Thursday 26 March 2020

Slow Fire Pistol

Slow Fire Pistol are a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from Atlanta, Georgia that began in 2016. They feature ex-members of Foundation, but stand on their own in the excellence in the current screamo/hardcore hybrid, especially through a recent split with the you-already-know awesome Portrayal of Guilt. Slow Fire Pistol certainly hold their own prior to that, with an insane discography to this date of all hits no misses, one I cannot recommend enough. Enjoy.

1. Place In The Sun
2. Last Waking Moment
3. Crushing The Word Numb In Your Fingertips

1. So Called Power
2. Manipulation 101
3. Below The Bottom
4. Month Waiting Game

1. An Epilogue
2. A Coke And A Smile
3. Flower For My Mother
4. Beauty
5. Words
6. A Life Worth Knowing

2. Mask
3. Circle And Squares
4. A Love That Leaves You With Nothing
5. Give Me Back My Time
6. Sanctioned Killing

1. Portrayal Of Guilt - The End Of Man Will Bring Peace To This Earth
2. Slow Fire Pistol - Heart Of Discernment

1. Who Decides
2. My Love In Every Breath
3. Exit 24
4. Spare Time
5. Spring

1. Who Decides? (Live)
2. My Love In Every Breath (Live)
3. An Epilogue (Live)
4. Spare Time (Live)
5. A Love That Leaves You With Nothing (Live)
6. Give Me Back My Time (Live)
7. Heart Of Discernment (Live)

1. 20 Years Lost
2. A Light Between The Distance
3. Collections Of Nothing

The Newfound Interest In Connecticut

The Newfound Interest In Connecticut were a post-rock/post-hardcore/emo band from Toronto, Ontario that were around from at least 2002 to 2005-ish. I can't find too much info on this band, so if anyone knows anything please do feel free to share. Additionally, they apparently put out a split and EP prior to the sole full-length they are best known, but I can't find any of those. Thus, we've got just the LP here. It's a unique collection of songs, to say the least. They fall somewhere in between Godspeed You! Black Emperor, On The Might Of Princes, and The Microphones, with some definite midwest emo background influence. Despite those comparisons, the band really does stand out on their own, without contemporaries. Tell Me About The Long Dark Path Home is meant for cold nights, and will appeal to fans of drawn-out atmospheric build-ups, math-y rhythms, and dynamic sung/spoken/screamed vocals. Enjoy.

1. The Computers Stopped Exchanging Information
2. And Started Sharing Stories
3. And Then They Kissed
4. Okay, You Can Be Tigers, But No Crashing
5. Five Years Of Work And We Built That Song
6. And It Sings For Itself
7. I Can Hear Your Footsteps Just Outside Camp - Sah, Sah, Sah...
8. I Can See Your Breath Rising In The Air
9. On My Back Watching The Northern Lights Recede
10. The Arctic Circle

Frances Quinlan

Frances Quinlan is an indie rock singer/songwriter best known as being the founding member and primary songwriter of Hop Along. Earlier this year they released their debut solo LP on Saddle Creek Records. As expected, their powerhouse voice and incredible lyrical abilities are on full display, while the guitar-heavy sound of Hop Along are put on the backburner in favour of some more varied instrumentals. They have an incredible knack for crafting pop songs that teeter the line of simplicity and intricacy, and any new material from them is more than welcome. It's unique enough to set itself apart from their previous work, though I would still highly recommend any Hop Along fan give this a listen if you haven't heard it yet. Enjoy.

1. Piltdown Man
2. Your Reply
3. Rare Thing
4. Detroit Lake
5. A Secret
6. Went To LA
7. Lean
8. Now That I'm Back
9. Carry The Zero (Built to Spill cover)