Monday 29 April 2013

Wes Mantooth

Band submission. "Wes Mantooth are a couple of rapscallions from New York who play Rod-Serling-Ghost-Punk music. They are in the process of recording their next EP which is titled Von Ghoul. This is a new song that will be released on their website this Saturday entitled Electric Shocks & Flowers. The song was written by Wes Mantooth and engineered/produced by Stephen Kellner."

The song starts off with a very melodic, atmospheric.  reverb-heavy guitar and some distant voices (that were most likely sampled from somewhere). It kind of reminds me of Sonic Youth’s “Teen Age Riot”, but with traces of post-rock influence. The same riff continues with distortion and a pumping bass drum kicks in, furthering the “Teen Age Riot” comparison (though I should point out that they are not the same, it just really reminded me of it when I first heard it). Then the whole band jumps in with the bass playing a great, punchy, but melodic part that matches the guitar perfectly before becoming more rhythmic to allow the vocals to take the forefront.  The vocals match the energy perfectly. They’re raw and breath-y as one would expect from a punk/garage band, but sometimes drop out to reveal a gentle, melodic side. This contrast is astounding and engaging, since it never seems forced, and all natural. There’s also a great gang vocal chorus that makes you want to sing along, regardless of what you’re doing. The bridge gets real noisy and distant before pulling back in for a final burst of energy. Overall, I was definitely feeling some similarities to bands such as Japandroids or Cloud Nothings. This track is awesome, and I’m certainly looking forward to they’ve got following it, and will definitely be checking out what they’ve done before it.
1. Electric Shocks & Flowers

Tuesday 23 April 2013

Title Fight

On a completely irrelevant note, I started this blog one year ago today. I'm not quite sure why that's important, since celebrating with Title Fight needs no special occasion. But here they are anyway. Oh, and thanks to Anonymous and Shadman for helping out with this post.

Title Fight are a four-piece band from Kingston, Pennsylvania that formed in 2003, when the band was only about 13 years old. Since then, they've put out a slew of demo's and EP's, as well as two full-lengths in recent years. They've also been endlessly touring with tons of amazing bands, while being an amazing live act themselves. They've definitely become one of pop punk/hardcore's most noteworthy bands around now, and though relatively young, have started to become somewhat influential.

Title Fight are often associated with merging pop-punk and hardcore influences, though they have been incorporating elements of emo and alternative rock recently as well. They've also got some serious 90's nostalgia going on. Basically, what you're left with is a list of diverse, but ultimately tremendous bands to cite as being influences, including Lifetime, Jawbreaker, The Promise Ring, Youth Of Today, Hot Water Music, Kid Dynamite, Hum, Gorilla Biscuits, Brand New, and Knapsack.

They've got an interesting discography, since there's a ton of early stuff that tends to kind of get neglected in regards to their music. It's not radically different (there's certainly a very prominent pop-punk leaning to it in comparison to the new stuff), and not nearly as well produced. A lot of these things are just demos from when the band was in high school or whatever. They then a split (with The Erection Kids, who feature members who would later form Balance And Composure, and two 7"'s. Kingston and The Last Thing You Forget, which is also what the compilation combining these three releases is called. (the 7" alone is missing from the downloads, but the first three tracks on the compilation are the same as the 7", with practically the same artwork). They signed to SideOneDummy and put out two LP's in 2011 (Shed) and 2012 (Floral Green) respectively. They also just did a split with Touché Amoré. In terms of essentials, The Last Thing You ForgetShed, and Floral Green would be my picks. But it is interesting to listen to the earlier stuff and really hear the progression that they've made, since it's astounding and quite captivating. I almost forgot: I don't have the singles for "Shed" or "Secret Society", which all have b-sides exclusive to those releases (though they're mostly just acoustic versions of their A-side). Besides that, enjoy.

