Done (Live)
2. Better Off Without You (Live)
3. Nothing To Me (Live)
4. Don't Need Your Help (Live)
5. Push It Away (Live)
6. Life And Death (Live)

1. Terror - Out Of My Way
2. Terror - Nothing To Lose
3. Ringworm - No One Dies Alone
4. Ringworm - House Of Hell

1. Life And Death
2. Another Face
3. Nothing To Me
4. What Have We Done

1. One With The Underdogs
2. Keep Your Mouth Shut
3. Less Than Zero
4. Are We Alive?
5. Overcome
6. Spit My Rage
7. No One Cares
8. Not This Time
9. Crushed By The Truth
10. Out Of My Face
11. All I've Got
12. Find My Way
13. Enemies In Sight

1. Better Off Without You
2. Don't Need Your Help
3. Nothing To Me
4. Keep Your Distance
5. Another Face
6. Push It Away
7. Life And Death
8. What Have We Done
9. Lowest Of The Low
10. Can I Say
11. Out Of My Face
12. Nothing To Lose
13. Better Off Without You (Live)
14. Don't Need Your Help (Live)
15. Life And Death (Live)
16. What Have We Done (Live)
17. Another Face (Live)
18. Push It Away (Live)
19. Nothing To Lose (Live)
20. Nothing To Me (Live)
21. Lowest Of The Low (Live)
22. Keep Yoru Distance (Live)

1. All For Revenge
2. Strike You Down
3. Survival Comes Crashing In
4. Always The Hard Way
5. Lost
6. Last of The Diehards
7. So Close To Defeat
8. Test My Convictions
9. Hell To Pay
10. One Step Behind
11. You Can't Break Me
12. Dibbs And Murs Check In
13. Hardship Belong To Me
14. Smash Through You

1. Rhythm Amongst The Chaos
2. Disconnected
3. Vengeance Calls On You
4. Arms Of The Truth
5. Kickback (Breakdown cover)

1. Better Off Without You
2. I Don't Need Your Help
3. Overcome
4. Nothing To Me
5. Not This Time
6. What Have We Done?
7. Life And Death
8. Lowest Of The Low
9. Keep Your Mouth Shut
10. Keep Your Distance
11. Push It Away

1. One With The Underdogs
2. Push It Away
3. Strike You Down
4. Life & Death
5. Always The Hard Way
6. Keep Your Mouth Shut
7. Overcome
8. Out Of My Face
9. All For Revenge
10. Spit My Rage
11. Lost
12. Last Of The Diehards
13. Lowest Of The Low
14. Back At You
15. Dead End
16. Better Off Without You (Live)
17. Lowest Of The Low (Live)

1. Voice Of The Damned
2. Relentless Through And Through
3. Betrayer
4. Rise Of The Poisoned Youth
5. Never Alone
6. What I Despise
7. Let Me Sink
8. Feel The Pain
9. Lost Our Minds
10. March To Redemption
11. Crush What's Weak
12. Still Believe?
13. Suffer, To Return Harder

1. Iron Mind
2. Betrayer
3. Rise Of The Poisioned Youth
4. Never Alone

1. Your Enemies Are Mine
2. Stick Tight
3. Return To Strength
4. The Struggle
5. Shattered
6. You're Caught
7. Dead Wrong
8. Keepers Of The Faith
9. Stay Free
10. Hell And Back
11. Only Death
12. The New Blood
13. Defiant

1. Stick Tight
2. Keepers Of Th Faith
3. Never See Your Face Again
4. Boxed In

1. Another Face (Live)
2. What Have We Done (Live)
3. Keep Your Distance (Live)
4. Better Off Without You (Live)
5. Nothing To Me (Live)
6. Don't Need Your Help (Live)
7. Push It Away (Live)
8. Life And Death (Live)
9. Lowest Of The Low (Live)

1. Hard Lessons
2. Only The Devil Knows

1. More Punishment In Store
2. Overcome
3. Your Enemies Are Mine
4. One With The Underdogs
5. Hard Lessons
6. Always The Hard Way
7. Shattered
8. Spit My Rage
9. Only The Devil Knows
10. Keep Your Mouth Shut
11. Stick Tight
12. Lowest Of The Low
13. Push It Away
14. Keepers Of The Faith
15. Your Caught
16. Betrayer
17. Relentless Through And Through
18. Lost
19. Return To Strength
20. Don't Break The Code

1. The Most High
2. Not Impressed
3. Cold Truth
4. I'm Only Stronger
5. Live By The Code
6. The Good Die Young
7. Shot Of Reality
8. Hard Lessons
9. Invasion
10. Nothing In Your Head
11. One Blood

1. Hard Lessons
2. Keep Your Mouth Shut
3. Keepers Of The Faith
4. Life And Death

1. The 25th Hour
2. No Time For Fools
3. Bad Signs
4. Feed The Rats
5. The Solution
6. Blinded By The Lights
7. Trust No Face
8. Why?
9. Mind At War
10. Snap
11. Sick And Tired
12. Life Goes on
13. Both Of You
14. Deep Rooted

1. Forced Order - Through Devastation
2. Terror - Laugh At Your Pain
3. World Collapse - Take It Apart
4. No Warning - Stiggy
5. Risk It! - Reasons & Doubts
6. Wisdom In Chains - Palisade Cliffs

1. Balance The Odd
2. Kill 'Em Off
3. The Walls Will Fall
4. No Love Lost
5. Step To You

1. This World Never Wanted Me
2. Mental Demolition
3. Get Off My Back
4. One More Enemy
5. Break The Lock
6. In Spite Of These Tmes
7. Total Retaliation
8. Post Armageddon Interlude
9.Spirit Of Sacrifice
10. I Don't Know You
11. Behind The Bars
12. Suffer The Edge Of The Lies
13. Resistant To The Changes

