Saturday 26 November 2016

Born Against

Born Against were a four-piece hardcore band from New York City that formed in 1989 and broke up in 1993. Their two constant members were vocalist Sam McPheeters and guitarist Adam Nathanson, while the roles of drummer and bassist kept changing. Without a doubt, Born Against and are one the best and most influential bands in hardcore. They helped transition the genre from the straight-forward assault of the 80's to the more experimental nature of the 90's. Born Against were also known for their strong leftist political ethics. McPheeters' lyrics are just as assaultive as their music, and their agenda is often presented in a satirical way that just can't be ignored. Below are their two full-lengths and a compilation of all their other material. Enjoy.

1. Mount The Pavement
2. Shroud
3. By The Throat
4. Nine Years Later
5. Test Pattern
6. Mary & Child
7. Jock Gestapo
8. Organ Of Hope
9. Well Fed Fuck

1. Murder The Sons Of Bitches
2. Mt. Dew
3. Footbound & Hobbled
4. This Trash Should've Been Free
5. Poland
6. Sendero
7. Set Your A.M. Dial For White Empowerment
8. Intermission
9. Born Against Are Fucking Dead
10. A Whopper Of A Tale

1. Neil
2. The Good Father
3. Mary And Child
4. Eulogy
5. Riding With Mary
6. The Nail That Sticks Up Gets Hammered Down
7. Resist Control
8. Half Mast
9. Xmas Eve
10. Nine Years Later
11. Born Again
12. Born Again/Witness To A Rape
13. Well Fed Fuck
14. Body Counts
15. Alive With Pleasure
16. Movin' On Up
17. I Am A Idiot
18. Bit Part In A Movie
19. Lillian
20. Janelle
21. Go Fuck Yourself
22. Albany Academy
23. Wearing A Lampshape
24. Five Dollars An Hour
25. My Favorite Housing Project

Friday 25 November 2016

Assfactor 4

Assfactor 4 were a four-piece hardcore/screamo band from Columbia, South Carolina that formed in 1992 and broke up in 1997. They play an intense style of hardcore similar to other underground bands of that era such as Heroin, Policy Of 3, and Angel Hair. Their vocals are just straight-up vicious screams, which is why they are often considered an early screamo band. They put out two full-lengths, a few EP's, and appeared on quite a few amazing comps put out throughout the 90's. Enjoy.

1. Sometimes I Suck
2. Life Of 10 Thumbs
3. E-Rocks New Rock
4. Is Love Just Jive Turkey
5. The Weight
6. Don't Fall In Love With A Drummer
7. Standing On A Crate

1. Assfactor 4 - Why I Walk
2. Assfactor 4 - Dail Dinwiddle Has A Posse
3. Rights Reserved - Hey Dad
4. Rights Reserved - Persimmon

1. Goodies Power
2. Sob
3. Rubik
4. Sheep Skingraft
5. E-Rocks Newer Rock
6. Thanks, Kelly
7. Mr. McCheekbone
8. Smoked Out
9. Robots

1. Hey Stinky
2. Life Is Wacky
3. I Reckon
4. Mama Yongue
5. Fuck Hate Breeders
6. This Shit Is For The Birds
7. #1 Main
8. Dear Grampa
9. Burger Rock
10. Billy I Got Your Number
11. Dorothy
12. To The Powers That Be
13. Deliri-Loco
14. Can't Fight The Feeling
15. Nuked Up Dreams
16. Rosewood
17. Attempted Control
18. Assfactor 4

1. Forty'd Out And Feeling Gay
2. The Last Starfighter/Tron
3. Leave It To The Beaz
4. Top Ten Wonders
5. White House Is Alright If You Like Saxophones
6. Robots Vers. 2.1
7. Crank Up The 2short
8. Trixxx Of Light
9. What Cost Booty
10. Hairheart
11. Maiden Carolina
12. Leave It To The Jeaz
13. Jarmi
14. Herr Jordan
15. Chickensquash
16. Free Tibet And Pussy
17. C.A.N.D.Y.
18. Bonkee Number Three
19. 'Lil Smokes And Toothpicks

Closed Captioning For The Blind
Bonkee Number Three
Boy Cult Seavers

Thursday 24 November 2016


Totorro are a four-piece math rock/post-rock band from Rennes, France that formed in 2008. They play a very melodic blend of the aforementioned genres that often draws comparisons to bands like This Town Needs Guns or We Were Promised Jetpacks. This group of fantastic musicians has crafted some amazing music over the years that shows off both their technical and songwriting ability. Their most recent LP, Come To Mexico was released back in October and is an excellent addition to their discography. Also check out Home Alone for a great display of this band's prowess. Enjoy.