1. Negative Nancy
2. Major Gain
3. Surf, Sand, And Hardcore
4. Down For The Count
5. Ignorant

1. All In All
2. Never Helping Out
3. Leatherface
4. Anything

1. Champ Of A Kind
2. Hometown Hero
3. Matchbook Ending
4. The Mitch

Demo '05 v2 (2005)
1. Hope
2. 53 Reynolds
3. Call It Quits
4. Flying Solo

1. Light Up The Eyes
2. Let Down

Acoustic (2007)
1. Preteen Scream
2. Miss Perfect
3. Freeze Frame
4. You're A Liar
5. Track 5
6. Track 6
7. Acoustic (Jamie)

The Erection Kids vs. Title Fight (2007)
1. The Erection Kids - ...And She Says She Has Nothing Left
2. The Erection Kids - Where We'll Be
3. The Erection Kids - Thanks To You
4. The Erection Kids - Loss For Words
5. Title Fight - Room 200
6. Title Fight - Evander
7. Title Fight - Anaconda Sniper
8. Title Fight - Goldwaite
9. Title Fight - Neck Deep

1. Memorial Field
2. Loud And Clear
3. YourEyeAh

1. Symmetry
2. Introvert
3. No One Stays At The Top Forever
4. Memorial Field
5. Loud And Clear
6. YourEyeAh
7. Room 200
8. Evander
9. Anaconda Sniper
10. Goldwaite
11. Neckdeep
12. Western Haikus

America's Hardcore (2010)
14. Dreamcatchers

Missed (2011)
1. Missed
2. Dreamcatchers

1. Coxton Yard
2. Shed
3. Flood Of '72
4. Society
5. You Can't Say Kingston Doesn't Love You
6. Crescent-Shaped Depression
7. Safe In Your Skin
8. Where Am I?
9. Your Screen Door
10. 27
11. Stab
12. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

1. Flood Of '72
2. Flood Of '72 (Acoustic)

1. Numb, But I Still Feel It
2. Leaf
3. Like A Ritual
4. Secret Society
5. Head In The Ceiling Fan
6. Make You Cry
7. Sympathy
8. Frown
9. Calloused
10. Lefty
11. In-Between

Off The Board: A Studio 4 Family Compilation (2013)
1. Another One

1. Title Fight - Face Ghost (Touché Amoré Cover)
2. Touché Amoré - Crescent-Shaped Depression (Title Fight Cover)

1. Blush
2. Be A Toy
3. Receiving Line
4. Hypnotize

1. Murder Your Memory
2. Chlorine
3. Hypernight
4. Mrahc
5. Your Pain is Mine Now
6. Rose of Sharon
7. Trace Me Onto You
8. Liar's Love
9. Dizzy
10. New Vision

Here's two live radio sets, both from 2009, so they consist entirely of TLTYF songs. The quality on WERS is a bit better than the other, and if I happen to come across more live sets I'll add them too. If you have a live set or something of their's, please send it in.

1. Loud And Clear
2. Evander
3. Memorial Field
4. No One Stays At The Top Forever

1. Memorial Field
2. Evander
3. Western Haikus
4. Goldwaite
5. Symmetry
6. YourEyeAh 


Thursday 18 April 2013

Earl Boykins

Band submission. "Earl Boykins is a newly formed Fuzzwall// Rock n roll// punk band from Purchase, NY. (This is) our new S/T EP recorded by Legendary producer Joe "PigRectum" Leising. Its loud, fast and interesting, check it out. Its out now on Cassette via Chick Records. We are also going on tour this summer to promote it. Or if you enjoy more of the live feel our first ep, live at the cinema, is also on the bandcamp" Oh yes, this is rock n roll. They've definitely got a garage rock vibe to them, coupled with reverb-laden, heavily distorted guitars, pummelling out Ramones-esque chugging and rattling. The energy that they pour out is undeniable. I'm also sensing a very strong influence from The Stooges, which is absolutely fantastic, of course. The vocals are also charismatic enough to warrant a comparison to the great Iggy Pop, though they are much rougher and looser, but still dynamic and melodic. This band definitely knows how to keep things interesting. Check out both of their EP's, they're great and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

