Saturday 28 July 2018

Prince Daddy & The Hyena

Prince Daddy & The Hyena are a four-piece emo/punk band from Albany, New York that formed in 2014. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this band on here a few times before, so I figured it's about time I actually get them up here. They've quickly become one of the most noteworthy bands in this current wave of "emo" (or "sparklepunk", whatever the fuck ya want to call it), with some incredible songwriting and unparalleled energy. If you take some downer (but still awesome) lyrics, pair it with some heavy power chords, catchy, hoarse vocals, and some shred-tastic lead work, you've got Prince Daddy & The Hyena. They take some pretty clear influence from bands like The Get Up Kids and Weezer, and exist in the same vein as modern bands like Mom Jeans., Remo Drive, and Rozwell Kid. Their sole LP, I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving and three-way split Now That's What I Call Music Vol. 420 are required listening, but pretty much everything is gold. Enjoy.

1. Adult Summers (PART 1)
2. Adult Summers (PART 2)
3. I'm A Bum
4. Revenge Of The Spiderbees

1. I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving
2. I Forgot To Take My Meds Today
3. Clever Girl
4. Nika's Got It Wrong
5. Bromeo // Always Good
6. Pop Song
7. Broc Ched
8. I Wish I Could Ctrl+Alt+Del My Life
9. Hundo Pos
10. Bathtub
11. Really?

1. Just Friends - Sad 2 See
2. Just Friends - The Good Life
3. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Moo Moo Meadows 
4. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Devotion

1. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - If I'm Still Broke By Christmas
2. Dikembe - Living In The Walls
3. Expert Timing - Homesick Hearts
4. Henrietta - Big Miss Steak
5. Expert Timing - Make It Better
6. Henrietta - Better Now
7. Dikembe - Nest
8. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Escape From The City

1. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Thrashville 1/3
2. Pictures of Vernon - The Sunshine Bus
3. Mom Jeans. - YIKES (daddy wants wings)
4. Prince Daddy & The Hyena - Thrashville 2/3 (ft. Kississippi)
5. Pictures of Vernon - Camp Games 1.1
6. Mom Jeans. - Vape Nation 2.0

1. I Lost My Life
2. Lauren (Track 2)
3. Fuckin' A
4. Dialogue
5. Cosmic Thrill Seeking Forever
6. Slip
7. The Prototype of the Ultimate Lifeform
8. Breather
9. Ursula Merger
10. Dream Nails
11. C'mon And Smoke me Up
12. Trying Times
13. Klonopin
14. Wacky Misadventures of the Passenger

1. Adore The Sun
2. A Random Exercise in Impermanence (The Collector)
3. Jesus Fucking Christ
4. Something Special
5. El Dorado
6. Hollow, As You Figured
7. Curly Q
8. Keep Up That Talk
9. Shoelaces
10. In Just One Piece
11. Discount Assisted Living
12. Black Mold
13. Baby Blue

Oh My God Elephant

I found this little ditty while perusing through the archives, and had completely forgotten what a solid EP this one. I don't know much about the band or its history, but they're a four-piece emo/indie project called Oh My God Elephant, from Wayland, Massachusetts, and they were active from sometime between 2005 and 2007, I'm not exactly sure. They only put out one EP, which of Kinsella-esque emo, with clean, twinkly guitars, melodic chords, and boyish shouts as vocals. Their members would later be active in other bands such as Rainbow Tornado, Clarissa Explains It All, and Bishop. Enjoy.

1. Rascal The Cat
2. Dan Dan Dan Dan
3. Evan Tuckerman
4. Lincoln
5. Broken Finger Tippies

Thursday 26 July 2018


Ignition were a four-piece hardcore/punk band from Washington, DC that were around from 1986-1989. They were one of many Dischord bands to come out of the "Revolution Summer" era. They featured an incredible line-up of musicians, which includes members of other major notable DC bands such as The Faith, Embrace, Gray Matter, and later Soulside. Fans of those bands, as well as Dag Nasty and other related Dischord artists will undoubtedly love Ignition, if they're not already familiar with them. Alec's lyrics are solid, and the band brings a fantastic energy to each track. They blend the fury of punk and hardcore with melodic sensibilities and sonic experimentation, that would later become known as "post-hardcore" and "emo" in the next decade. This is definitely a classic band from one of music's greatest scenes/eras, so this whole discography is absolutely essential. They released two albums and a few EP's in their time together, all of which were compiled on a single album in 1994, and then remastered in 2012 (which is the version below). Enjoy.

