Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Free Throw

Free Throw are a five-piece emo/indie/punk band from Nashville, Tennessee that formed in 2012. These guys dropped their debut full-length album this year on Count Your Lucky Stars, and it is absolutely phenomenal. They can easily be compared to the plethora of modern twinkly/emo revival bands that seem to multiply by the daily. So when a band like Free Throw comes along, who fit into that niche, but simultaneously stand out so much in it, you know you're in for something good. They make masterful use of their vocals, which are often harmonised. They are also often very harsh, which is more akin to bands like Old Gray and Tiny Moving Parts, which is a nice contrast to their Snowing-esque instrumentation. They write insanely catchy songs, which sound very distinct from each other, and occasionally incorporate elements that lean on the border of sounding pop punk. If you're looking for new emo bands that aren't You Blew It! and friends, Free Throw are the exact band you need to be listening to.

1. A Wild Pidgey Appeared
2. Lvl. 2 Pidgey In A Masterball
3. My High
4. My Low
5. An Hour Pissed
6. Gersberms!

1. Slam With The Best Or Jam With The Rest
2. Now Kith
3. Lavender Town
4. Pennsylvania Dutch

1. Free Throw - Pallet Town
2. Grandview - Concrete

1. Such Luck
2. Two Beers In
3. Good Job, Champ
4. Tongue Tied
5. Pallet Town
6. An Hour Pissed
7. Kim Tastie
8. How I Got My Shrunken Head
9. Let's Get Invisible
10. What Day Is It, October?
11. Hey Ken, Someone Methodically Mushed The Donuts

1. Open Window
2. Rinse. Repeat.
3. Randy, I Am The Liquor
4. Weight On My Chest
5. Hope Spot
6. Weak Tables
7. Andy And I, Uh...
8. Cal Ripken Jr. Johnson
9. Dead Reckoning
10. Better Have Burn Heal
11. Victory Road

1. Smokes, Let's Go
2. Tail Whip, Struggle
3. The Corner's Dilemma
4. You Don't Say That
5. Stay Out Of The Basement
6. Anaconda Vice
7. Today Is Especially Delicious
8. The Fix Is In
9. Perfect Driftwood
10. Monte Luna
11. Cerulean City
12. What's Past Is Prologue

1. Cloud Sick
2. Worry Seed
3. The Grass Isn't Greener
4. Down & Out
5. Ocular Pat Down
6. Second Wind
7. Force Of Will
8. Dormancy
9. Trust Fall
10. Ghost In The Routine
11. Equilibrium
12. Dawn Of A New Day

Monday, 13 October 2014


Dikembe are a four-piece emo/indie band from Gainesville, Florida, that formed in 2011. They are currently signed to Tiny Engines Records. Dikembe, along with bands such as You Blew It! and Dowsing, are part of a group of bands part of the recent "emo revival" movement, in which modern bands take major influence from the great emo/indie bands of the 90's, such as Braid, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, etc. Dikembe are an amazing band that are equally catchy and upbeat, as well as slower and melancholic. Plus they come with all the staples of a modern "emo" band, including inside jokes for songs and titles. Enjoy.

1. Dikembe - Scottie Spliffen
2. Dikembe - Luc Bongley
3. Dikembe - Michael Jordank
4. Dikembe - Tony Kukush
5. Dikembe - That's How What Works
6. Dikembe - Librarians Kill For That Kind Of Quiet
7. Dikembe - We Could Become River Rats
8. You Blew It! - Terry v. Tori
9. Little League - Hey, Feet
10. Douglas Shields & The X-Factors - Teenage Wasteland
11. Parasol - What I Know
12. The Caution Children - Could He Avoid Dying
13. You'll Live - Lost In The Tide

1. Nothing. Stuff.
2. Apology Not Fucking Accepted
3. I Watch A Lot Of Jackie Chan Movies
4. We Could Become River Rats
5. I Just Don't Understand What All These Dogs Dig About Him
6. Not Today, Angel
7. Librarians Kill For That Kind Of Quiet
8. That's How That Works?
9. I'm Gonna Deck Your Halls, Bub!
10. Sorry I Can't Stick Around