1. I Can't Find You
2. Pretty Boyz
3. Terrible Vacation
4. Girls

1. Can't Find You
2. Terrible Vacation
3. Girls
4. Cant' Find You pt. 2
5. Pretty Boys

1. FRIENDS (unmastered)

Tuesday 16 April 2013


Band submission. "We are CUTTERS, a messy broke-fi space punk band from Brooklyn/Queens/LI/New Paltz. This is our debut EP entitled Trying Not To Die. It was produced by Cody Torlincasi of Nelsonvillains. It'll come out on cassette via Internet Girlfriend Records later this month." I don't know what a messy broke-fi space punk band usually sounds like, but if this is it, then this shit is good. Really melodic, catchy vocals, but with lyrics that touch upon somewhat personal matters. The guitar is really treble-y, and either jangly or noodle-y at times. The bass and drums are really driving, but naturally messy, as expected. I find that to be true for most of what they do. That lo-fi aspect is always present, but it's not so overdone that it comes off as obnoxious and corny. They've got a nice balance between really upbeat punk songs and melodic chill jams, or something. The music has a personality, which I love. I'm getting some serious Wavves vibes from this, and a hint of Modest Mouse for some reason. I don't know. Whatever it is, check this shit out.

1. Pterodactyl (The P Is Silent)
2. Young Gods
3. Beginnings
4. X-Cutioner's Song
5. Excitable Liefeld
6. In Conclusion (Bonus Track)

1. We Are The Quarry
2. Good Morning Boys
3. Savage Nights
4. X-Cutioner's Song
5. Excitable Liefield
6. Young Gods
7. Batman 666
8. I Just Wanted To Walk On The Surface Again 

Monday 15 April 2013


Band submission. Baklavaa are a four-piece noise rock/post-punk/I don't know even know how to label this band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2009. They just put out a new LP titled Spiral Cramp. "It's eight songs consisting mostly of noisy sexually frustrated freak-outs.  The instruments were all recorded live in a friend's cabin just outside of the city, vocals recorded in a basement.  We worked really hard on these songs and we're trying to get it out to as many people as we can.  It is currently only available in digital form but 12" vinyl are in the process of being pressed now." They've got an impressive set of influence citations, including Melvins, Cult Ritual, Majority Rule, Shellac, Arab On Radar, Dinosaur Jr., Ween, and Modest Mouse. They've been called "one of the best things happening in Baltimore punk right now" by their local Baltimore City Paper and "Baltimore's favorite weird post-punk band" by Chug Life (both of which must be huge, albeit deserved, compliments since Baltimore's constantly pumping out a ton of great bands). This is really impressing the hell out of me, so I seriously advise checking it out and sharing this stuff.


1. Holy Blood
2. Marijuana Abuse
3. Salsa Shark
4. Return The Nature Find The Real Feel
5. Mysterious Jefferies
6. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
7. Loose Bird
8. The Sleeper


Band submission. Lovgun are a "Fast Crust Band, including elements of Punk, Grind, Crust, and Hardcore". It's hard to ignore that description, isn't it? Best of all, they live up to it. They're from Lyon, France, and are a part of the Dirty Seven Conspiracy (a label). They are major advocates of the DIY scene, and share members with Warfuck, Obnoxious, Belladone, Anoia, and Crampest. They put out their first LP last year, titled Bisou. 11  pulverising songs in 11 pulverising minutes, what more do you need? Enjoy, and they "hope your ears will bleed a little bit :)"
1. Elodie
2. Camille
3. Christiane
4. Marine
5. Audrey
6. Virgina
7. Aisha
8. Carla
9. Perrine
10. Alexandra
11. Paranoia Secured (His Hero Is Gone cover)

Tuesday 9 April 2013

American Nightmare/Give Up The Ghost

American Nightmare (they later changed their name to Give Up The Ghost due to legal issues with another band of the same name) were a hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 1998. They put out one full-length and numerous EP's under their original name, and in 2003 changed their name and put out another full-length among other things, all on various great labels (Bridge 9, Equal Vision). They broke up in 2004, though have since done reunion shows in 2011 and 2012, and are scheduled to play more in 2013 (one of which is in Toronto, fuck yes). There's a very well-written and detailed biography of the band on Deathwish's site, written by Jacob Bannon himself. I'd suggest checking that out here.

