Tuesday, 28 June 2022


Senza are a three-piece hardcore/screamo band from Eugene, Oregon that began in 2014. Their debut album came out in 2019, though I admittedly slept on it until late last year, when I finally gave myself the chance to be blown away by it. Even A Worm Will Turn is a crushing listen from front to back, with a seamless flow from track to track. It pulls from a number of influences, with the spastic nature of screamo and heavy riffs of hardcore. Vocally, they're pretty reminiscent of Jeromes Dream circa Seeing Means More Than Safety. The rhythm section pummels through behind dark, angular guitars all with elements of black metal, courtesy of blast beats and string-shredding tremolo picking. It's a unique and impactful listen that conjures up feelings of unease and tension just to release them in cathartic explosions. I say it a lot and I'll say it again, I highly recommended giving this album a listen. Their previous material is also very solid, but the experience of their full-length in its entirety is definitely the highlight here. This is absolutely fantastic stuff, and I look work to whatever the band has coming next. Enjoy.

1. Kamchatka
2. That Belongs In A Museum
3. Mandatory Waiting Period
4. Empedocies... I Guess?

1. 3

13. How Staggering Is This Realization (Jeromes Dream cover)

Note: Full comp here

1. Senza - Dark Dive / Sentience
2. Senza - Garmonbozia
3. Akira - Evocation
4. Akira - Broken
5. Akira - Wet Dream Guillotine
6. Akira - Night Terrors
7. Akira - Another City On The Map

1. Senza - Provare
2. Senza - SHFFL // The Counterpick To Your Statement
3. Senza - Life After Debt
4. Antiphony - Entr'acte
5. Antiphony - Fletcher
6. Antiphony - Charmain
 7. Antiphony - Walt
8. Antiphony - Jonathan

1. Misornithist
2. Tunnel Vision II

1. Tunnel Vision I
2. Born Of Dirt
3. Misornithist
4. Tunnel Vision II
5. Constant Air Of Casual Indifference
6. American Robin
7. Imposter
8. Sentience
9. Swarm
10. Inner Immolation
11. Even A Worm Will Turn
12. Echoes


Zochor are a three-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Nottingham, UK that began in 2019. They share members with Algae Bloom, The Sylvia North Story, What Price, Wonderland?, and Plaids. Zochor play an impassioned brand of hardcore that takes influence from Revolution Summer-era emo, such as Embrace, Ignition and Soulside, with melodic bass lines, cutting guitar leads, and a cathartic, breaking vocal delivery. Enjoy.

1. Another Bedroom Intervention
2. Big Rob Returns
3. Big Pete Enters
4. Probably Don't, I Reckon?

1. Un Regard l'enfant-Jésus
2. I've Got No Right To Sing The Blues
3. Around The Dinner Table The Conversation Is Lively
4. The Christmas Lights Are Up (but no one's turned them on yet)

1. Overo - Another Year In Hell
2. Overo - A Hole In The Earth
3. Punch On! - Gore-tex Aorta
4. Punch On! - Rokycany
5. Punch On! - Defensive About Being On Fire
6. Zochor - Have You Considered Going There?
7. Zochor - Syncopation
8. Coma Regalia - Uncoming
9. Coma Regalia - In Sentiment Only
10. Coma Regalia - Further Into You

Kara's Walk Home

Kara's Walk Home are a four-piece emo/indie from Los Angeles, California that began in 2014. They put out their debut full-length I Don't Want To Look At The Stars in 2015, and have finally followed it up this June with the release of Look! A Rainbow! The band craft dynamic, sprawling songs that balance energy and melancholy almost seamlessly. With track lengths regularly crossing the six-minute mark, they keep things interesting by including varied instrumentation, including strings, pianos, and trumpets. Amongst the rise-and-falls and clean noodly guitar work, the vocals cut through with a very unique and nervously charismatic delivery. To make a very loose comparison, fans of bands "long-form emo" such as The Brave Little Abacus or TWIABP should check this out. Enjoy.

