Thursday 30 April 2015

Gay Kiss

Gay Kiss are a four-piece hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona that got started in 2010. They've progressed a lot as a band, from their first 7" Dumpster Rules to their latest LP, Preservation Measures. If anything, they are definitely noisy, and angry. Their earlier material will remind you of Daughters, and the more their discography progresses, the more Converge, Trap Them, etc. influence begins to show. They've got a punk backbone with hardcore muscle, and a tinge of grindcore in their blood. I definitely recommend this band if you're looking for dark, chaotic hardcore. Enjoy.

1. Rant
2. Sealed
3. Hunting Party
4. Dumpster Rules

1. Defenestrate
2. New March
3. Social

1. Deus Ex Machina
2. Storms
3. Social
4. Compassionless
5. Defenestrate
6. New March
7. Spit Oath
8. Cruelty
9. Enclave

1. Last March
2. Caroline
3. Armistice

1. Influencer
2. March of the Pigs (Nine Inch Nails cover)

1. Failed City
2. No Place Nowhere
3. Armistice
4. Influencer
5. Fatal Earth
6. Shiver
7. Last March
8. Salacious Hand
9. Caroline
10. Interlude
11. Malign
12. Relent

Molly And The Zombies

Molly And The Zombies are a four-piece folk/indie project from New Jersey that formed in late 2013. The band got their start opening for The Bouncing Souls, with no information on the band being released prior to their show. They are fronted by none other than Brian Fallon, who's best known from The Gaslight Anthem, as well as The Horrible Crowes. The band also includes bassist Catherine Popper, who used to play with Ryan Adams, guitarist Brian McGee, and drummer Randy Schrager. Regardless of their history, Molly And The Zombies was a project put together to play for the sake of playing, nothing else. They penned a handful of songs, put together a few covers, and put on a few shows. Seriously, look at their live performances, you can see the amount of fun they're having with it. Their songwriting is very Fallon-esque (four chords and lyrics about some girl he knew when he was 17), with the Bob Dylan (and to a lesser extent here, Springsteen) influence seeping in. However, the subject matter is a little darker here compared to Fallon's past work, focusing on realism over romanticism. The different approach pays off, plus the songs are some of the best he's penned in quite some time. Unfortunately, Molly And The Zombies was a short-lived project, since they declared there would be no formal album or tour (which would probably defeat the purpose of having created this in the first place, for fun). However, they did record two demo tracks, and did a Red Bull Session that can act as an unofficial EP. There was never any download for it, but the songs can be ripped online, thus what is below. Also, the artwork came from here. Enjoy.

1. Sketchy
2. Red Lights

1. Long Drives
2. Smoke
3. Lucky
4. Red Lights
5. Sketchy

Wednesday 29 April 2015


Gates are a five-piece post-rock/indie band from New Brunswick, New Jersey that formed in 2011. Their debut full-length, Bloom And Breathe came out on Pure Noise Records, following the release of two EP's. Stylistically speaking, Gates have a lot in common with Moving Mountains. They both make heavy use of the reverb/delay-laden guitar melodies that bands like Explosions In The Sky are the father, son, and holy ghost of. In addition to that, Gates features very prominent vocals, which are often catchy and melodic. The whole "indie" aspect of them is very comparable to Lydia, who their guitarist used to play in. Random sidenote, but if you haven't heard Lydia's first two albums, listen to them, especially Illuminate. Enjoy.

1. A Vague Ambition
2. Walls
3. Burned Us Alive
4. In The Morning
5. At The End Of All Things
6. Sleepwalker

1. They See Only Shadows
2. Like This You Mean
3. Cast In The Pattern
4. To Those Who Fell...
5. ...And To Those Who Carry On
6. The Sound Of Letting Go

1. Everything That Has Ever Been
2. Bloom
3. Persist In Delusion
4. Not My Blood
5. Light The First Page
6. The Thing That Would Save You
7. Nothing You'll Miss
8. At Last The Loneliest Of Them
9. Born Dead
10. Marrow
11. Low
12. Again At The Beginning
13. Everything That Always Will Be

The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch

The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch (also written thediscordofaforgottensketch or TDOAFS) are a three-piece screamo/emo violence band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada that formed in 2001. Despite the fact that they've been around forever, their main activity has only been in the past few years, which is why they're often associated with bands such as Beau Navire. TDOAFS have got every aspect a great screamo needs absolutely nailed. They're dark, chaotic, but also painfully melodic, and have that slight hint of jazz influence nailed down. Throw in some elements of hardcore, and you've got a band that will remind you why you love screamo/skramz so damn much. Enjoy.