AN/GUTG are one of the most noteable and influential hardcore bands ever, I'd go as far as to say. A particularly interesting thing I find about them is that they don't fall victim to any of hardcore's pigeonholes. They don't sound like they're replicating anything, but are still obviously rooted in punk. Early hardcore influence is certainly prominent, but instead of sounding like a throwback band, they manage to push it forward by taking everything that characterised it (speed, passion, intensity) and raise the bar to a whole new level. All the while they manage to incorporate some melodic tendencies, and perhaps some post-hardcore leanings. They are a sheer pummelling force, but with an emotional underbelly which prevents them from ever coming off as contrived. I don't know what else needs to be said. Enjoy what these legends have given us.

A few notes on their discography: Everything they released under "American Nightmare" is titled as such, with the original artwork to match (a few things have been re-issued to fit their new name). Everything they did as "Give Up The Ghost" is left as that, except for Year One, which was released after the name change, though is a compilation of material they did under the original name (the self-titled, The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter, and other miscellaneous tracks). I'm missing a live 7" they did in London, so if anyone has that, you know what to do and how much I'll love you.

1. The Ice Age Is Coming
2. Please Die
3. Sore Throat Syndrome
4. The Day The Music Died

1. Protest Song #00
2. Sore Throat Syndrome
3. Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
4. The Ice Age Is Coming
5. Please Die
6. The Day The Music Died
7. Farewell

1. There's A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru
2. I've Shared Your Lips So Now They Sicken Me
3. Hearts
4. Dead And Gone (The Trouble cover)
5. It's The Limit (Cro-Mags cover)

1. (We Are)
2. There's A Black Hole In The Shadows Of The Pru
3. AM/PM
4. Shoplifting In A Ghost Town
5. I Saved Latin
6. Postmark My Compass
7. I.C. You Are Feeling Drake
8. Hearts
9. God Save The Queen
10. Your Arsonist
11. Farewell 

7. Depression (Black Flag cover)

Love American Demo 2002-2003
1. Love American
2. Since Always
3. Calculation-Nation
4. Kick Out The Jams (MC5 cover)
5. Depression (Black Flag cover)

1. Love American
2. Hell We've Been Living In
3. You And Me (Archers Of Loaf cover)

1. (It's Sometimes Like It Never Started)
2. Love American
3. Young Hearts Be Free Tonight
4. Since Always
5. Calculation-Nation
6. The Last Supper After Party
7. Crimescene
8. Bluem
9. Aeiou
10. Crush Of The Year
11. No Lotions Gonna Unclog These Pores
12. We Killed It
13. (And It's Sometimes Like It Will Never End)

1. Protest Song #00
2. Sore Throat Syndrome
3. Fuck What Fireworks Stand For
4. The Ice Age Is Coming
5. Please Die
6. The Day The Music Died
7. Farewell
8. There's A Black Hole In The Shadow Of Pru
9. I've Shared Your Lips Now They Sicken Me
10. Hearts
11. Dead And Gone (The Trouble cover)
12. It's The Limit (Cro-Mags cover)
13. Kick Out The Jams (MC5 cover)
14. Shoplifting In A Ghost Town (Live)

1. The World Is Blue
2. Flowers Under Siege
3. American Death
4. War
5. Gloom Forever
6. Lower Than Life
7. Colder Than Death
8. Dream
9. Crisis Of Faith

