Friday, 23 September 2022

Phoenix Bodies

Phoenix Bodies were a five-piece screamo/grindcore band from Southport, Indiana that were active from 2001 to 2011. In that time, they were insanely prolific with a plethora of releases coming out, but only one full-length album. 2006's Raise The Bullshit Flag sets the bar for insanity on record. Its panicked, convulsive delivery and lyrical relevance still hold up to this day as one of grind-influenced screamo's finest offerings. It's discordant and downtuned, with chaotic blastbeats and breakneck tempo changes scattered throughout its 16-minute runtime. I think its safe to say that its earn its merit as an "essential" for fans of this sound. They have a ton of other material that's also worth more than your attention, and luckily most of it can be found on 2007's Too Much Information. Alongside 2008's Mutton Dagger, you essentially have their full discography aside from the LP. One quick note, I am missing their split with The Dream Is Dead, though their tracks from that can be found on Too Much Information and 2004's Discography cassette. Enjoy.

Demo (2003)
1. Demo 1
2. Demo 2
3. Demo 3
4. Demo 4
5. Demo 5
6. Demo 6
7. Demo 7

1. Enkephalin - Full Access Bubblegum Machine
2. Enkephalin - Biff Can Take A Beating
3. Enkephalin - Calling To Confirm
4. Enkephalin - The Technician
5. Enkephalin - One Punch Machine Gun
6. Enkephalin - Iceman Vs. The Tiger
7. Phoenix Bodies - Half Billion Ants: A Force
8. Phoenix Bodies - Spin: A Rendezvous
9. Phoenix Bodies - Lawn of Decadence
10. Phoenix Bodies - Get It, Rabbit
11. Phoenix Bodies - Full Frontal Fragrance
12. Phoenix Bodies - Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination

1. Shikari - Nieuwe Politiek #1
2. Shikari - Tijd Was Ons Niet Zo Goed Gezind
3. Phoenix Bodies - Old Balls
4. Phoenix Bodies - Pardon My Emoticon
5. Phoenix Bodies - Toxic Shock Value Meal

1. Phoenix Bodies - The Future Is Eating
2. Phoenix Bodies - Sense Is Out Of Style
3. Raein - Endless Tourlife

1. Tryanny Of Shaw - Routing Her Convulsions
2. Tyranny Of Shaw - Spinetheft
3. Phoenix Bodies - Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens
4. Phoenix Bodies - Fix Me (Black Flag cover)

1. Sense Is Out Of Style
2. The Future Of Eating
3. Old Balls
4. Pardon My Emoticon
5. Toxic Shock Value Meal
6. Fix Me (Black Flag cover)
7. Enlarge Your Penis
8. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens
9. Half A Billion Ants
10. Spin: A Rendez-vous
11. Lawn Of Decadence
12. Get It Rabbit
13. Full Frontal Fragrance
14. Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination

1. Raise The Bullshit Flag
2. Resonance Of The Strom Thurmond Death Rattle
3. Hard On For A Hummer
4. You've Been Hamburgled
5. Striving For Autism
6. I Guarantee You're A Pile Of Shit
7. Test Of Faith At The Trinity Broadcasting Network
8. If Money Is Power...
9. Intelligent Designer Sunglasses
10. The War On Entropy

1. Half-A-Billion Ants
2. Spin: A Rendez-Vous
3. Lawn of Decadence
4. Get It Rabbit
5. Full Frontal Fragrance
6. Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination
7. Enlarge Your Penis
8. Toxic Shock Value Meal
9. Old Balls
10. Pardon My Emoticon
11. Sense Is Out Of Style
12. Future Of Eating
13. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens
14. Fix Me (Black Flag cover)
15. Striving For Autism
16. Hard-On For A Hummer
17. You've Been Hamburgled
18. Does Anyone Have A Boom Stand?
19. Lawn of Decadence (Live)
20. Sense Is Out Of Style (Live)
21. Spin: A Rendez-Vous (Live)
22. Half-A-Billion Ants (Live)
23. Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination (Live)
24. Striving For Autism (Live)
25. Old Balls (Live)
26. Future Of Eating (Live)
27. Enlarge Your Penis (Live)
28. Toxic Shock Value Meal  (Live)
29. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens V.I (Live)
30. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens V.II (Live)
31. Demo 1
32. Demo 2
33. Demo 3
34. Demo 4
35. Demo 5
36. Demo 6
37. Demo 7

1. Phoenix Bodies - Get A Job
2. La Quiete - Animali De Fede E Di Memoria

1. Apathy Is Chemistry
2. White People Do This
3. Cobra Commander 2008
4. No Need For Earplugs

1. Get A Job
2. Apathy Is Chemistry
3. White People Do This
4. Cobra Commander 2008
5. No Need For Earplugs
6. Young Dumb And Full Of Guns
7. Surf's Up, Surf City
8. This Place Is A Fucking Dump / Health Control