1. Scottie Spliffen
2. Luc Bongley
3. Michael Jordank
4. Tony Kukush

1. Dikembe - Donuts In A Six Speed
2. Hightide Hotel - Built To Last
3. Jet Set Sail - Strickland North
4. Monument - Sophisticated Liars

1. Pet Symmetry - Boldly Going Nowhere
2. Dikembe - Keys To The Jeep

1. You Blew It! - Medal Of Honor (Acoustic)
2. Nai Harvest - Washy (Acoustic)
3. Marietta - You've Got The Map Backwards, Matt (Acoustic)
4. Dikembe - Untitled (How Demos Feel)

1. Dikembe - I Watch A Lot Of Jackie Chan Movies (Acoustic)
2. The Hotel Year - Settle The Scar
3. Modern Baseball - Voting Early
4. Old Gray - The Foxes Begin To Starve
5. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - The Hour of Pearl
6. Pentimento - It Happens To The Best Of Us

1. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey cover)

1. Dikembe - Healer Of The Pride
2. The Jazz June - Over Underground

1. Even Bother
2. Hood Rat Messiah
3. Pelican Fly
4. Las Vegas Weather
5. Snakes In My Path
6. 24 Karats
7. Mad Frustrated
8. Donuts In A Six Speed
9. Gets Harder
10. Throw Lips

1. Worst in the Fury
2. Surfed in the Loft
3. Teeth in the Sink
4. Guts in the Brush

1. Hail Something
2. Like An Archer
3. Earth Around Me
4. All Wrong
5. Fix
6. Shelf
7. Awful Machine
8. Creature Of The Week
9. Box Springs
10. Just Explode
11. Eat

1. Sink
2. Wake
3. All Got Sick
4. Throat
5. Old Husks
6. Stay Beat
7. Barely A Sea
8. Perfect Mess
9. Living In The Walls
10. Shame
11. Leveled Again


Sunday, 12 October 2014

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves

A Great Big Pile Of Leaves are a four-piece indie rock/emo band from Brooklyn, New York that formed in 2007. They've put out two full-lengths and numerous EP's since then. They have strong ties to Motion City Soundtrack, and are currently signed to Topshelf, along with contemporaries such as Prawn. Although they do fit into that realm of bands, they sound more like The Shins with only a hint of American Football. More than anything else, these guys know how to write a good song. They know the right amounts of technical skill and catchy hooks. This band gets a ton of requests, so enjoy!

1. User's Guide To A Colouring Book
2. Mystery Of The Brain
3. Conscious And The Fiery Works
4. Hey Tangerine!
5. This Is A Country Song...
6. workeatsleep

1. sleepsleepsleep
2. Bring Back Recess
3. The Size Of Dinosaurs
4. Spanish For Smile
5. Drought Of Snow

1. Alligator Bop
2. We Don't Need Our Heads
3. Vampires In Love
4. Great Fun
5. Bring Back Breakfast
6. Race Car Driving
7. Meet Me At The Mall, Bring Your Swim Trunks
8. I Will Gobble You Up!
9. Learn To Share
10. Bicycles In Sleep Cycles
11. A Few Loose Screws
12. Sleeping On The Train
13. Moving In Slow

1. Vampires In Love
2. Meet Me At The Mall, Bring Your Swim Trunks
3. A Few Screws Loose
4. We Don't Need Our Heads
5. Comin' From Tucson

1. This Is A Country Song
2. Drough Of Snow
3. Alligator Bop
4. Learning Curves

1. Pet Mouse
2. Writing Utensils
3. Ambiversion

1. Snack Attack
2. Flying Fish
3. Pet Mouse
4. Slumber Party
5. Back To School
6. Egocentrism
7. Ambiversion
8. Fun In The Sun
9. Locus Of Control
10. Pizzanomics

1. Yesterday's Clothes
2. Hit Reset
3. Beat Up Shoes
4. Waiting For Your Love
5. Halloween
6. Kitchen Concert
7. Swimmer
8. Water Cycle
9. Writing Utensils
10. Simple Pleasures

Friday, 10 October 2014

Hightide Hotel

Hightide Hotel are a three-piece emo band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They formed in 2008 and are supposed to have broke up two years ago, but not until they finished and released their last album, which just came out on Count Your Lucky Stars. They are, in my opinion, one of the best emo/twinkly/math rock bands to come out of the past few years. Porch Luck is absolutely perfect, and their first album Nothing Was Missing, Except Me is also astounding. Their new, second album, Naturally, is definitely going to up there as well, based on a few listens so far. They had a different drummer/singer on their first two releases before switching to their current line-up on their first LP. Some of their members also play in Olive Drab, which shares members with THE band, Snowing. Here's Hightide Hotel's complete discography, enjoy.