1. June

1. American Soccer
2. Escape From The City
3. Stars Kids Home
4. 4am again... that's fine
5. Weekend! Party With Your Friends!
6. Dry
7. I'll Give It My All... Tomorrow
8. Summertime! Fun With Friends!
9. bad feelings ;^(

1. Goodbye, to This, and That and My Baseball Glove

1. Highway
2. Impressionism
3. Do You See The Thread Of Light?
4. June 2
5. Reintroduction Letter
6. Goodbye, to This, and That and My Baseball Glove
7. Spring & Movies
8. Ông Nội
9. Gauge Means Nothing in the Car
10. Dragon Bone Smasher

Monday, 27 June 2022

American Beauty

American Beauty are a four-piece emo/indie band from New Jersey that began in 2017. They play a math-y version of midwest emo with some pop punk leanings. Fans of bands such as Perspective, A Lovely Hand To Hold or Macseal will definitely find something to love here. Their 2020 self-titled EP in particular is absolutely fantastic, and the beginning of "The Gang Gets Emo" just demands being cranked. Enjoy. 

1. Baseball Shame Cocaine
2. Breathing Patterns

1. Stage Fright
2. Thank God For Details
3. Dan, When Are You Coming Over To Shotgun More Beers Again?
4. Canadian Ugly
5. Trepanation
6. Fake Weddings

1. Carolina
2. Route 9
3. Soy Boy
4. "The Gang Gets Emo"

1. Innerlove. - Murder
2. Innerlove. - Walked On
3. American Beauty - Stage Fright
4. American Beauty - Dinner At Dorsia

Friday, 29 April 2022



Grade are a five-piece hardcore/emo band from Burlington, Ontario that began in 1994 and initially broke up in 2002, before reuniting for shows in 2006, and ha,ve been fully reformed since 2009, though less active than in their formative years. They technically began in 1992 under the name Incision, but after a few line-up changes they finalized as Grade in 1994, with their debut LP coming out a year later. After three more albums, other assorted releases, and some relentless touring, they disbanded in 2002. They reunited in 2009 to record new material, as well as sporadically tour and play shows. 

Sonically, this band is often praised as being pioneers of the hardcore/emo blend that would become more widely popular in the 2000's. They developed a strong following, but never got any widespread recognition, thus why words like "underrated" and "influential" are often thrown their way. Rightly so, I might add. The band had the unique ability to blend metallic riffs of hardcore heavies like Chokehold with the more melodic, cathartic octave-chord crescendos of early emo bands like Evergreen or Sunny Day Real Estate. They were also one of the earliest bands to incorporate both screamed and cleanly sung vocals, a sound that again wouldn't become widespread until the next decade. If you're looking for a place to start with this band, Under The Radar is probably their most popular album, though I've always been partial to the rawer sound of And Such Is Progress. In regards to their discography, everything is below is near-complete, though there are a few minor things missing. Most notably some compilation tracks, as well as the early Afterthought single and Incision split, though all tracks from those two releases do appear elsewhere here. Enjoy!

1. Grade - Cripple
2. Grade - Choda
3. Grade - Impulse
4. Grade - Hairdie
5. Grade - Digga Digga Song
6. Grade - Classified
7. Grade - Melodic Song
8. Grade - Entangled
9. Believe - Pot O' Gold
10. Believe - Drowning
11. Believe - Last Chances
12. Believe - Second Coming
13. Believe - Joel's Song
14. Believe - Escape
15. Believe - Regret

1. Weave
2. Miracle Ear
4. Bedhead
5. Tearjerk
6. Hive
7. Pocket Rocket
8. And Such Is Progress

1. Chancre
2. Not Heroic
3. Abandon The Need

1. Conceptualizing Theories In Motion
2. Symptoms Of Simplifying The Simplistic
3. The Adaption Of Means
4. Life Gets In The Way Of Living
5. To Illustrate And Design New Parameters
6. The Joy Of Stupidity
7. The Tie That Binds

1. Triumph & Tragedy
2. Stolen Bikes Ride Faster
3. Panama (Van Halen cover)

1. The Inefficiency Of Emotion
2. For The Memory Of Love
3. Seamless
4. The Tension Between Stillness And Motion
5. Victims Of Mathematics
6. A Year In The Past, Forever In The Future
7. The Worst Lies Are Told In Silence
8. Second Chance At First Place
9. Stolen Bikes Ride Faster
10. When Something Goes To Your Head
11. Triumph and Tragedy