1. 1984
2. My Bob's Blue Eyes
3. Isang Tao
4. Totorro's Rising

1. John Baltor
2. Lavate Las Manos
3. The Stamped
4. The Yellow One

1. Home Alone
2. Chevalier Bulltoe
3. Tonton Alain Michel
4. Festivalbini
5. Motte-Rock
6. Osao San
7. Eric Colson
8. Tigers & Gorillas

1. Brocolissimo
2. Yaaaago
3. Trop Fort Jeje
4. Saveur Cheveux
5. Beverly Pills
6. Ouad & Khaled
7. Tomate Polisson
8. 100% Repos
9. Clara Mystere
10. Gerard Blast
11. Come To Mexico

Wednesday 23 November 2016


Eyelet are a four-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Maryland that formed in 2014. The band combine some incredibly intense screaming with very angular musicianship, while still maintaining an intense and aggressive front. They throw in sporadic melodic parts to break up the constant dissonance, making for some engaging screamo. These guys are without a doubt one band to look out for. They've already killed it with two EP's and a full-length, and are hopefully only getting started. Fans of bands like Loma Prieta and Beau Navire pay attention here, Eyelet are definitely comparable to modern screamo's best. Enjoy.

1. Frail
2. Nike
3. Blush
4. Pizza Cop

1. Browbeaten
2. Worryguts
3. Solely
4. Foolish Hearts Darkened
5. Weak Frames
6. Nervewracker
7. For Pity's Sake
8. Children Of Thunder
9. Limerance
10. A Lesson In Loneliness

1. Blood Is The Weakest Of Bonds
2. Pit Of Despair
3. Knell

1. Gillian Carter - Despair
2. Gillian Carter - Anguish
3. Eyelet - Famine
4. Eyelet - Cowardice

1. Weeds Of Grief
2. Lower Than A Snake's Belly
3. As The Crow Flies
4. Plateau

1. Sap
2. The Devil Shining Out Your Eyes
3. See How You Writhe
4. Unborn
5. When I Am Turned To Stone
6. Thick Water
7. Inevitability
8. Erosion Of Everything
9. Succession Of The Asphodels
10. Adrift

1. Hawak - Reliving
2. Hawak - Old Wounds
3. Joliette - Segundero
4. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Deforestation Feeds My Family and Fucks Your Future
5. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Banana Republicans
6. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Haven't You Done Well
7. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - Ice Kewb (the uncontrol)
8. Our Future Is An Absolute Shadow - The Anthem We Deserve
9. Eyelet - Couldn't Bury Hurt
10. Eyelet - Jocasta As A Verb
11. Elle - Hekate
12. Elle - Thane's Box
13. Burial Etiquette - Promise
14. Burial Etiquette - Sword In Sanctuary

1. Crowning - Mu
2. Crowning - Hy-Brasil
3. Eyelet - Gross Abandon
4. Eyelet - Argus Of Concrete

Torch Runner

Torch Runner are a three-piece hardcore band from Greensboro, North Carolina that formed in 2007. Like many of their peers on Southern Lord Records, Torch Runner leave little room to breathe or recover in their brutal sonic assault. They take slight influence from grindcore in creating some intense and relentless hardcore that takes off and ends in an instant. These songs are sludgy, dark, and only pierced through by the throat-shredding vocals. Torch Runner are definitely for fans of heavy, aggressive hardcore like Pig Destroyer, Dead In The Dirt, Nails, etc. Enjoy.

1. Jahiliyyah
2. Heretic
3. 616
4. Blind & Listless
5. Colony
6. Breathless

1, Empire Treason
2. Dead Eyed
3. March of Giants
4. Holy River
5. Total War Torn
6. Locust Swarm
7. Roads
8. Looming Ends
9. Discarded

1. Torch Runner - No Friend Of Mine
2. Torch Runner - Pulpit Plague
3. Young And In The Way - Rehash, Provenance, Death

1. Current
2. Incendiary
3. Feeding
4. Canon Cast
5. Clocked In
6. Committed To The Ground
7. Rede
8. Harrow
9. The Holy Are The Broken
10. Tolled
11. Pulpit Plague
12. Vestige

1. Attrition
2. Bound By Misery
3. Congregation
4. Circuition
5. Godlust
6. Rebirth
7. Calloused Mind
8. Circle Of Shit
9. Worldless
10. Endless Nothing
11. A.L.E.L.
12. All We Have
13. Unspoken

Coke Bust

Coke Bust are a four-piece straight-edge hardcore/powerviolence band from Washington, DC that formed in 2006. These guys play super-fast in-your-face hardcore, is there anything more that needs to be said? Most tracks clock in at under a minute, and rip with intensity. Their drummer also used to play in Magrudergrind, and the two bands are definitely somewhat similar. So if you dig them, you'll be into Coke Bust for sure. Enjoy.

1. My Disgust
2. Power Junkies
3. Shut Out
4. Beyond A Reasonable Doubt
5. Source of Misery
6. Sick of Routine
7. No Middle Ground
8. Slow Down (Youth Of Today cover)
9. It's Time (The Faith cover)

1. Fumigation
2. Fuck Bar Culture
3. Figured Out II
4. Privileged
5. A Lot To Digest
6. Because Of The Label

1. Under The Streetlights
2. Bullshit Copout
3. Prove You Right
4. New Blood
5. White Island
6. Countdown To Death
7. Your Hold
8. Spit Out
9. Lines In The Sand
10. Slave To Democracy
11. Leave Me Behind
12. No One To Impress
13. Division
14. Patriot
15. Forced To Live
16. Dying For Respect
17. Cycle Of Violence

1. Time Theft

1. Another Fucking Problem
2. Long Gone
3. Keep Out
4. Degradation
5. No Authority
6. Deathbed

1. Another Fucking Problem
2. Degradation
3. Forced To Live
4. Cycle Of Violence
5. Fuck Bar Culture
6. Leave Me Behind
7. No Authority
8. Deathbed
9. Teenager In A Box (Government Issue cover)

1. Coke Bust - Pain And Suffering
2. Coke Bust - Permanent Mission
3. Coke Bust - Empty Void
4. Coke Bust - Social Currency
5. Vaccine - Ball And Chain
6. Vaccine - Inferior
7. Vaccine - Blind Consumption
8. Vaccine - Futureless
9. Vaccine - What Will We Learn?

1. Iron Spiral
2. Neutralized
3. Identity Destruction
4. Sent In Circles
5. Innocence Complex
6. Red Line
7. Confined
8. Nothing To Offer
9. Stockholm Syndrome

1. Despise You - Temples Of Grace On Hyde Park Blvd.
2. Despise You - Stillborn, Fuck It
3. Despise You - Give This / Get That
4. Despise You - All Souls, I.b.
5. Despise You - Bluest Skies
6. Coke Bust - Closing The Net
7. Coke Bust - Weakest Link
8. Coke Bust - Plan B
9. Coke Bust - Community Abuser

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Universal Order Of Armageddon

Universal Order of Armageddon were a four-piece post-hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland that briefly existed between 1992 and 1994, and played a few reunion shows in 2010. Though they weren't around long, they were incredibly influential. Not only as a post-hardcore band, but an early screamo band. They also emerged as one of the most energetic acts in punk as a whole, and an accomplishment like that it's so easily forgotten. Their shows are a thing of legend, often only lasting briefly and featured the band members hurling themselves around the stage in a flurry of unprecedented energy. I guess you could say they were kind of like the Rites of Spring of the 90's, or something like that. U.O.A. were also closely associated with Born Against, who they released a split with and two of their members would also end up playing in for a year. Those two were drummer Brooks Headley and guitarist Tonie Joy, who was also known as the guitarist of the legendary Moss Icon. To return to the topic of Universal Order of Armageddon, below is their discography compilation, which includes all their recorded material. This is with the exception of their demo and one 12", both of which I also included below. It's an incredibly intense listen, so enjoy.