1. Life Support
2. Left For Dead

1. How I Got Away
2. Self Check-Out
3. Real Love
4. Praying Hands On Fire

Wednesday 3 April 2013

Paul Baribeau

Paul Baribeau is a folk-punk singer/songwriter from Michigan, though currently living in Indiana, and part of both the Plan-It-X and No Idea Records families. He keeps things sweet, simple, and honest. What more could you ask for? His songs are all about something related to his life, which he conveys in a very relateable and modest way. That's something that I particularly like about him. The songs he writes are awesome, yet never lose the down-to-earth aesthetic of some guy strumming and shouting in his bedroom. Which they kind of literally are. Here's what I think is everything he's put out so far. I'm not certain that I have all the years right, and there are some things that I couldn't find any artwork for. I also can't find the Your Heart Breaks track from his split with them. Any help with any of these things would be appreciated. Enjoy everything else, though:

1. Table Cloth
2. I Thought I Could Find You
3. Only Babies Cry
4. Strawberry
5. Boys Like Me
6. I Miss That Band
7. Brown Brown Brown
8. Never Get To Know
9. Jordan
10. When You Go Back To College
11. Blue Eyes
12. The Pier
13. Help A Kid Out
14. Things I Don't Do

1. Ghost Mice - Boys Like Me
2. Ghost Mice - Table Cloth
3. Ghost Mice - Never Get To Know
4. Ghost Mice - Only Babies Cry
5. Paul Baribeau - The Good Life
6. Paul Baribeau - Undone
7. Paul Baribeau - Ghost Mice Says
8. Paul Baribeau - Dead Flowers And Dirt
Note: Both bands do covers of each other's songs

1. When You Go Back To College
2. I Miss That Band
3. Goodbye 8789
4. Nervous Feet
5. Wishlist
6. Strawberry
7. Talk Normal
8. Brown Brown Brown

Note: This is Paul with a full band (electric guitars, drums, etc.). Some of these songs are different versions of ones from the self-titled.

1. Love To See You
2. My Autobiography
3. Same Thing Everyday
4. Family
5. South America
6. When You Go Back To College (Original Version)
7. Barbarella
8. Braggin' Bout My Seamonster
9. Spring Break (Part 1)
10. When It Snows Outside (Spring Break Part 2)
11. Back To School
12. Winter Sounds Like This Sometimes
13. Paul Says Good-Bye
14. Star Trippin'
15. Convinced Completely
16. Keyboarder
17. Again
18. The Guitars
19. Brown Brown Brown (Original Version)
20. Ghost Mice Says
21. Dragon And Phoenix
22. Bracelet
23. Early In The Morning
24. Thunder Road
25. Premier Recovering Engagements

1. Tablecloth
2. Broken Hearted Boys
3. I Thought I Could Find You
4. Christmas Lights
5. Brown Brown Brown
6. Strawberry
7. I Miss That Band
8. Last Time
9. Never Get To Know
10. Born To Run

1. Christmas Lights
2. Ten Things
3. Nothing To Say
4. Hard Work
5. Falling In Love With Your Best Friend
6. Things I Wish
7. Like Bells
8. Better Than Anything Ever
9. Last Time

2. Paul Baribeau - The Rolling Clouds

1. Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street
2. Bobby Jean
3. Atlantic City
4. The Ties That Bind
5. Hungry Heart
6. Long Time Comin'
7. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
8. Born To Run
9. Into The Fire
10. Thunder Road
Note: Live and studio covers of Bruce Springsteen songs with Ginger Alford from Good Luck and One Reason

1. If I Knew
2. Through The Wall
3. How Could That Be True
4. The Mall
5. Eight Letters
6. Sand Dollar

1. If I Knew
2. Eight Letters
3. How Could That Be True
4. The Wall
5. Rolling Clouds
6. Blue Cool
7. The Mall
8. Poor Girls
9. Black Strat
10. Wild Eyes