1. Hewhocorrupts - Mike Muir On Wall Street
2. Hewhocorrupts - Derek Black's Body Karate
3. Hewhocorrupts - Smoke'n In The Boys Room
4. Hewhocorrupts - Jesus Luncheon
5. Hewhocorrupts - Sonofdog
6. Hewhocorrupts - Tommy Camaro's True Story
7. Phoenix Bodies - This Place Is A Fucking Dump
8. Phoenix Bodies - Health Control
9. Phoenix Bodies - Surf's Up, Surf City!
10. Phoenix Bodies - Young, Dumb, And Full Of Guns

Thursday, 22 September 2022


LIES is the brand new project from emo's very own Mike and Nate Kinsella. This is the latest endeavour to add to the laundry list of Kinsella projects, which include Joan of Arc and American Football together, and Cap'n Jazz, Owen, Owls, Make Believe and Birthmark separately, just to name a few. They just released their debut EP through Polyvinyl. It collects the singles the band had released up until this point, in addition to the title track. Sonically, the bright, delicate guitar work and melancholic vocals we've come to love from their work is still present, but its surrounded by an atmospheric swirling of strings and electronics, giving these songs a gorgeous lush and gloss to them. On top of that, they expand their instrumental palette, incorporating things like saxophone solos. Its a departure from what we've heard from them before, but a very welcome and matured one. Enjoy.

1. Corbeau
2. Summer Somewhere
3. Blemishes
4. Echoes

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Engine Down

Engine Down were a four-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Richmond, Virginia that were active from 1996 to 2005. They maintained a fairly prolific career, with four full-lengths and a few other releases coming out in the span of 6 years. Despite this, they remain one of the most underrated bands in their scene/era. They took fairly clear influence from DC/Dischord bands that first championed post-hardcore in the early 90's (Fugazi, Lungfish, Hoover, Shudder To Think, etc.) while exploring their own viscera, making for some dynamic and emotionally impactful songs. They utilized the classic quiet, clean guitar sound  mingling with subdued vocals and slowed drums, alongside distorted, octave-heavy crescendos with angular riffs that built and released tension almost interchangeably. Thanks to their multiple vocalists, harmonies are usually layered and provide a sense of unison despite the often-distraught lyrics. 

Its members are also of note, besides being in the incredible Engine Down, they were active in a few other projects you're most likely familiar with. For starters, vocalist/guitarist Keeley Davis was a member of Sparta who joined just before Threes. He was also a member of At The Drive-In during their reunion back in 2016, and played on In•ter a•li•a. Along with guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Fuller, Davis also formed Denali. Drummer Cornbread Compton was briefly a member of Cursive, and played on Mama, I'm Swollen. Enjoy.

1. Hold All Applause
2. Castalia

1. Twelve Hour Turn - Wide Awake
2. Engine Down - Flowers For The Dead

1. Castalia
2. Dead Letter
3. Colorado
4. Nearsighted
5. Slingshot
6. Brushes
7. The Offer Of Something
8. Daredevil

1. Retread
2. Trial Error
3. Somnolent Detachment
4. Intent To Pacify
5. Patent On The Better
6. Worth
7. Depth Perception
8. In Favor
9. Two Tone
10. To Bury Within The Sound

1. Second Of February
2. In On The Kill
3. Your Suit
4. Retone

1. Songbird
2. Pantomime
3. Far From Now
4. Detour
5. Taken In
6. Demure
7. Overrated
8. Second Of February
9. Closed Call
10. Relief Sketch

1. Rogue
2. And Done
3. Control Group
4. Cover
5. In Turn
6. Long Time Waiting
7. Too Much Of A Good Thing
8. 101
9. The Walk In
10. Standby
11. Well Read
12. Etcetera

No Knife

No Knife were a four-piece post-hardcore/emo band from San Diego, California that existed from 1993 to 2003. They released four full-lengths, a handful of splits and two singles during their initial run together. The band first reunited in 2009 to play some shows with Jimmy Eat World for the 10th anniversary of Clarity, a band that had close ties to during their tenure. They have since played reunion shows in 2014, 2015, and 2019. Sonically, the band took the sharp guitars and syncopated rhythms of bands such as Gang Of Four and meshed it with the burgeoning sound of emo, with dual vocals often layered over each other and a strong sense of melody even amidst their more off-kilter moments. Not to say that these bands are necessarily similar, but if you're into Fugazi, Unwound, Jawbox, Boys Life or Braid, No Knife should definitely be on your radar. If you're looking for something to start with them, Riot For Romance! or Fire In The City of Automatons are probably your best bets. Enjoy.

1. Tanner - Slightly Calculated
2. No Knife - Sweep Away My Shadow

1. Habits
2. Oh, I...

1. Be Mini
2. Ginger Vitus
3. Habits
4. Punch n Judy
5. At The Heart Of Your Terminal
6. Kiss Your Killer
7. Ephedrine
8. Small Of My Back
9. If I Could Float
10. Titanic
11. Daniels

1. Jack Boots
2. Communit China (Japan cover)

1. Your Albatross
2. Charades
3. Hit Man Dreams
4. Jackboots
5. Testing The Model
6. Median
7. Rebuilding Jericho
8. Bad Landing
9. Roped In - Lock On
10. Lex Hit Reset
11. Sweep Away My Shadow