1. Painfully Obvious
2. Act II
3. Mud
4. Close To Far Away
5. The Fence Song
6. The Entire Vast Situation Act I
7. City
8. Desperate Motion

1. Longer, Stranger
2. Desperate Motion
3. Four Measure Start

1. Visible Distance
2. Switch Is Down
3. Stepping Softly Into
4. Clear Set
5. Benedict
6. No Longer Stranger
7. Flux
8. Symptom
9. Painfully Obvious
10. Close To Far Away
11. Entire Vast Situation
12. City
13. Four Measure Start
14. Mud
15. Fence Song

Monday 14 November 2016

At The Drive-In

Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. Finally, after days/months/years of complaints about them not being on here, this request needs to be made no more. Here ya go, the greatest of the greats, At The Drive-In. Starting out as a bunch of kids from El Paso, they evolved into one of the 90's most formidable underground post-hardcore acts before nearly exploding into the modern rock mainstream at the peak of their creativity, which happened to coincide with their untimely implosion.

ATDI (as they are commonly referred to) formed in 1993 in the city of El Paso, Texas. Though they went through numerous line-up changes in their early days, two particular members have been with the band from the start. Those are vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist/vocalist Jim Ward (though he has been absent from the band on occasion, but we'll get in to that). The band's early sound often draws comparison to other great bands such as Fugazi and Sunny Day Real Estate, which were two of their major influences. After a few EP's, the band's debut album, Acrobatic Tenement was released in 1996. Though quite different from the material they would become known for, it still stands on its own as a fantastic record, and spawned some of the band's best songs, including "Ticklish" and "Initiation". The definitive traits of At The Drive-In are all here, including Cedric's lyrical intellect, the duel guitar sound, and the quiet-loud dynamics that are so integral to post-hardcore. However, the production quality is vastly different to what they would later release, and this era of ATDI is often why they are sometimes labelled as an "emo" band, though the term doesn't really fit. Following their debut, they released another EP, El Gran Orgo. This is notable since it's the only thing ever released without founding member Jim Ward. Even with his absence, it's a fantastic EP and a personal favourite of mine, which is why I have to point it out as being highly recommended. The songs are catchy, the energy is high, and it really stands out as being different from a lot of their other material. After El Gran Orgo, the band's "classic" line-up was solidified, with Cedric on vocals, Jim back on guitar and vocals, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez on guitar, Paul Hinojos on bass, and Tony Hajjar playing drums.

With their solidified line-up, the band's second full-length, In/Casino/Out was released in 1998. What more is there to say aside from this is a fucking incredible album? ATDI had evolved so much over the years since they began, and this is where they finally hit their stride. Lyrically it's more political, but still as opaque as ever. Musically, the songs are more technically complex, and Omar's love of effects starts to show here. Sonically, it's brimming with an energy only matched by their live shows. Seriously, check out some of their live material if you ever want to see a band on the brink of losing their shit but still holding it together somehow. It's insane stuff. The songs on here also have become more grandeur, with tracks like "Napoleon Solo" and "Lopsided" showing a melodic yet "epic" side to ATDI. They would also become live staples to this day. 1999's Vaya is what El Gran Orgo was in 1997. It's a transitional EP between LP's that just happens to contain some of the band's best material. It's also a clear indicator of where the band is about to explode to on their next and final LP.

In 2000, At The Drive-In entered the studio with a major producer (Ross Robinson), and came out with one of the greatest and most influential post-hardcore albums ever. Relationship Of Command was a major jump from their prior work. Though they still maintained the melodic/aggressive balance, the duel guitar sound, and Cedric's distinct vocal and lyrical style, as a unit they pushed the boundaries on everything they had done so far into new territory entirely. For one, it's much more progressive, as clearly indicated by tracks like "Quarantined" and "Non-Zero Possibility". Omar in particular made full use of his pedalboard, and Jim Ward also began incorporating keyboard parts into certain tracks. They also brought out some of their most intense tracks, particularly album opener "Arcarsenal" and "Mannequin Republic". And of course I can't get away without mentioning "One Armed Scissor", the band's closest thing to a "hit" song, and by far their best known. With this single and album, At The Drive-In nearly broke into the rock mainstream. They quite possibly could have, with numerous TV appearances, as well as a very well-known appearance at Big Day Out in 2001. That same year though, they finally had to call it quits. Members within the band all wanted to go in different directions, and that could not be reconciled while in At The Drive-In. On the bright side though, two incredible bands spawned after ATDI ended. Cedric and Omar formed the very well-known The Mars Volta, who fully embraced prog rock and continued to put out fantastic albums for years that featured some incredible musicianship. The other three members began Sparta, who went in a more indie/alternative direction, who also put out some fantastic music. Both of these bands eventually ended though, which brings us back to ATDI.

