Saturday 22 April 2017

I Love Your Lifestyle

I Love Your Lifestyle are a five-piece emo/indie/punk band from Malmö and Gothenburg, Sweden that formed in 2012. They play an excellent blend of up-beat punk mixed in with the bright, twinkly/noodley guitar sound of midwestern emo, with some catchy as hell Cap'n Jazz vocals. Basically, they're Algernon Cadwallader reincarnated. We Go Way Back is one of the best emo records to come out in the past few years, and their new 2-song EP is just as good. I can't recommend this band enough for fans of Kinsella-inspired midwestern emo. Enjoy.

1. Spider Monkey
2. Cristoffer Robin
3. Poetry Issues
4. Dynamites & Catfights
5. Happy Lacuna
6. Long Time No Bruce

1. Prank
2. Zitch Dog
3. I Was A Loser In School

1. Nice Jacket. Not
2. My Yard
3. Jazz Nights
4. Common Sense
5. Oh, Twisted Me
6. Overall Adderall
7. Testimonial Deadline
8. Routine
9. Brain Freeze
10. No Time For Major Fuck Ups
11. Birds of Paradise
12. Dirty Shades
13. Roda Mossan
14. Summer 03

1. Touch
2. Fire

1. Stupid
2. Car
3. No Harm, No Foul
4. Shilly-Shally
5. Align!
6. I Have No Point To Make
7. Fram Och Tillbaka
8. Well, That's Not Ideal
9. OK
10. Inner Freakness
11. Making Nothing Out Of Something

Thursday 20 April 2017


Shirokuma are a four-piece screamo band from Sweden that have been active since 2012. They play a very melodic style of screamo that incorporates elements of emo and melodic hardcore. With some very bright and noodly guitars, a flowing rhythm section, and some pain-stakingly shrieked vocals, they're an absolute must for fans of fellow Swedish band and split-mates Suis La Lune. Other decent comparisons might be Raein, State Faults, Cavalcades, and Loma Prieta's last album. If "melodic screamo" sounds appealing, it doensn't get much better than Shirokuma. Enjoy.

1. Exits
2. Old Stories
3. Past Times In Silence

1. Dropping Out
2. To Seek My Very Own Sun
3. Stranded
4. What Is Cold?

1. A Cloud Painted
2. Cold, Cold Hands
3. To Seek Out My Very Own Sun
4. Okami
5. Four Rivers
6. Chiaroscuro
7. Falling Leaves From A Dying Tree
8. Blue Circles Turning Black
9. Sun Won't Set

1. Empty Squares And Thinner Lines
2. The Rabbits Hole
3. Well
4. Marble White
5. Crystal Shell

1. Shirokuma - Endless Rain
2. Shirokuma - The Earth Sleeps 
3. Shirokuma - Leave Me
4. Shirokuma - Lost Contact
5. Shirokuma - My Body Is An Empty Vessel
6. Suis La Lune - What These Hands Can't Hold
7. Suis La Lune - Beyond Repair
8. Suis La Lune - In Between Heartbeats
9. Suis La Lune - Lost Moments

1. Black Lungs
2. Flies
3. Cycles
4. Present Day
5. Smiles
6. Seven Candles
7. In Abeyance
8. Above The Noise
9. Space

Friday 14 April 2017


Lungfish are a four-piece post-hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 1988, and are still active today. Without a doubt, Lungfish are known as being one of the most seminal, prolific, and definitive bands in the history of post-hardcore.Their output spans over two decades, and almost all of it has been released through Dischord Records. Sonically, Lungfish were known for their angular guitar melodies and droning rhythms, in addition to their sing-spoken vocals. If you ever wondered where Self Defense Family came from, this is it. In addition to them, Lungfish are an undeniably massive influence on post-hardcore, and have been one of the most consistent bands in the genre, putting out solid album after solid album. Enjoy.

1. Come Clean
2. Put Your Halo On
3. Ain't No Color
4. Not Only Long Ride Too High
5. Parthenogenesis
6. Devilhead
7. Nothing Is Easy
8. Fambly

1. Friend To Friend In Endtime
2. Broadcast
3. Descender
4. Samuel
5. Kissing
6. Reveal Me
7. My Fool Heart
8. One Face
9. Non Dual Bliss
10. Put Your Hand In My Hand

1. Instrument
2. Mother Made Me
3. Abraham Lincoln
4. Animal Man
5. Fresh Air Cure
6. Creation Story
7. Axiomatic
8. Open House
9. 8.14.2116
10. You Might Ask Me What
11. Seek Sound Shelter

1. Cleaner Than Your Surroundings
2. Straightaway
3. Washing Away
4. At Liberty To Say
5. The Trap Gets Set
6. Computer
7. Highway Sweetheart
8. Astronaut's Prayer
9. Idiot Vehicle
10. One Way All The Time
11. In Praise Of Amoral Phenomena
12. Gorilla Monsoon
13. The Evidence
14. Terminal Crash

1. Constellations
2. To Whom You Were Born
3. Jonah
4. Solid State
5. X-Ray The Pharaoh
6. Signpost
7. Sphere Of Influence
8. The Cipher
9. Panic And Hysteria
10. Constellations

1. Indivisible
2. You Did Not Exist
3. E=FU
4. Urania
5. Organ Harvest
6. Yellow Sun
7. William Fuld
8. Tick Tock
9. Cut To Fit The Mouth
10. Fill The Days
11. Sin To Live

1. Black Helicopters
2. Oppress Yourself
3. Amnesiac
4. Love Will Ruin Your Mind
5. Ann The Word
6. Slip Of Existence
7. Free State
8. Truth Cult
9. Shed The World
10. Pray For The Living
11. Light For All

1. Space Orgy
2. Web Of Mirrors
3. Searchlight
4. Vulgar Theories
5. God's Will
6. Mated
7. Metatron
8. Sands Of Time
9. Return To The Caves
11. Hallucinatorium

1. The Words
2. The Way
3. Necrophones
4. All Day And All Night Long
5. Blue Sky
6. Hanging Bird
7. Shapes In Space
8. Sex War
9. Cross Road
10. Eternal Nightfall
11. Occult Vibrations
12. Infinite Daybreak

1. Love Is Love
2. This World
3. Fearfully And Wonderfully
4. Hear The Children Sing
5. Lay Yourself Aside
6. Nation Saving Song
7. Unfold The Leg
8. No False Suns
9. Peace Mountains Of Peace
10. Child Of Chaos

1. All Creations Bows
2. Time Is A Weapon Of Time
3. Wailing Like Dragons
4. Picture Music
5. You Are The War
6. Invert The State
7. Way Out Is The Way Out
8. Sing
9. Sower Of Systems
10. Sweet Nucleus

1. Eternal Nightfall
2. Symbiosis
3. Screams Of Joy
4. Occult Vibrations
5. I Will Walk Between You
6. Aesop
7. Sex War
8. Infinite Daybreak
9. Hanging Bird
10. Shapes In Space

Tuesday 11 April 2017


Starkweather are a five-piece hardcore/metalcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 1989 and are still active today. They are best known for pioneering metalcore (in its purest form), which was a blend of metal and hardcore. More specifically, their two early releases, Crossbearer and Into The Wire, are cornerstones in hardcore history. These two albums are nothing but unbridled, visceral, intensity. Heavy riffs, progressive song structures, manic vocals, and lyrics that cut deep are just some of the many incredible aspects of Starkweather that make them such a timeless band. Their most recent material, the LPs Croatoan and This Sheltering Night (the latter was put out by Deathwish) are also incredibly solid, and continue to maintain their legacy as one of the best hardcore bands ever. They're an absolute classic and essential, so get on this. Enjoy.

1. Tumult
2. Mean Streets
3. Rest The Soul
4. Lazarus Runs
5. Murder In Technicolor
6. Shards / Unto Me
7. Picture It Obsidian
8. The Rift
9. Above The Rafters
10. Desolate

5. Mainline

1. Shroud
2. Shards
3. Unto Me
4. Murder In Technicolor
5. Into The Wire
6. Slither

1. Slither
2. Taming Leeches With Fire
3. Vespertilian
4. Silken Garotte / The Infinity Coil
5. Machine Rhythm Confessional
6. Hushabye: Goodnight
7. Bitter Frost
8. Wilding

1. Epiphany
2. Swarm
3. Broken From Inside
4. Transmit
5. All Creatures Damned And Divine
6. One Among Vermin
7. Receive
8. Bustuari
9. Proliferate
10. Martyring
11. The End Of All Things

1. Overmars - Solitary; Following The Sperm Whale (Once Again)
2. Overmars - Last Sail Sinking
3. Starkweather - Nightmare Factory
4. Starkweather - Armed Memory

1. Starkweather - Divided By Zero
2. Concealment - Liminality

Sunday 9 April 2017


Tragedy are a four-piece hardcore/crust punk band that formed in 1995. Originally, they were based out of Memphis, Tennessee, but have since re-located to Portland, Oregon. Members of Tragedy were also in His Hero Is Gone and Deathreat, in addition to a ton of other bands. Since the turn of the century though, they've been killing it as Tragedy. With over a decade of experience, they've never failed to deliver some incredible hardcore with their crust punk roots showing. Their vocals are harshly guttural, while their instrumentals can only be described as intensely melodic, which makes sense if you give them a listen. The've also released almost all their albums through their own label, so they definitely get points for the full DIY. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. The Point Of No Return
3. Not Fucking Fodder
4. Never Knowing Peace
5. Confessions Of A Suicide Advocate
6. Instrumental
7. Instrumental II
8. The Intolerable Weight
9. You Are an Experiment
10. Products Of A Cold War Depression
11. With Empty Hands Extended
12. Instrumental III
13. Tension Awaiting Imminent Collapse
14. Chemical Imbalance