1. Stick To Your Guns - Dove And Fist
2. Counterparts - Monuments
3. Terror - No Road Too Long
4. Year Of The Knife - Sick Statistic
5. Sanction - Untitled

1. Between The Lines (Conviction)
2. A Minute To Pray (Zero Tolerance)

1. Sink To The Hell
2. Don't Need Your Time
3. The New Beginning
4. You Lost All Respect

1. Better Off Without You
2. Keep Your Mouth Shut
3. Overcome
4. Push It Away

1. Lowest Of The Low
2. Life And Death
3. Out Of My Face
4. Keep Your Distance
5. Less Than Zero
6. Overcome
7. Better Off Without You
8. Crushed By The Truth
9. Not This Time
10. One With The Underdogs
11. Keep Your Mouth Shut
12. Push It Away

1. Pain Into Power
2. Unashamed
3. Boundless Contempt
4. Outside The Lies
5. One Thousand Lies
6. Can't Let It Go
7. Can't Help But Hate
8. The Hardest Truth
9. On The Verge Of Violence
10. Prepare For The Worst

1. Dead At Birth (Death Threat cover)
2. Can't Help But Hate (feat. Corpsegrinder)

Saturday 27 August 2022


Grandview were a four-piece emo/indie/post-hardcore band from Burlington, Massachusetts that began in 2012 and broke up in 2018. They only put out one full-length, along with an EP and a split. Their sole album came out in 2013, and has been very overlooked ever since. I'll admit I didn't hear of this band (aside from the Free Throw split) until years later, which is insane because this would have been up this blog's alley when it first came out. The band utilizes melancholic, shimmering arpeggios that crescendo into a monument of catharsis, with deeply personal lyrics and an impassioned vocal delivery. This could be used to describe a lot of bands, but Grandview stand out due to the heavy emotional impact they made. It's no surprise that their song "To The Sun" has built a life of its own on this basis. Fans of bands including Manchester Orchestra, Have Mercy, Seahaven, Balance And Composure and Microwave absolutely need to check this out. Enjoy.

1. Alabaster Skin
2. Pillars
3. Recall, Recede
4. Absolutely Nothing

1. Free Throw - Pallet Town (Acoustic)
2. Grandview - Concrete

1. Paint
2. Seeking Out Gold (The Former)
3. The Only Constant
4. In Good Company
5. To The Sun
6. 7
7. Saw The Sky
8. Say Nothing
9. Sharper
10. Sitting On Gold (The Latter)
11. Wall

Carly Cosgrove

Carly Cosgrove are a three-piece emo/pop punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that have been around since 2019. Following a handful of releases, they released their debut album earlier this year, produced by Joe Reinhart (from Algernon Cadwallader and Hop Along). It's a fun and energetic yet honest and vulnerable outing, with catchy hooks and the occassional math rock noodle thrown in. A major point to note with this band is that all their songs (as well as their name) make reference to Nickeledeon shows iCarly and Drake & Josh. It's a cool and novel idea, and fans of those will definitely get an extra kick out of this band. If you're not familiar with those shows though, but are a into bands such as Joyce Manor or Modern Baseball, I still highly recommend giving this a try. Enjoy.
1. You Ate My Enchillada!
2. Techfoot Money
3. Not My Job
4. Liar (I Ain't Calling You A Truther)
5. Old Jersey

1. Buttersock
2. Freddie Benson

1. Love Me, I'm A Liberal

Cemetery Tapes Acoustic Session (2020)
1. Liar (I Ain't Calling You A Truther) (Cemetery Tapes Acoustic Session)
2. Old Jersey (Cemetery Tapes Acoustic Session)
3. Buttersock (Cemetery Tapes Acoustic Session)
4. Freddie Benson (Cemetery Tapes Acoustic Session)

1. Munck

1. Sit 'n' Bounce
2. Munck
3. Really Big Shrimp
4. The Cooliest? Don't Ruin It
5. The Great Doheny
6. Gamesphere
7. Rue The Day
8. Cloudblock
9. Headaches
10. Chowder
11. See You In Chemistry

Sunday's Best

Sunday's Best were a four-piece emo/indie/pop punk band from Los Angeles, California that began in 1997 and broke up in 2003. They released a few EP's and two full-lengths, both of which came out on Polyvinyl. Just as a heads up, I am missing their first EP, My Very Ethos and a split with Arca and Red House Painters, though the track they contributed to that also appears on Poised To Break. They play an upbeat, catchy style of emo-pop that pairs perfectly with summer road trips, if that gives any indication as to what they sound like. Think of bright, full, distorted chords complimented by the band's dual vocals and melodic lead guitar parts. Fans of bands including Jimmy Eat World, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring and Mock Orange will definitely find something to love in this underrated gem of a band. If you're new to them, I'm partial to Poised To Break, though both albums are solid efforts. Enjoy.

1. Sons Of The Second String
2. Winter-Owned
3. First Instinct Is To Lie

1. Too Soon To Laugh
2. Red Herring
3. You Did This
4. Truest You
5. Tracing Paper
6. Instead, He Falls
7. Homing Device
1. The Hardest Part
2. Bruise-blue
3. White Picket Fences
4. Saccharine
5. Indian Summer
6. When is Pearl Harbor Day?
7. In Beat Like Trains
8. Looks Like A Mess
9. Winter-Owned
10. Congratulations

1. The Try
2. The Californian
3. Don't Let It Fade
4. The Salt Mines Of Santa Monica
5. If We Had It Made
6. Our Left Coast Ambitions
7. Without Meaning
8. Beethoven St.
9. Bravo, But Brittle...
10. Los Feliz Arms