Thursday 23 April 2020

Ten Grand

Ten Grand were a four-piece post-hardcore/screamo band from Iowa City, Iowa that were around from 1998 to 2003. Up until 2001, they went by the name The Vidablue, until selling the rights to another band of the same name and changing theirs to Ten Grand. They were quite prolific in their time, releasing 3 LP's in 3 years, along with a slew of early material (some of which is included on the compilation What I Should Have Said Vol. 1) Unfortunately, the band came to a sudden end in 2003 with the death of their singer/guitarist Matt Davis. More info on the band can be found here if you're interested.

Sonically, the band played a spastic and frenzied version of hardcore that played with dissonance, dynamics, and insane rhythms. Instrumentally, they perfected the duel-guitar clash, and knocked out songs that keep you on edge while giving some dynamic breathing. Essentially, if you took the Dischord and Gravity Records rosters and threw them together, this is the sound you'd get. Enjoy.

1. The Vidablue - What Difference Does It Make?
2. The Vidablue - Do Not Question Brain-O
3. The Vidablue - Midwinter

1. The Vidablue - Broken Jaw Factory
2. Quatro - Best Actor Award
3. Quatro - Slow Jammin' Earl

1. The Khayembii Communiqué - The Des Moines Tapes
2. The Khayembii Communiqué - Better Times Are Left Dead
3. The Khayembii Communiqué - Lacking
4. The Khayembii Communiqué - The Death Of An Aspiring Icon
5. The Vidablue - Engine Down
6. The Vidablue - Me And Spike Lee
7. The Vidablue - The Dukes Are Trying To Corner The Market
8. The Vidablue - I Survived The Chair

1. The Vidablue - What Difference Does It Make?
2. The Vidablue - Do Not Question The Great Brain-O
3. The Vidablue - Midwinter
4. The Vidablue - The Detective
5. The Vidablue - Before The Action Commences
6. The Vidablue - Drop Dead
7. The Vidablue - Miette
8. The Vidablue - East Dearborn
9. The Vidablue - The City Sucks Tonight
10. The Vidablue - A Broken Jaw Factory
11. The Vidablue - '87 Yankees
12. The Vidablue - Industry
13. The Vidablue - Industry (Remix)
14. The Vidablue - So The Pitate Says
15. The Vidablue - Engine Down
16. The Vidablue - I Survived The Chair
17. The Vidablue - X 7
18. The Vidablue - I Claim This Land In The Name Of Taz
19. The Vidablue - Grave? Shovel! Let's Go.
20. The Vidablue - Bike Dance (No Scrubs)

1. The Vidablue - I Know It Works
2. The Vidablue - Making A Building
3. The Vidablue - I Claim This Land In The Name Of Taz
4. The Vidablue - Monocle
5. The Vidablue - Typhoid Mary
6. The Vidablue - Industry
7. The Vidablue - 1-2-3 Pregnant
8. The Vidablue - My Heart Goes Out To Me
9. The Vidablue - Three Cheers For Cause And Effect
10. The Vidablue - Why Am I Bleeding?
11. The Vidablue - H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

1. The Beginning
2. The Face I Make While You're Crying
3. Never Let Your Girlfriend Go Camping With That Guy She Met In Pottery Class
4. Grave? Shovel! Let's Go.
5. It's Not A Party Unless You're Doing It With Someone Else In The Bathroom
6. Thank You Ma'am, May I Have Several Thousand More?
7. Billy Ray Valentine, Capricorn
8. The Payload Theme Song
9. To The Library And Step On It
10. Bikedance (No Scrubs)
11. Ending

Note: Originally released in 2001 under The Vidablue name, reissued in 2002 under Ten Grand

1. Mike Lust - Coke Fader
2. Ten Grand - Sometimes You Say The Wrong Thing... When You're Stupid (Scary Movie 3)

1. Hands Off The Merch
2. Wedding Song for Steve and Angie
3. R E S P E C T Me
4. Let's Wreck the Van
5. I Will Seriously Pay You to Shut Up
6. Scary Movie 4
7. Get Out Of My Dojo
8. This Isn't Heaven, This Sucks
9. Fuck You Guyses Teams
10. Now You Got What I Got


armywives are a five-piece screamo band from Brooklyn and Philadelphia that seemed to have begun 2010, but have been predominantly active since 2018 (or so it seems). After a discography of early material, they released a handful of singles throughout 2019, which leads us to their self-titled debut EP, released this month via Zegema Beach Records. This is 4 blistering tracks of post-hardcore leaning screamo, which fans of bands such as Kidcrash, Eyelet, We Were Skeletons, and Pianos Become The Teeth will revel in. Enjoy.

1. breathe
2. herald
3. see
4. choke
5. bygones

1. "thoughts + prayers"
2. unmarked
3. twenty-four karat

Note: Individually released tracks in 2019, included together for convenience

1. est cette vie?
2. est-ce la mort?
3. able
4. first you must die to be reborn

Cassette Available Here: