Wednesday 17 May 2023


Photo by: Farrah Skeiky

Praise are a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2009. Thus far, they've released three full-lengths and a handful of EP's, mostly through React! Records and their latest LP through Revelation. I just have to say, I have been sorely missing on this band for years now. This is so up my alley that I'm kicking myself for not having checked them out sooner. In the most basic terms, they pay homage to the huge, bright distorted and chorus-laden work of Hüsker Dü with heavy influence from DC acts such as Embrace, Dag Nasty and One Last Wish that first incorporated melodic elements into hardcore. It's an incredible blend that still manages to sound truly modern, with some top-tier musicianship to boot. That's unsurprising, given that this band includes members of Turnstile, Angel Du$t, Mindset, Give, and a ton of other incredible projects. I cannot recommend this enough, I highly, highly suggest checking it out if you're as late to the punch on this as I am. Enjoy.

1. Caught In A Cycle
2. I Believe
3. Peace Is The Solution
4. Healing

1. Afraid To Ask
2. Autumn

1. Accept
2.Safe Place
3. Lights Went Out
4. To Be Me
5. Reach Deep
6. Write It Down
7. Give Me The Pain
8. Afraid To Ask
9. Restless Minds
10. Weight

1. Makes No Sense
2. Crash Into My Life
3. Settle Down
4. Leave It All Behind
5. Song For You
6. Walk To The Edge
7. We All Fall Down

1. All In A Dream
2. Return To Life
3. Hotline To Memory
4. Suddenly Human
5. Peace Of Mine
6. Limited Sense Of Possibility
7. Eyes In The Dark
8. Life Unknown
9. Keep Hanging On

Another Breath

Another Breath were a five-piece melodic hardcore band from Fulton, New York that were around from 2003 to 2011, with a one-off reunion show occurring in 2018. Across three releases (and a demo that I'm missing) the band brought vigor and earnestness to their tried-and-true sound, which incorporated anthemic vocals and an instrumental energy that makes it hard to sit still. If you're familiar with the melodic hardcore of the 2000's, this band will be undeniable to you. This may be way off, but they sort of sit somewhere between Kid Dynamite and American Nightmare. Not Now, Not Ever is my personal favourite from them, so that's probably the best jumping off point (literally and figuratively). Enjoy. 

1. Racing A Fading Image
2. Token
3. Rotting
4. Clio
5. Passing The Torch
6. Surfacing
7. 17 Minutes
8. Truth In The Television

1. Jailbreak
2. Marla
3. A Tragic Hero
4. Coward
5. Sincerity
6. I'm Pro-You-Shutting-The-Fuck-Up
7. Diesel And Gunpowder
8. Organized Crime
9. Spineless
10. Orange
11. Coming Home
12. Off With Your Head
13. Anchors
14. Walls Without Windows
15. Catharsis (The Conclusion)

1. No God
2. Sin Eater
3. Nausea
4. I Want To Live
5. The God Complex
6. Belly Of A Whale
7. Dogtown
8. Weight
9. Mayko
10. I Am The Messiah
11. Eleventh Hour

Monday 15 May 2023


Boxcutter are a three-piece screamo band from Toronto, Ontario that formed in 2022. They put out their debut EP that same year. It's a raw recording in the best sense, capturing the band's cutting guitar and pounding rhythm section in its most organic essence. They often tread the light between melody and abrasion, with an insanely heartfelt vocal delivery and incredible lyrics to boot. It's an incredible document that I think captures the appeal of screamo, which is found in its vulnerability and kinetic energy. I don't know if that makes any sense, but this band is not to be missed and I highly recommend giving them a listen. Enjoy.

1. the surface of lake ontario lies below the bottom of lake erie
2. navier stokes would have a field day with this one
3. at 6:45am i saw your ghost by my bedroom window
4. quetiapine is a beautiful name for a girl
5. a girl is a knife

1. Treehouse Of Horror - Jeff The Killer
2. Please Don't Crash - Quiet 
3. boxcutter - stray
4. Treehouse Of Horror - Ben Drowned
5. Please Don't Crash - Cut Off My Hands
6. boxcutter - she/her/hearse

Treehouse Of Horror

Treehouse Of Horror are a three-piece emo/screamo band from Toronto, Ontario that formed in 2021. Following a single demo, their debut EP came out in October of last year. This band plays an energetic style of twinkly emo, with tons of tight instrumental interplay amidst the expected clean noodley bits.  The dual vocals are also a major highlight as an additional dynamic layer, and as they often veer into screamo territory with some impassioned execution. It's a solid EP I'd definitely recommend checking out if you're a fan of bands like Grown Ups, Hightide Hotel, CSTVT, or Merchant Ships, and look forward to what this band does next. Enjoy.

1. See you next Tuesday - Demo

1. See You Next Tuesday
2. Catnip
3. Joan Of Arc
4. Sadgasm

1. Treehouse Of Horror - Jeff The Killer
2. Please Don't Crash - Quiet 
3. boxcutter - stray
4. Treehouse Of Horror - Ben Drowned
5. Please Don't Crash - Cut Off My Hands
6. boxcutter - she/her/hearse

Saturday 13 May 2023

Constatine Sankathi

Constatine Sankathi were a four-piece screamo/hardcore band from Kalamazoo, Michigan that were active from 1994 to 1996. Their discography consisted of a split, two EP's and numerous compilation appearances (including two Food Not Bombs benefit comps). This was later all included in a single release that came out a few years after they broke up. It's not a word I like to throw around often, but "underrated" or at the very least "underappreciated" do come to mind when thinking of this band. Their limited output is absolutely fantastic, with a sound that could be gut-wrenching and chaotic in its climaxes and almost serene in its more melodic breaks, even incorporating some Indian Summer-esque guitar arpeggios. On top of all that, they would occassionally infuse brass instrumentation into the fold, and did so in an oddly fitting way. Highly recommended for fans of the underground emo/hardcore scene from the 90's in general, this will hit hard. Enjoy.

1. Bev. Clone - No Reason
2. Bev. Clone - Camp
3. Constatine Sankathi - Esoteric
4. Constatine Sankathi - Canoe

1. I Am An Android
2. Husniyah
3. Thanks For The Candy

1. Listening Palms
2. Painting My Entire Body Black
3. Day
4. Rising Sun

1. Husniyah
2. I Am An Android
3. Esoteric
4. Canoe
5. Classical
6. Skies Are Home
7. Thanks For The Candy
8. In December
9. Listening Palms
10. Paint My Entire Body Black
11. Day
12. Rising Sun
13. Classical Part 2
14. Thanks For The Candy Again
15. Some Kind Of Wonderful
16. Cold Air Falls
17. Forget Everything I Told You
18. Fully
19. Husniyah
20. Waxing The Boat

Ambassador 990

Ambassador 990 (sometimes written as Ambassador 9 Ninety) were a three-piece emo/hardcore band from Columbus, Ohio that were active around 1997 and 1998. They released an EP, split, and one LP in their short time together. Sonically, they played a dark, desperate offshoot of hardcore that incorporated frenzied octave chords, dissonance, and anxious rhythms, with wounded, howling vocals. They most likely took influences from bands such as Drive Like Jehu or Unwound, so if you're into that or bands like Shroomunion and Merel, this is a project that will definitely appeal to you. Enjoy.

1. Serpentor
2. Marifold
3. Static
4. Frequency

1. Ambassador 990 - Contour
2. Ambassador 990 - Foundry
3. The Makeshift Conquest - Take Over

1. Dress Like Your Favorite Rockstar
2. Nothing in Return
3. Inner Circle And Circus
4. This Years Dedicated Sucker
5. The Artist Formerly Known As... "Good"
6. Pagan Love Song
7. Survey Says, You're A Dickhead
8. Ryan Stole My Girlfriend
9. Brainwashed At Birth
10. This Is The End

Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack

Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack were a six-piece post-hardcore band from California that were active from 2000 to 2003 (approximately, there's very little info on this band out there). They released a self-titled EP during their time together and posthumous LP a few years later. The most notable member of this band was Sarah Kirsch, who was active in a ton of other bands throughout the 90's including Fuel, Navio Forge, John Henry West, Bread And Circuits,  Pinhead Gunpowder, Torches To Rome, and many more. Though this project does take a lot of its cues from Dischord acts as the aforementioned also do, Please Inform The Captain This Is A Hijack really stands on its own. It's overtly political in its lyricism, and instrumentally its angular, aggressive, melodic, and experimental. The LP in particular makes heavy use of samples from various sources, making for this expansive, almost outlandish listen, not unlike The Shape Of Punk To Come. Going off that, I also wouldn't be surprised if this band also took heavy influence from Nation Of Ulysses. Highly recommended (particularly the EP), enjoy.

1. Your Good Thing Is About To End
2. Apocalypse Theme Park
3. Postcards From The Future
4. Robot Rampage In Luxury World
5. Ice Monkey
6. Transnational Vampire Killers

1. We Train These Robots
2. The Ants Will Eat Rome
3. The Molotov Cocktail Hour
4. Angry Sleepers (pt. 1)
5. Sooner Than You Think
6. Karma Collection Day
7. Waiting For The Snow
8. Defeat The Humiliate The United States Of America
9. In The Service Of The Capital
10. The Days Move Along With The Regularity
11. The Asymmetric Enemy
12. A Completely New Weapon
13. Party While You Can
14. Who Are These Guys?