Monday 31 December 2012


"It's the end of a fucked up year!", and what better way to end it than alone with one of the greatest bands ever to assault sound waves?

pg.99 (also written as pageninetynine, or Pg.99, Pg. 99, pg. 99, whateva suits ya fancy) are a seminal screamo/hardcore/punk band from Sterling, Virginia. The band's initial tenure lasted from 1997 to 2003. Since then, they've done two reunion shows, both in 2011. Members also played in City of Caterpillar, Pgymy Lush, and Malady, among others.

They were known for their large line-up, commonly playing as an eight-piece, but prone to adding to that number. They're also renowned for their intense ferocity of ear-splitting, chaotic, cathartic noise present in both their live shows and on their records. I don't know what to say about them, you know and love them, so here you go. You're welcome:

Essentials: Document #5, Document #7, Document # 8, Document #14

1. A Classic Case Of...
2. My Application To Heaven
3. More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flick
4. A Gun

Note: Self-released demo tape

 1. Enemy Soil - Obsequious
2. Enemy Soil - Fashionable Activisim
3. pg.99 - Machine Revisited
4. pg.99 - Wood And Ink

Note: Split 7" with Enemy Soil put out by Sacapuntas Records

1. pg.99 - A Noise Piece/Mary Get Your Knife
2. pg.99 - The Longer Now
3. Reactor No. 7 - Secrets Of The Woods
4. Reactor No. 7 - Openings

Note: Split 7" with Reactor No. 7 put out by Robodog Records

1. More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flick
2. Diagram For A Suicide

Note: Tour 6" put out by Robodog Records

1. Ruiner Of Life
2. Comedy Of Christ
3. Skin Pack
4. My Application To Heaven
5. Hotel Nevada 1982
6. Humans With Forked Tongues
7. Murder, Conductor
8. (................)
9. Sounds Of Gravesites (Upturned)
10. By The Fireplace In White

Note: Full-length put out by Reptilian Records

1. Process Is Dead - Goin' South
2. Process Is Dead - Poison The Cake
3. pg.99 - The Sobering Moment Of One Single Violin
4. pg.99 - You And Your Lumbering Body Of Death
5. pg.99 - Your Life, A Real Page Turner

Note: Split 7" with Process Is Dead put out by Witching Hour Records

1. Living In The Skeleton Of A Happy Memory
2. Del Emundo Lleno De Mocio
3. The Mangled Hand
4. Love Goes Tisk Tisk Tisk
5. A Sonnet To Both Ugly And Murderous

Note: LP put out by Magic Bullet Records/Happy Couples Never Last

1. In Love With An Apparition
2. Your Face Is A Rape Scene
3. Life In A Box
4. We Left As Skeletons
5. Punk Rock In The Wrong Hands
6. Ballad Of Circling Vultures
7. The Hollowed Out Chest Of A Dead Horse

Note: THE pg.99 album, put out by Robotic Empire/Electric Human Project/Scene Police/Old Skool Kids/SzSS. On some reissues, their Document #9 songs appear as the last two tracks.

1. pg.99 - The Lonesome Waltz Of Leonard Cohen
2. pg.99 - The List (Filth Cover)
3. City Of Caterpillar - An Innocent Face
4. City Of Caterpillar - The Ghosts Of Shadows Passing In City Streets

Note: Split 7" with City Of Caterpillar, put out by Level Plane Records

1. Waifle - Intro/A Death At Willoughby Spit
2. Waifle - Calling You Ten Nights In A Row
3. Waifle - Cold Harbor
4. Waifle - Croaker Norge
5. Waifle - Under A Swarm Of Black Birds
6. Waifle - Watch Out For The Button In The Glovebox
7. Waifle - The Most Dreaded Fate Imaginable
8. Waifle - Hook, Line, And Sinker
9. pg.99 - Intro
10. pg.99 - Comedy Of Christ
11. pg.99 - Punk Rock In The Wrong Hands
12. pg.99 - We Left As Skeletons
13. pg.99 - In Love With An Apparition
14. pg.99 - Your Face Is A Rape Scene

Note: Live split with Waifle on KSCL put out by Magic Bullet Records

1. Mary Get Your Knife
2. The Longer Now
3. More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flick
4. Diagram For A Suicide

Note: 7" reissue of their songs on Documents #3 and #4 put out by Robotic Empire

1. pg.99 - Friendship
2. pg. 99 - Tantrum
3. pg.99 - Richmond Is A Hole 
4. pg.99 - Faces Sunken By Letting Go
5. pg.99 - Virginia
6. Majority Rule - Not In My Name
7. Majority Rule - These Hands
8. Majority Rule - My Version Of Paris
9. Majority Rule - Packaged Poison

Note: Split LP with Majority Rule put out by Magic Bullet Records

1. Circle Takes The Square - Patchwork Neurology
2. Circle Takes The Square - We're Sustained By The Corpse Of A Fallen Constellation
3. pg.99 - Goodbye, Face
4. pg.99 - Calm Song

Note: Split 7" with Circle Takes The Square put out by Perpetual Motion Machine Records. This is pg.99's last recorded material.

1. Goodbye, Face
2. Calm Song
3. The List (Filth Cover)
4. The Lonesome Waltz Of Leonard Cohen
5. The Sobering Moment Of One Single Violin
6. You And Your Lumbering Body Of Death
7. Goin' South
8. Cip Len Rae
9. More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flick
10. Diagram For A Suicide
11. Mary Get Your Knife
12. The Longer Now
13. Wood And Ink
14. Machine Revisited
15. A Classic Case Of...
16. My Application Of Heaven
17. More Complicated Than A Sci-Fi Flick
18. A Gun

Note: A compilation released by Reptilian Records on CD and Robotic Empire on vinyl containing songs from Documents #1, #2, #3, #4, #6, #9, #13, and compilation songs. "Goin' South" is the same as "Your Life, A Real Page Turner" from the Process Is Dead split (Document #6), where "Goin' South" is the title of an entirely different song by Process Is Dead. Any insight on this complication would be much appreciated. 


Band submission. Dependence are a five-piece melodic post-hardcore band from Fresno, California. These guys are really good, check them out if you like La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth, Defeater, etc.  

1. Lost Lake Pt. 1
2. Lost Lake Pt. 2
3. The Broken Bridge
4. Shallow Reflections
5. The Well

Sunday 30 December 2012

Old Gray

Old Gray are a three-piece emo/screamo/post-hardcore band from New Hampshire that formed in April 2011. The lovely gents that comprise this wonderful group are Cam (vocals, guitar, bass), Raph (vocals, guitar, bass), and Charlie (vocals, drums), in addition to numerous other collaborators. Since their formation, they've been quite prolific and progressive. They started out as a noodle-y, Snowing-esque band with mild screamo tendencies and lots of gang-vocal sing-alongs, as heard on their demo. However that's the only thing they've done with that sound. On subsequent albums, they've expanded their sound by making the screamo/emo (not the "twinkly" kind or whatever you want to call it) aspect more prominent, especially in the vocals, dynamics, and, guitar parts. They also incorporate elements of post-rock and spoken word, making them all the more diverse. Their lyrics are also I don't know, they are just a REALLY good band, and easily one of my favourites currently around (I suppose I say that for a lot of bands, but it's particularly applicable in regards to Old Gray). So yeah, I highly suggest you check everything out if you haven't already, and do what you can to support them. You're welcome.

FFO: Merchant Ships, William Bonney, Age Sixteen, mewithoutYou, Daïtro, Pianos Become The Teeth, La Dispute, L'Antietam

1. Wayward Kids
2. Vulcan Death Grip
3. Ryan Mitchell Made Me Do It
4. Headaches (feat. Joe McAndrew)

1. Her Tongue Was Tattooed On The Back Of Her Teeth
2. Dying Leaves
3. City Orchards
4. Instrumental

1. Old Gray - Dying Leaves (Acoustic)
2. The Hundred Acre Woods - Pennsylvania

1. Old Gray - At The End Of The Day
2. Old Gray - Our Hearts Remain The Same
3. Girl Scouts - Buh Buh Bubbaram
4. Girl Scouts - Free Slurpee Day

1. 359 Pine
2. Resonance
3. Winter '11
4. Six Years

"I Think I Might Love You" Is An Awfully Long Sentence (2012)
1. "I Think I Might Love You" Is An Awfully Long Sentence

1. The Hundred Acre Woods - Base Of My Heart
2. Julia Brown - Nobody
3. Modern Baseball - Phone Tag
4. Old Gray - With Hands Like These

Note: This split was done for Valentine's Day with all proceeds going towards V-Day, an initiative meant to end violence against women. For that reason I'm not going to upload it on here, though you can listen to it and purchase it from the link provided. Or if morality's not your thing, you can just use Offliberty or something.

1. Wolves
2. Conventry
3. The Artist
4. Show Me How To Self Destruct
5. The Graduate
6. Emily's First Communion
7. I Still Think About Who I Was Last Summer
8. My Life With You, My Life Without You

1. Dikembe - I Watch A Lot Of Jackie Chan Movies (Acoustic)
2. The Hotel Year - Settle The Scar
3. Modern Baseball - Voting Early
4. Old Gray - The Foxes Begin To Starve
5. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - The Hour of Pearl
6. Pentimento - It Happens To The Best Of Us

1. Catharsis (2011 demo)

1. Old Gray - Clip Your Own Wings
2. Old Gray - An Epitaph
3. Tiny Moving Parts - Swimming Lessons
4. Tiny Moving Parts - Fair Trade

1. Float
2. Slow

1. Pulpit
2. Communion
3. Blunt Trauma
4. Everything Is In Your Hands
5. Razor Blade
6. I
7. Like Blood From A Stone
8. II
9. Given Up To You
10. A Letter For Zach
11. On Earth, As It Is In Heaven