1. The Tender And The Terrible
2. I Know What The Word Gone Means
3. Open Your Eyes And Stare
4. Porch Luck

1. Wordsearch
2. Apartment Buildings (Acoustic)
3. Secret Somethings
4. Porch Luck (Acoustic)

1. Hightide Hotel - Shuttle
2. Hightide Hotel - Elementary Biology
3. Hightide Hotel - Apartment Buildings
4. By Surprise - Invisible Ink
5. By Surprise - CB Radio
6. By Surprise - I Miss You etc.

1. I'm Just Sippin' On Monster, Thinkin' About Life
2. Childish
3. Life Is Precious, And God, And The Bible
4. Where's Walden?
5. Weekends
6. I Know What The Word Gone Means
7. Be My Lobster
8. She Dreams Of Melting Rocks
9. Morning Mutes
10. Sometimes What Ends Doesn't

1. Intro
2. Ballad
3. Ultimatum
4. Hollow
5. Your Bed
6. My Bed
7. Hospital Green
8. Malice
9. Closer
10. Intro

1. Spring Cleaning
2. Secret Something
3. Kicked Off Bed Island
4. Fuck All These Documents
5. J.E. III
6. I Know What The Word Dead Means
7. The Tender And The Terrible (Live)
8. Be My Lobster (Live)
9. Closer (Live)
10. Wordsearch (Darien St. Version)

1. Dikembe - Donuts In A Six Speed
2. Hightide Hotel - Built To Last
3. Jet Set Sail - Strickland North
4. Monument - Sophisticated Liars

1. Hello Cruel World
2. Basement Warfare
3. Henry
4. Vertigo Chamber
5. Dandelion
6. Cosmos
7. An Absence Felt
8. Apollo Silent Groove
9. Don't Need
10. Naturally
11. Sigh

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Saves The Day

Saves The Day are an emo/pop punk/indie band from Princeton, New Jersey. They initially formed in 1994 under the name Sefler until changing it in 1997. They formed at a very young age, with their debut album Can't Slow Down while they were still in high school. They continued on to release three albums now considered essentials in emo/pop punk, and crucial in developing the genre in their wake. These are the catchy and adolescent-essential Through Being Cool, the quintessential classic Stay What You Are, and the experimental In Reverie. After those, they released an album in 2006, and 2007, and 2011, which were intended to be a three-album concept. They also put out a self-titled album in 2013.

Throughout the history of Saves The Day, they have had constant member shifts, therefore most albums have a radically different line-up. The only constant member of the band is frontman Chris Conley. They have also worked with numerous labels as diverse as Equal Vision, Vagrant, Dreamworks, Razor & Tie, and currently Rory Records (owned by Max Bemis of Say Anything). Thanks to Jacob Shumaker for the help with this post. Enjoy!

13 Hours Of Everything (1996)
1. Peter's Mom
2. Kentucky Parallel Parking
3. I Think I'll Quit
About Waking Up
Month Of Sundays

Lisa's Birthday Tape (1998)
1. Sweeter For The Betrayal
2. Dance In The Glare of Headlights
3. Just Walk Him Out There And Shoot Him
4. Dreams From Cannibal Island
5. Save Only Darkness

Note: This is an acoustic tape made by Chris Conley for a friend

1. Deciding
2. The Choke
3. Handsome Boy
4. Blindfolded
5. Collision
6. Three Miles Down
7. Always Ten Feet Tall
8. I Want Your Bricks
9. Seeing It This Way
10. Hot Time In Delaware
11. Houses And Billboards
12. Obsolete
13. Sometimes, New Jersey
14. Jodie

1. I'm Sorry I'm Leaving
2. Hold
3. Jessie & My Whetstone
4. Take Our Cars Now!
5. I Melt With You (Modern English cover)