1. Cripple
2. Punk Rock Song
3. Impulse
4. Hairdie
5. Digga Digga Song
6. Classified
7. Instrumental Song
8. Entangled
9. Afterthought (Demo)
10. The Tension Between Stillness & Motion (Demo)
11. Triumph & Tragedy (Acoustic)
12. Stolen Bikes Ride Faster
13. Panama (Van Halen cover)
14. A Year In The Past (Radio Version)
15. Seamless (Acoustic Version)

Note: Compilation including songs from the Grade/Believe split, Triumph & Tragedy

1. Termites Hollow
2. Becoming Not Being
3. In The Wake Of Poseidon
4. Bleeding Warm & Newly Dead
5. Overthrowing Creation Itself
6. Little Satisfactions
7. Vertical Transmission
8. Will Bending
9. In Ashes We Lie
10. Sixth Chamber
11. The Empress
12. Twenty Moons
13. Winds Of Hell / The Glorious Dead

1. Bane - Non-Negotiable
2. Bane - Struck Down By Me
3. Grade - These Eyes Are On The Exit
4. Grade - Optical Portions
5. Unrestrained - Immaculate Deception 
6. Unrestained - Anak Krakatau
7. Between Earth And Sky - Skin And Stone 
8. Between Earth And Sky - Flow

1. Collapsed Lungs
2. Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object

Textbook Traitors

Textbook Traitors were a five-piece screamo band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that were around from 2002 to 2005. They played a volatile, fast-paced and frantic style of screamo with some insane vocals. Fans of bands like Orchid, Neil Perry, Jeromes Dream will undoubtedly love this. Vinyl Collections Vol. 1 contains their tracks from their splits with Rats Into Robots and Forensics in addition to two other songs. You Pull The Strings That Make Us Dance, their debut release, is an absolutely incredible 15 minutes of pure chaotic bliss. I highly recommend checking it out, and enjoy.

1. Fine Day To Die
2. Anatomy of a Teenage Hit List
3. Force Fed Voices
4. Siamese Separation Catastrophe
5. From Counting to Calculus
6. This is My Speech Act

1. Corn On Macabre - Deleted Scene
2. Textbook Traitors - One Fleeting Moment
3. Crimson Spectre - The Untimely Death Of Mr. Iskra
4. Witchcraft By A Picture - Experiments In Cognition

1. Textbook Traitors - A Notre Temps (A Toast To Errors)
2. Rats Into Robots - Pretext For War
3. Rats Into Robots - Froze In A Maze

1. Just Yesterday
2. Diagram Of How To Take A Punch
3. Barbeque on the Grassy Knoll
4. Revelation 9
5. A Notre Temps (A Toast to Errors)

1. Forensics - Daytime Minutes
2. Forensics - Pulling Rank
3. Textbook Traitors - Diagram Of How To Take A Punch
4. Textbook Traitors - Barbecue On The Grassy Knoll

A Day In Black And White

A Day In Black And White were a four-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Washington, DC that were around from 2001 to 2005. They were fairly prolific in that time, with two albums released on Level Plane Records in addition to quite a few splits. Earlier on in their few short years, they are often regarding as a screamo band in line with bands like City Of Caterpillar and Funeral Diner, with drawn-out rises and falls throughout each song, mixing the discordant with the blissful and impactful. There was a noticeable shift in sound as the band experimented with a litany of different influences over the years that by the time their second album came out only a year later, they had progressed to the energetic, moodier and more plainly sung sounds of alternative rock, drawing comparisons to bands like Sonic Youth and Unwound. They're an intriguing band with a wide variety to offer, but its best to start with My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys and Notes, though the Black Castle split is right up there as well. Enjoy.