1. You Should Put Your TV Behind You
2. Maltide's Dream
3. Agony 666
4. A Satirical One For Aristote
5. Objects Are Stupid You Are One

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7
8. 8
9. 9
10. 10

1. 01
2. 02
3. 03
4. 04
5. 05
6. 06
7. 07
8. 08
9. 09
10. 10

1. Te Lloraría Un Puto Río - Canción De Amor Sin Título
2. Te Lloraría Un Puto Río - Perros Y Abejas
3. Carrion Spring - Red Beard Rides Again
4. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - La Deux Part Un
5. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - La Deux Part Deux
6. Beau Navire - These Waves
7. Beau Navire - Ship To Shore
8. Beau Navire - Instrumental

1. Pluto
2. Zombies, zombies
3. Ghost Town
4. I'm here
5. Hall of famers
6. A punk band
7. tdoafs

14. $$$|music|cowboys

1. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Wow God!
2. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - CH
3. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - 401
4. Brain Fever - Black Weed
5. Brain Fever - Death Giver
6. Brain Fever - Falling Apartments

1. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Coyotes
2. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Music Cowboys
3. Black Love - The Appalachian
4. Black Love - Motorboats and Waterfalls

1. hot empty box
2. jets
3. a quiet place
4. being monsters
5. the patient's drawing

1. We Did It

1. let the people speak
2. staring at the birds
3. we move forward
4. take your pills

1. Kafka. - Les Pelerins
2. Kafka. - Chacun D'Entre Nous
3. Junior Leagues - Ночь
4. Junior Leagues - Нелюбовь
5. Virginia On Duty - Fragments
6. Virginia On Duty - Detainee
7. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Altered Forever
8. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Still A Punk Band
9. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Fine Is Awful

Monday 27 April 2015

Creative Adult

Creative Adult are a five-piece post-punk band from North Bay/San Francisco, California that formed in 2012. They are currently part of the Run For Cover roster, but worked with Broke Hatrè prior to that. Creative Adult take the raw, pulsing energy of their hardcore/punk origins and mesh it with some noisy, distorted guitars and bass, which are more commonplace in post-punk/shoegaze bands. Essentially, Creative Adult sound like The Wipers with Kevin Shields playing guitar. Late 80's/early 90's grunge/post-punk is definitely where they take their most prominent influence from. Creative Adult are a band to definitely check out for fans of other contemporary bands like The Men, Ceremony, and Iceage. Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post. Enjoy.

1. Dead Air
2. Tabloid
3. You
4. Forbidden Fruit

1. Northern Exile
2. Mr. Pharmacist (The Other Half)

1. Creative Adult - Only Here
2. The Vibrating Antennas - My Name Is Question

1. Bulls In The Yard
2. Consumes Itself
3. Chemical Glow
4. Rushing Toward The Cemetery

1. Self Defense Family - I Can't Be Relied Upon (To Suck The Cock Of Cowards With No Souls)
2. Creative Adult - Rushing Towards The Cemetery
3. Grey Zine - Hopesfault 
4. Anne - Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover)

1. Deep End
2. Momentary Lapse

1. Control My Eyes
2. Charismatic Leader
3. Flash
4. Far Out
5. Half Way
6. Hyper Aware
7. Public Transit
8. Psychic Message
9. Deep End
10. Everyone Knows Everyone
11. Exposed
12. Haunt 

1. Creative Adult - Ephemeral Thing
2. Wild Moth - Rewind

1. Creative Adult - Americans
2. Self Defense Family - Somerton

1. Ring Around The Room
2. Travel
3. Most Our Troubles Go Untreated

1. Connected
2. I Can Love
3. Moving Window
4. Know Who
5. Interlude
6. Charged
7. Reality Tunnel
8. Heal
9. Hand In Shove

Circa Survive

Circa Survive are a five-piece post-hardcore/alternative rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2004. They came together after their members had been active in bands such as Saosin and This Day Forward. They've garnered a massive fan base during their time as a band, and currently have released five full-lengths album. They've got a crazy tour schedule, and have played with a a ton of notable bands, including Thrice, Coheed And Cambria, My Chemical Romance, Balance And Composure, Architects, Saves The Day, Fear Before, Minus The Bear, The Dear Hunter, and even Linkin Park.