In 2012, over a decade after the band's last show, At The Drive-In announced their reunion. They played a headlining set at Coachella, as well as a handful of other shows and festival appearances that year. Now in 2016, the band are back, and seemingly more full-time than their brief reunion before. They've been touring full-time, and have plans to release a new full-length under the At The Drive-In name. However, this is without founding member Jim Ward, for whatever reason. His replacement is guitarist Keeley Davis, who played in Sparta. Regardless, it's incredible to see such a legendary band back in action, and I'm sure we're all waiting with bated breath for the hallowed follow-up to Relationship Of Command. Enjoy.

1. Grand Mox Turkin
2. Red Planet
3. Emptiness Is A Mule

1. Bradley Smith
2. Instigate The Role
3. Ludvico Drive-In
4. Circuit Scene
5. Plastic Memories 

1. Starslight
2. Schaffino
3. Ebroglio
4. Initiation
5. Communication Drive-In
6. Skips On The Record
7. Paid Vacation Time
8. Ticklish
9. Blue Tag
10. Coating Of Arms
11. Porfirio Diaz

1. Give It A Name
2. Honest To A Fault
3. Winter Month Novelty
4. Fahrenheit
5. Picket Fence Cartel
6. Speechless

1. Alpha Centauri
2. Chanbara
3. Hulahoop Wounds
4. Napoleon Solo
5. Pickpocket
6. For Now... We Toast
7. A Devil Among The Tailors
8. Shaking Hand Incision
9. Lopsided
10. Hourglass
11. Transatlantic Foe

1. The Aasee Lake - The Dualistic Struggle Between Good And Evil Within Ticket Lines And Reality
2. At The Drive-In - Doorman's Placebo

1. Rascuache
2. Proxima Centauri
3. Ursa Minor
4. Heliotrope
5. Metronome Arthritis
6. 300 MHz
7. 198d

1. At The Drive-In - Catacomb
2. Burning Airlines - The Deluxe War Baby

1. At The Drive-In - Rascuache
2. The Murder City Devils - Press Gang

1. Sunshine - Streamlined
2. Sunshine - Streamlined (Dead Elektro Mix)
3. Sunshine - Streamlined (Line Mix)
4. At The Drive-In - Extracurricular
5. At The Drive-In - Autorelocator

1. One Armed Scissor
2. Pattern Against User
3. Incetardis

1. Arcarsenal
2. Pattern Against User
3. One Armed Scissor
4. Sleepwalk Capsules
5. Invalid Litter Dept.
6. Mannequin Republic
7. Enfilade
8. Rolodex Propaganda
9. Quarantined
10. Cosmonaut
11. Non-Zero Possibility
12. Catacombs (Bonus Track)

1. Rolodex Propaganda
2. One Armed Scissor
3. Extracurricular

1. Invalid Litter Dept.
2. Initiation (Lamacq Version)
3. Quarantined (Lamacq Version)
4. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (Pink Floyd cover)
5. Metronome Arthritis (Lamacq Version)

1. Fahrenheit
2. Picket Fence Cartel
3. Chanbara
4. Lopsided
5. Napoleon Solo
6. Pickpocket
7. Metronome Arthritis
8. 198d
9. One Armed Scissor
10. Enfilade
11. Non-Zero Possibility
12. Incetardis
13. Doorman's Placebo
14. Autorelocator
15. Rascuache
16. This Night Has Opened My Eyes (The Smiths cover)
17. Initation (BBC Lamacq Session)
18. Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (Pink Floyd cover)

1. No Wolf Like The Present
2. Contiuum
3. Tilting At The Univendor
4. Governed By Contagions
5. Pendulum In A Peasant Dress
6. Incurably Innocent
7. Call Broken Arrow
8. Holtzclaw
9. Torrentially Cutshaw
10. Ghost-Tape No. 9
11. Hostage Stamps

1. Amid Ethics
2. Despondent At High Noon
3. Point Of Dmarkation

Terranova Compost
"...Because I'm A Vampire..." (AKA (interlude) From El Gran Orgo EP)
Catacombs (Mike Major Mix)