1. Tartarus
2. The Shivering

1. A Day In Black And White - Solstice
2. Silentreminder - Chubby Aging Elvis

Note: A Day In Black And White track only

1. A Day In Black And White - In A Grove (Live)
2. A Day In Black And White - What Do You Want Me To Do, Sign Your Freakin' Yearbook?
3. A Day In Black And White - Part One
4. Black Castle - Divine Intervention At The Baptist Convention
5. Black Castle - Oh No! Oh No! Oh No! Oh Yeah!
6. Black Castle - Matt Joyner Ruined Our Lives And We Ruined Your Record Collection
7. Black Castle - How To Do The Wrong Thing, The Right Way

1. Forward/Backward
2. There Are Objects & Objects
3. Storming The Bastille
4. The Gaze
5. The Illusion Of The End

1. Tinnitus
2. New Energy
3. A Literal Tale
4. Lame Duck
5. Less Is More
6. Long-Distance Song Effects
7. Nothing With Nothing
8. A Good Turn
9. Ronald's Right
10. All Plots
11. Sink Brand Cut Waist

1. A Day In Black And White - All Plots
2. Golden Birds - Have A Baby

1. A Day In Black And White - Nothing With Nothing
2. A Day In Black And White - All Plots
3. A Day In Black And White - Old Songs
4. Navies - Insect Trader
5. Navies - Past / Rusted
6. Navies - Non-Contract

39. Untitled

The Hope Conspiracy

The Hope Conspiracy are a four-piece hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that began in 1999. They were briefly on hiatus around 2003-2005 before coming back in full-force with the landmark album Death Knows Your Name. They had put two full-lengths prior, through all of which they solidified themselves as one of the most essential hardcore bands on the more melodic side of things. Their anthemic call-to-arms and impassioned delivery has made them staples of their era, with an impact that's still felt today. If any evidence is needed, they managed to work with Equal Vision, Bridge 9, and Deathwish all in the span of a few years, which are all near-equal contenders for the four horsemen of hardcore labels in the 2000's. Admittedly, one of my biggest setbacks in posting is trying to come up with a way to accurately describe a band or explore its extensive history, and more often than not I end up drawing a blank. In a case like this though, I think its best to just post it as is, the bands music speaks for itself, and if you somehow haven't heard of this band already, you're in for a hell of a ride. Enjoy.

1. Escapist
2. Divinity Sickness
3. Regret Kills

1. Fragile
2. Bled Across The Wire
3. Truth And Purpose
4. Carved Out
5. Hope Bound Heart
6. Youth And Its Burden
7. Divinity Sickness
8. Consumed
9. You've Been Warned
10. Liars' Parade

1. No Love Goes Unpunished
2. Treason
3. It Meant Nothing
4. Divinity Sickness
5. Regret Kills
6. Escapist

1. Departed
2. Defiant Hearts
3. Holocaust
4. Fallen
5. Violent And Gray
6. Just A Life
7. Distant
8. Three Year Suicide
9. Deadman
10. Vendetta
11. Fading Signal
12. For Love

1. The Hope Conspiracy - Failure
2. The Suicide File - Ashcroft
3. The Suicide File - I Hate Rock N Roll

7. Nervous Breakdown (Black Flag cover)

1. Hang Your Head
2. Deadtown Nothing
3. Eurohell

1. They Know Not
2. Deadtown Nothing
3. A Darkness In The Light
4. Animal Farm
5. Curse Of The Oil Snakes
6. Hang Your Cross
7. Suicide Design
8. Leech Bloody Leech
9. So Many Pigs So Few Bullets
10. Sadistic Sacred Whore
11. Stolen Days

1. They Know Not
2. Hang Your Cross
3. Break-In (Fugazi cover)
4. Suicide Design

1. In The Shadow Of God
2. Greed Taught / War Driver / Born To Die
3. The Dismal Tide

1. They Know Not (Remastered)
2. Deadtown Nothing (Remastered)
3. A Darkness In The Light (Remastered)
4. Animal Farm (Remastered)
5. Curse Of The Oil Snakes (Remastered)
6. Hang Your Cross (Remastered)
7. Suicide Design (Remastered)
8. Leech Bloody Leech (Remastered)
9. So Many Pigs So Few Bullets (Remastered)
10. Sadistic Sacred Whore (Remastered)
11. Stolen Days (Remastered)
12. Eurohell (Remastered)