1. Previous
2. Cancellation
3. Buy And Sell
4. Wrenching
5. Strain
6. Throttle
7. Temporary
8. So Moved
9. Sinker
10. Non Verbum
11. Consequence
12. Lucky Thirteen
13. Anger Means (Version)
14. Revision
15. Standstill
16. Kiwi Chant
17. One Sided
18. Bullets In Mind
19. Eyeballed
20. Sinker (Version)
21. Rebuilding
22. Anxiety Asking
23. Anger Means
24. Proven Hollow
25. Chicago Song
26. Bought And Sold

Tuesday 24 July 2018


Kaospilot were a five-piece screamo/hardcore band from Oslo, Norway that were around from 2001 to 2005. They played a dark, intensive brand of screamo, with an incredible array of vocals, and an ability to play with an impressive range of sounds, from frenzied blastbeat chaos, to calm melodic parts, to seething, heavy slow burners. They utilized dissonant, angular chords, off-kilter rhythms, sharp changes in dynamics, and some vicious drum patterns. All of this might sound vagulely familiar, because they are staples in modern screamo, indicating Kaospilot as a definite major player in terms of influence. They put out a solid slew of material in their time together, but their posthumous sophomore album Shadows is their stand out. Enjoy.

1. A False Hollywood Promise
2. Nineteeneightyfour
3. The Last Dance
4. Protest Denied
5. A Tragic Picture
6. Under The Knife, Scars Run Deep

1. Neil Perry - Breathing With One Bad Lung
2. Neil Perry - There's A Fine Line Between Thrift Store And White Trash
3. Neil Perry - A Friend Is A Lesson To Be Learned
4. Kaospilot - 16.6.2000
5. Kaospilot - The Noise From The Bell Killed Me

1. Robots Took On The Outside Of Dogs
2. Rethink The Guidelines
3. Eleventh Hour Tactics
4. Arm Your Fists
5. School Of Assassins
6. The Vicious Cycle
7. Process Is Set
8. Akathisia
9. Letter Of Condolence
10. Dead Conversation
11. Prologue To Better Players

1. Van Johnson - Spagator
2. Kaospilot - Vivre Sa Vie

1. Lunar
2. When The Wind Turns Her Hand
3. Shadows
4. The Indian Became A Thunderbird
5. Ad Infinitum
6. Colossus
7. The Death Knell
8. The Symphony Plays With Nature's Hand
9. Weak Hands May Equal Weak Firm Valor
10. Petroglyphs
11. Foruten Tid
12. Vivre Sa Vie

Saturday 21 July 2018


Photo Credit: Eva Bo

Joliette are a four-piece post-hardcore/mathcore band from Puebla, Mexico that formed in 2011. These guys have put out a crazy amount of material since they formed, and have earned their title as one of the hardest-hitting bands around today. They play a heavy, instrumentally intricate style of hardcore, with knee-jerk syncopation and an incredible use of dynamics. Influence from bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan is pretty evident here, along with small hints of screamo. As I said before, they've put out a slew of music, so fans of forward-thinking hardcore will have a field day to delve into here. Enjoy.

1. Solar
2. ¡Bravo Imbecil
3. A. Baldwin
4. Veinte + 20 menos
5. Juan Perez (Una Tortura Semidisminuida)

1. Están Felices
2. Voltean

1. Todos Temen
2. Todos Odian
3. Quiral
4. Martina, Merlina y Dale Con Martín
5. Say Hola!
6. Czirros
7. Qúmulos
8. California Yisus
9. Juan Matón
10. Norte Y Bravo
11. Die Stunde Des Käses

1. Joliette - Picsa de Cotsco
2. Joliette - El Queso y la Mostaza
3. ZagaZaga - Pet Cemetery
4. ZagaZaga - Industrial Estate

1. II Yonzorno
2. Habano Billullo Kilimanyavo
3. Todos Odian
4. Dolor de Marinero en la Costa del Vesubio
5. Die Stunde des Kässes
6. Say Hola!