1. Academy Flight Song
2. Minus 1
3. Secret Headshake
4. Heavy Weather
5. K-214
6. The Spy
7. Charming
8. Angel Bomb
9. Short Term Memory
10. Under The Moon
11. Mission Control
12. If It Moves Kiss It

1. No Knife - Flechette
2. Sunshine - The Doll and The Midnight Sushi Orgy

1. Lazycain - Blue Part
2. No Knife - Permanent For Now

1. No Knife - The Red Bedroom
2. No Knife - Automatic Writing
3. Nine Days Wonder - What I Need In Me
4. Nine Days Wonder - The Next Realm
5. Nine Days Wonder - Call For A Stranger
1. Riot For Romance!
2. Permanent For Now
3. Swinging Lovers
4. Parting Shot
5. Feathers And Furs
6. The Red Bedroom
7. Brush Off
8. May I Call You Doll?
9. Flechette
10. This Moonlife

Tuesday, 20 September 2022


Scowl are a four-piece hardcore band from Santa Cruz, California that formed in 2019. They put out a demo and EP the same year. Their debut full-length How Flowers Grow came out last year, and was without a doubt one of hardcore's finest moments of that year. The band rips through 10 songs in 15 minutes, and the only way I can think to describe it is "aggressively fun". The drums are pummelling, the vocals are scorching, and the band still finds time to change things up on the surprisingly catchy and sunny standout track "Seeds To Sow". They're touring with The Bronx, The Chats and Drug Church in October, so check them out if you get the chance. Based on videos from their live sets, it looks like they put on hell of a show too. Enjoy.

1. Scowl
2. Roots
3. Negative Contract
4. False Virtue
5. Just To Be

1. Retail Hell
2. Pretty Selfish Cretin
3. Reality After Reality...
4. My Turn 2 Play
5. Choke

1. Bloodhound
2. Dead To Me
3. Pay Privilege Due
4. Trophy Hunter
5. Seeds To Sow
6. Idle Roaring Room
7. Fuck Around
8. Roots
9. Four Walls
10. How Flowers Grow


Mindforce are a four-piece hardcore band from Poughkeepsie, New York that have been around since 2016. Following up their absolutely fantastic debut full-length Excalibur in 2018, Mindforce are back baby, with their sophomore release New Lords. It was put out by Triple B Records, as has most of their records. Once again this label proves why they are one of the finest tastemakers in hardcore, as Mindforce are easily one of the best crossover bands currently kicking, and their newest album is a dropkick testament to that. Heavy, chugging guitars, squealing lead breaks and a ton of gang chants are all omnipresent here, and though it may not be reinventing the wheel, it sure as shit is fine tuning it. Enjoy.

1. Moments That Define
2. Chroniker
3. Untitled
4. The Fulcrum
5. Gauntlet

1. The Future Of...
2. They Just Want War
3. Storm About To Burst
4. Golden Age
5. Run And Tell Them

1. Mindforce - Firestarter
2. Mindforce - Another Lost Piece
3. Mindforce - Civilization's Lie
4. Dead Heat - Pay The Toll
5. Dead Heat - True Blue
6. Dead Heat - World So Cold

1. Destroyer
2. Senseless Act
3. Nightmare
4. Fangs Of Time
5. Excalibur
6. Put You Down
7. Won't Be Denied
8. Smother My Foes
9. Bestseller
10. Fades Away

1. Slay An Intruder (Live On Axe To Grind)
2. My Rage (Live On Axe To Grind)
3. Smother My Foes (Live On Axe To Grind)
4. Fangs Of Time (Live On Axe To Grind)
5. Destroyer (Live On Axe To Grind)
6. Senseless Act (Live On Axe To Grind)
7. Excalibur (Live On Axe To Grind)

1. Swingin' Swords, Choppin' Lords
2. Fratello
3. Hope Dies In The City
4. Hellscape

1. Reign Of Terror

1. New Lords
2. Survival Is Vengeance
3. Worlds Fail
4. All Facts
5. Thirteen & Mean
6. Oucasts Of The Empire
7. When Instant Karma Lasts
8. Goliath & The Runt
9. Street Slayer
10. Rotten

Monday, 19 September 2022

Sweet Pill

Sweet Pill are a five-piece emo/indie/punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that began in 2018. They put out their debut full-length Where the Heart Is earlier this year via Topshelf Records, following an EP and series of singles that were compiled on the sampler below. This band is fucking great, I just got the chance to see them with La Dispute and they blew me away. They put on a flawless show with a fantastic energy, and I highly recommend you check them out on this tour I assume many of you will be going to anyway. They seamlessly blend math rock riffs and some technical drumming into straight-up bangers, with some incredibly charismastic lead vocals to complete the ensemble. Their debut is a fun yet endearing outing, and absolutely should not be missed. Enjoy.

1. Swallow The Pill
2. Doubt
3. Nephew
4. Best Of Me
5. Til It's Gone

1. Swallow The Pill
2. Best Of Me
3. Miss This
4. Tell Me
5. Doubt

1. Where the Heart Is
2. Blood
3. High Hopes
4. Dog Song
5. Sucker Punch
6. Sometimes
7. Diamond Eyes
8. Fate
9. Red String
10. Cut