As far as Circa Survive's sound goes, they are very hard to pin down. They've got some great, complex drum patterns, as well as some very meandering dual guitar work, that seems to both work with and against each other. They can be very melodic at times, but also noisy and in odd keys. Perhaps the most distinct part of their sound is Anthony Green's vocals, which not only have a very impressive range, but an incredibly unique tone. Circa Survive certainly have "experimental" and "progressive" qualities to them, but also include some very structured, composed material, making their songs not only intriguing, but catchy and memorable. This band is quite well-known, and in high demand based on the requests they get. Their first two albums are phenomenal, but everything after that is also incredible, and their latest album, Descensus, shows that they've got a lot left in them, and aren't letting up or settling down anytime soon. I have to give a major thank you to Jacob Shumaker for a lot of the material below, and I hope you all enjoy.

1. Act Appalled
2. The Great Golden Baby
3. Suspending Disbelief
4. Handshakes At Sunrise (Demo)

1. Holding Someone's Hair Back
2. Act Appalled
3. Wish Resign
4. The Glorious Nosebleed
5. In Fear And Faith
6. The Great Golden Baby
7. Stop The Fuckin' Car
8. We're All Thieves
9. Oh, Hello
10. Always Getting What You Want
11. Meet Me In Montauk

1. Living Together
2. In The Morning And Amazing
3. The Greatest Lie
4. The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose
5. Mandala
6. Travel Hymn
7. Semi Constructive Criticism
8. Kicking Your Crosses Down
9. On Letting Go
10. Carry Us Away
11. Close Your Eyes To See
12. Your Friends Are Gone

The Most Dangerous Criminals
1,000 Witnesses

1. Strange Terrain
2. Get Out
3. Glass Arrows
4. I Felt Free
5. Imaginary Enemy
6. Through The Desert Alone
7. Frozen Creek
8. Fever Dreams
9. Spirit Of The Stairwell
10. The Longest Mile
11. Compendium
12. Dyed In The Wool

1. Glass Arrows
2. Get Out
3. I Felt Free
4. Imaginary Enemy
5. Through the Desert Alone
6. Scentless Apprentice (Nirvana cover)

1. Sleep Underground (Demo)
2. Stare Like You'll Stay
3. Everyday
4. Backmask
5. Lazarus

1. Christmas Time Is Here

1. The Birth of the Economic Hitmen - A.K.A. Epic (Live) (Demo)
2. Facemelter (Live) (Demo)

1. Birth Of The Economic Hit Man
2. Sharp Practice
3. Suitcase
4. The Lottery
5. My Only Friend
6. Phantasmagoria
7. Think Of Me When They Sound
8. Brother Song
9. Bird Sounds
10. Blood From A Stone
11. I'll Find A Way

1. Battle, My Love

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1. I'll Be Home For Christmas (w/ Coco Rye)
2. Jingle Bell Rock 

3. Nobody Can Change

Note: Full comp here

1. Sunny Day Real Estate - Lipton Witch
2. Circa Survive - Bad Heart

2. Scentless Apprentice (Nirvana cover)

1. Schema
2. Child of the Desert
3. Always Begin
4. Who Will Lie With Me Now
5. Only The Sun
6. Nesting Dolls
7. Quiet Down
8. Phantom
9. Sovereign Circles
10. Descensus

2. Scentless Apprentice (Nirvana cover)

Note: Full comp here

8. Drain You (Nirvana cover)

Note: Full comp here

5. Love Buzz (Nirvana cover)

Note: Full comp here

1. Lustration
2. Never Tell A Soul
3. Premonition On The Hex
4. Tunnel Vision
5. At Nights It Gets Worse
6. Stay
7. Rights Of Investiture
8. The Hex
9. Flesh And Bone
10. The Amulet