1. The Ending Fight
2. Life
3. The Waiting

1. Conflicting Ideas
2. Call To Arms
3. Vengeance
4. Recurring Nightmare
5. Beginning Of The End
6. The Lure
7. Night Falls
8. The Day After
9. War Within Us
10. Revengeance
11. To The Dogs
12. No Words

1. Tragedy - No End In Sight
2. Tragedy - None Of Your Business
3. Totalitär - Krossa Elitsystemet 2
4. Totalitär - Förena Er 2

1. To The Dogs
2. The Lure

1. Eyes Of Madness
2. Force Of Law
3. Rabid Panic
4. Deaf And Disbelieving
5. The Hunger
6. Total Vision
7. In Formation
8. Incendiary
9. Crucifer
10. Under The Radar
11. Plan Of Execution

1. No Cemeteries Here
2. Close At Hand
3. The Grim Infinite
4. The Feeding Hour
5. Wail Of Sirens
6. Darker Days Ahead
7. Black Against Night
8. Power Fades
9. To Earth Like Dust

Thursday 6 April 2017

Negative Approach

Negative Approach are a seminal four-piece hardcore punk band from Detroit, Michigan that initially existed from 1981 to 1984, though reunited in 2006 and have been playing shows ever since. This band is one of the undisputed best and most important hardcore bands ever. They were defined by their anger, aggression, and vocalist John Brannon's distinct bark and less-than-positive lyricism, all of which hold up for years after their incarnation, and have continued to be influential even to this day.

In their original few years as a band, their main recorded output consisted of a self-titled 7" and one LP, Tied Down, both on Touch And Go Records. Their legacy would really be solidified years after, with the release of Total Recall, which compiled both their EP and LP, in addition to demos and live tracks, all from their initial three years as a band. This compilation is absolutely essential, and I would rank it among certain other hardcore bests (Minor Threat's Complete Discography, Black Flag's The First Four Years, etc.) This is classic hardcore punk 101.

Post-Negative Approach, Brannon formed another incredible band, Laughing Hyenas, which played a blues-punk hybrid. I'd also highly recommend giving them a listen (there's a post on them from a few months ago). He was also in another band called Easy Action. In 2006, Negative Approach was reformed by Brannon and drummer Chris "Opie" Moore, both who were a part of the original NA line-up. Since then, they've played a few sporadic shows, tours, and festivals. This band has got a strong legacy, and some timeless songs that don't age easily. Highly, highly recommended. Enjoy.

1. Tied Down
2. Hypocrite
3. Evacuate
4. Said And Done
5. Nothing
6. Your Mistake
7. Live Your Life
8. Friend or Foe
9. Dead Stop
10. I'll Survive

1. Lost Cause
2. Can't Tell No One
3. Sick Of Talk
4. Pressure
5. Why Be Something That You're Not
6. Nothing
7. Fair Warning
8. Ready To Fight
9. Lead Song
10. Whatever I Do
11. Negative Approach
12. Tied Down
13. Hypocrite
14. Evacuate
15. Said And Done
16. Nothing
17. Your Mistake
18. Live Your Life
19. Friend Or Foe
20. Dead Stop
21. I'll Survive
22. Can't Tell No One
23. Whatever I Do
24. Ready To Fight
25. Chaos
26. Pressure + Fair Warning
27. Lost Cause
28. Genocide + Lost Cause
29. Never Surrender
30. D.A.B.F.
31. Said And Done
32. Sick Of Talk + N.A.
33. Your Mistake
34. Tied Down
35. I'll Survive
36. Kiss Me Kill Me
37. I Got A Right
38. Tunnel Vision

1. Pressure
2. No Doubt About It
3. Don't Calle Me Up
4. I Don't Want It
5. Sick Of Talk
6. Ready To Fight
7. Lost Cause
8. Chaos
9. Fashionable Idiots
10. Negative Approach
11. Your Mistake
12. Friend Or Foe
13. Live Your Life
14. Tied Down
15. Hypocrite
16. I'll Survive
17. Nothing
18. Said And Done
19. Can't Tell No One
20. Sick Of Talk
21. Whatever I Do
22. Shit For Brains
23. Ready To Fight
24. Friend Or Foe
25. Live Your Life
26. Said And Done
27. Lead Song
28. Nothing
29. Fair Warning
30. Never Surrender
31. Negative Approach
32. Tied Down
33. Ready To Fight
34. Fair Warning
35. Hypocrite
36. Why Be Something That You're Not
37. Friend Or Foe
38. Dead Stop
39. Whatever I Do
40. Sick Of Talk
41. Can't Tell No One
42. Your Mistake
43. Live Your Life
44. Nothing
45. Negative Approach
46. Evacuate
47. Chaos
48. DABF
49. Pressure
50. Genocide

Note: Tracks 1-18 are demos, tracks 19-50 are live

1. Friends Of No One
2. Obsession
3. I Got A Right (The Stooges cover)
4. Cargo Cult
5. Kiss Me Kill Me
6. Genocide

Note: Recorded in 1984