1. All-Star Me
2. You Vandal
3. Shoulder To The Wheel
4. Rocks Tonic Juice Magic
5. Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots
6. Third Engine
7. My Sweet Fracture
8. The Vast Spoils Of America (From The Badlands Through The Ocean)
9. The Last Lie I Told
10. Do You Know What I Love The Most?
11. Through Being Cool
12. Banned From The Back Porch

1. At Your Funeral
2. See You
3. Cars & Calories
4. Certain Tragedy
5. Jukebox Breakdown
6. Freakish
7. As Your Ghost Takes Flight
8. Nightingale
9. All I'm Losing Is Me
10. This Is Not An Exit
11. Firefly

1. Anywhere With You
2. What Went Wrong
3. Driving In The Dark
4. Rise
5. In Reverie
6. Morning In The Moonlight
7. Monkey
8. In My Waking Life
9. She
10. Where Are You
11. Wednesday The Third
12. Tomorrow Too Late

1. Ups And Downs
2. Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven
3. A Drag In D Flat
4. I'm Sorry I'm Leaving
5. Hold
6. Jessie And My Whetstone
7. Take Our Cars Now!
8. The Way His Collar Falls
9. The Art of Misplacing Firearms
10. East Coast
11. 1:19
12. An Afternoon Laughing
13. Dave Feels Right
14. When It Isn't Like It Should Be
15. 1959
16. I Think I'll Quit
17. Cheer (Descendents cover)
18. Clash City Rockers (The Clash cover)
19. Jessie And My Whetsone (Live 2003)

1. Head For The Hills
2. The End
3. Shattered
4. Eulogy
5. Dying Day
6. 34
7. Say You'll Never Leave
8. Diseased
9. Don't Know Why
10. Sound The Alarm
11. Bones
12. Delusional
13. Hell Is Here 

1. Certain Tragedy
2. In My Waking Life
3. Freakish
4. Vandal
5. Sell My Old Clothes, I'm Off To Heaven
6. My Sweet Fracture
7. Jodie

1. Under The Boards
2. Radio
3. Can't Stay The Same
4. Get Fucked Up
5. When I'm Not There
6. Lonely Nights
7. Bye Bye Baby
8. Stay
9. Getaway
10. Because You Are No Other
11. Kaleidoscope
12. Woe
13. Turning Over In My Tomb

1. This Is Not An Exit
2. Rocks Tonic Juice Magic
3. Wednesday The 3rd
4. Stay
5. Coconut
6. Don't Know Why
7. Take Our Cars Now!

1. Radio
2. Deciding
3. Hold
4. Dying Day
5. A Drag In D Flat
6. Third Engine
7. See You

1. 1984
2. Let It All Go (Acoustic)
3. Driving In The Dark (Acoustic)
4. Hold (Electric)
5. Stay (Electric)

1. Daybreak: Somehow You Love Me/Fucked Up Past The Point Of Fixing/8 AM/Zig Zag/Daybreak
2. Let It All Go
3. 1984
4. E
5. Z
6. Deranged & Desperate
7. Chameleon
8. Living Without Love
9. U
10. O
11. Undress Me

1. Daybreak: Somehow You Love Me/Fucked Up Past The Point Of Fixing/8 AM/Zig Zag/Daybreak (Acoustic)
2. Let It All Go (Acoustic)
3. 1984 (Acoustic)
4. E (Acoustic)
5. Z (Acoustic)
6. Deranged & Desperate (Acoustic)
7. Chameleon (Acoustic)
8. Living Without Love (Acoustic)
9. U (Acoustic)
10. O (Acoustic)
11. Undress Me (Acoustic)

1. Remember
2. In The In Between
3. Beyond All Of Time
4. Ain't No Kind Of Love
5. Lucky Number
6. Xenophobic Blind Left Hook
7. The Tide Of Our Times
8. Supernova
9. Verona
10. Ring Pop
11. Stand In The Stars

1. Saves The Day
2. Suzuki
3. Side By Side
4. Kerouac & Cassady
5. It's Such a Beautiful World
6. Rosé
7. 1997
8. Rendevouz
9. 29

1. Senses Fail - We Are 138 (Misfits cover)
2. Senses Fail - Attitude (Misfits cover)
3. Saves The Day - Some Kinda Hate (Misfits cover)
4. Saves The Day - Where Eagles Dare (Misfits cover)