1. Joliette - Il Yonzorno.
2. Joliette - El Coronel y El Cardenal.
3. LYED - Dark Walls
4. LYED - The Middle Children

1. Life In Vacuum - Let Us Through
2. Life In Vacuum - Black Snow
3. Life In Vacuum - New Blood
4. Joliette - Serenata
5. Joliette - no es In A Gadda Da Vida

1. Verdadero Por Accidente
2. Tionkel
3. Henry Coyote
4. Vibraparrot
5. Las Arepas de mi Padre
6. Apáccico
7. Código

1. Joliette - Henry Coyote
2. Frameworks - The New Narcissistic American Dream
3. Frameworks - Marathon
4. Joliette - Tionkel

1. El Alphabiotista
2. Dolor de Marinero en la Costa del Vesubio

1. Cecapsis
2. Vacío
3. Júpiter Jovial
4. Muletilla Japonesa (あのう)
5. El Alphabiotista
6. Las Gorras Mayúsculas
7. Strathos
8. Futuras Campanas
9. Lázaro
10. Pudre Infante
11. Señor Mora
12. Defenestra

1. Hawak - Reliving
2. Hawak - Old Wounds
3. Joliette - Segundero
4. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Deforestation Feeds My Family and Fucks Your Future
5. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Banana Republicans
6. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Haven't You Done Well
7. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Ice Kewb (the uncontrol)
8. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - The Anthem We Deserve
9. Eyelet - Couldn't Bury Hurt
10. Eyelet - Jocasta As A Verb
11. Elle - Hekate
12. Elle - Thane's Box
13. Burial Etiquette - Promise
14. Burial Etiquette - Sword In Sanctuary

1. Lemus
2. Sandy Coquimbo
4. Charlotte

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Infant Island - Further TRACK PREMIERE

Today I've got another premiere for ya, this one courtesy of Infant Island, a four-piece band from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Coming off the heels of an incredible split with Small Hands put out last year, they are returning with a new self-titled album, which will be released August 2nd. I'm happy share the first taste of it, which comes in the form of the closing track on the album, "Further". Check it out below.

This track builds and winds, taking the listener on an emotional journey in its nearly 7-minute runtime. It opens with a gentle, reverb-coated fingerpicked guitar,  with a looming atmosphere that slowly builds as the full instrumentation enters, with some bass swells and washy cymbal work. It then throws its punches in the form of a pounding rhythm section, desperate screams, and some continued gorgeous post-rock leaning guitar work. This doesn't last long though, since it decays back into this rolling atmospheric bit, before kicking into a fret-frenzied bass line. They don't lose momentum for a second as the vocals shriek back in for a heaven-reaching crescendo. The track closes with some haunting piano clinks and white noise, an unexpected turn, but one that fits perfectly as a sendoff for both this song and this new album.

If this track is any indication of how incredible this new record is going to be, I highly suggest marking August 2nd down. It will be available in full on all digital platforms that day, as well as on cassette August 4th, and vinyl later in the month. All pre-order info can be found below, as well as the poster for their upcoming tour.


90 on White
10 on Gold

Available for pre-order from Zegema Beach Records


200 clear w/black haze
300 black

Available for pre-order from Middle Man Records and Conditions Records

Infant Island

Saturday 14 July 2018

Spiritual Cramp

Spiritual Cramp are a six-piece post-punk band from San Francisco, California that began in 2017. They have put out two EP's so far, one with React! Records, and the other with Deranged Records. They also share members with Creative Adult. Sonically, Spiritual Cramp stay loyal to the classic punk formula of high energy and raw power. They fuse the downstroke backbeat dub of The Clash with the melodic progressiveness of the Modern Lovers, and drench it in a gothic, Bauhaus-esque tinge, featuring bright guitars and wild vocals. Additionally, the Christian Death influence has to be acknowledged, since the band name is derived from one of their songs. Both Spiritual Cramp EP's are undeniably incredible post-punk with a razor edge, and highly recommended for fans of forward-thinking punk. Enjoy.

1. All My Friends Are Out Tonight (Alright)
2. Tenderloin
3. Wrecking Machine
4. The Ice Age Isn't Fucking Coming

1. Spiritual Cramp
2. 850 Bryant
3. I Feel Bad Bein' Me
4. Bloodclot

1. The Erasure
2. Upset Stomach
3. Northern Soul Search
4. Television
5. Pretty Vacant
6. Lovers Town Revisited
7. Spiritual Cramp
8. 850 Bryant
9. I Feel Bad Bein' Me
10. Blood Clot
11. All My Friends Are Out Tonight (Alright)
12. Tenderloin
13. Wrecking Machine
14. The Ice Age Isn't Fucking Coming

1. Blowback
2. Slick Rick
3. Talkin' On The Internet
4. Herberts On Holiday
5. City On Fire
6. Better Off This Way
7. Clashing At The Party
8. Catch A Hot One
9. Can I Borrow Your Lighter?
10. Addict

René Descartes

René Descartes were a four-piece screamo band from San Franscisco, California that were briefly around from 2015-2016. They featured former members of Flowers Taped To Pens and current members of SeeYouSpaceCowboy, which should be an immediate indication of how good this band is. They draw influence from the chaos of bands like Kodan Armada and Saetia, which their own unique attitude thrown into the mix. Both their demo and posthumously released S/T are fantastic documents of solid screamo, definitely recommended for fans of any of the aforementioned bands. Enjoy.

1. You Had Me At "Noam Chomsky"...
2. Dance Dance Queer Revolution
3. Solace//Despair (Nothing Is Concrete)
4. ...Just The Kids Who Built Community

1. Those lives Found In That Time
2. Subjugation Of Physical Validation
3. Repressed Life Lessons

Thursday 12 July 2018


Palmkite are a four-piece emo/indie band from Northport, New York that formed in 2009. They're quite an underrated bands to come out of the original "emo revival", and share a lot of sonic similarities with other early bands, such as Joie de Vivre or Hightide Hotel. Palmkite play with clean, noodly guitars and forlorn, Braid-esque vocals, with some awesome lyrics behind them. Thus far the band's releases are 3/3, with even their demo being a standout release. Unfortunately, they haven't put anything out since late 2014, and are currently on an unofficial hiatus. Hopefully we'll get some new material from them sometime in the future, but for now, we have these incredible throwbacks. Enjoy.

1. We Should Have Done This Yesterday
2. Trust In Time Travel
3. Is Any Of You Guys Mike?
4. No View
5. Your Alma Mater

1. Outlaws With Style, In A Class All Their Own
2. Blyngwie Malmsteen
3. Stay Outta Trouble
4. Thanks For The Dinosaur

1. Eye On The Door
2. Didn't We Do This Yesterday?
3. Manufacturer's Delight
4. One Day, You'll Be Cool
5. Got An Extra Hour

Wednesday 11 July 2018


Darkle are a four-piece emo/math rock/screamo band from New Lenox, Illinois that formed in 2015. They play a modern style of emo akin to bands like Prince Daddy & The Hyena and Mom Jeans., but with more experimental elements, and a slightly darker sound than bands like that (as their name might suggest). They play with that mathy/screamy/twinkly blend that hints at some Merchant Ships influence as well, with catchy vocals and despairing lyrics. Their most recent EP, Pain Train, is a loose concept outlining the five stages of grief, with each track offering up a unique tone and eclectic instrumentation which makes for a rollercoaster listen. Definitely good stuff here, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Boo hoo Radley
2. Rock! the Dwayne Johnson
3. Context High

1. Welcome to your retirement party, forever
2. I'm definitely cool and not a loser (smoking weed song)
3. Millennial Trash
4. Context High
5. Rock! the Dwayne Johnson
6. Boo Hoo Radley
7. Kinda like kind of like spitting
8. Clonazejam!

1. Not Horrible, Sometimes Unbearable

1. Nothing Like a Good Feeling
2. Eddie Manghetti & The Western Spaghetti
3. Chillantro
4. Loser POV
5. I Refuse To Sparkle