Tuesday 28 February 2023


Obroa-skai are a three-piece screamo band from Edmonton, Alberta that formed in 2019. Thus far, they've released one EP and two splits.This band plays a dark, fast-paced and dissonant brand of screamo, mixed in with looming interludes and elements of self-described "harsh noise", which is honestly the most apt description for it. This band hits hard, and its members were previously in some incredible bands also out of Edmonton, Mahria and Rayleigh. Highly recommended, enjoy.

1. Paradox Of Choice
2. Radical Dreamer
3. Wytai
4. L.F.
5. Quiet Dysphoria

1. Obroa-skai - Solastagia
2. Obroa-skai - Holocene Extinction
3. YSIDRO - Haight

1. 소나기 - 070587 (blue ticket)
2. 소나기 - endless waltz
3. Obroa-skai - opportunistic activism
4. Obroa-skai - diminution of environmental policy
5. Indisposed - support
6. Coma Regalia - Reach
7. Coma Regalia - Pause
8. Coma Regalia - Break

1. Soft Rains
2. It Must Have Been Beautiful
3. 1928 - 1972
4. Myth Of The Disembodied
5. Another World Is Possible
6. Void
7. One Hundred And Fifty Years
8. Nextdoor
9. Syncope
10. Home
11. Blink


Ennui are a five-piece screamo/hardcore band from Long Island, New York that formed in 2020. Thus far, they've released one demo and one split of hardcore-influenced screamo. The band utilizies heavy, discordant, and angular riffs, brooding rhythms and raw vocals in their crushing delivery. Fans of bands including Yaphet Kotto, Joshua Fit For Battle, Welcome The Plague Year and others from that era should definitely check this out. Enjoy.

1. Apex Homunculus
2. Burial Gift

1. Ennui - Beside The Door Of Becoming
2. Ennui - Burning Astronaut
3. Ennui - Rude Goldberg
4. Apostles Of Eris - Anxieties From The Material Realm

Tuesday 14 February 2023


"I can't see anything that I don't like about you." Another Valentine's Day, another excuse to revel in your sadness. This tradition has being going on for 10 years now; at this rate we're going to have the entire script of this movie written out. You know the drill with the longing, and the sorrow, and that cold abscence felt beside you in bed every night. It all coalesces in your self-imposed melodrama felt on this day, as it has 10 years before and will continue to 10 years after. If you want to sink lower, there's links for past installments at the bottom of this post for you to drown in.

Vowel are a five-piece screamo/post-hardcore band from Columbus, Ohio that formed in 2011. From the looks of things, they never officially disbanded, but haven't been active since 2015. They came right out the gate with the aptly-titled all the sad songs, their sole album. This band brings a ton to the table, with a variety of vocal stylings including desperately sung and painfully screamed, all with some fantastic confessional lyrics that really hit home. The guitars mesh midwest emo stylings into a bright but melancholic sound, with some pounding energy coming from the drums. One of the things that set this band apart is their use of a violin, whichbrings a somber, forlorn element to the catharsis and chaos surrounding it. This album is fantastic, as is their material after, particularly the Coma Regalia split and what may end up being their swan song, "we will melt the sun". Stay desperate, stay lonely, and stay waiting, find solace in the familiarity of the void. Till next year, don't enjoy.

1. iciles
2. if wishes were coin
3. poppy seed
4. cowards
5. everyone needs to feel pretty sometimes
6. the eastern block
7. she was an air traffic controller
8. there's nothing for you here

1. Zombie (The Cranberries cover)

1. Vowel - These Hands
2. Vowel - And Before You Know It, I'm Invisible
3. Coma Regalia - Blanket Observation Bingo
4. Coma Regalia - And Wake From The Dream Still Knowing

1. Things Fall Apart - Pigeon Torge, TN
2. Things Fall Apart - All Your Friends Used To Be My Friends 
3. Light Black - Robot House
4. Light Black - Beeekman
5. Vowel - Big Buildings
6. Vowel - Small Trenches
7. City Of Ifa - Indian Bred
8. City Of Ifa - Philia

1. i'll tell you when i'm done

1. we will melt the sun

Previous Installments
2015: You And I

Saturday 11 February 2023


Crestfallen were a five-piece screamo band from Richmond, Virginia that were active from 2000 to 2003. They released a split, LP and EP in that time, which were put out by fantastic labels including Magic Bullet and Robotic Empire. Unsurprising for a Richmond band in the early 2000's, they also shared members with pg.99. Crestfallen were absolutely fantastic and incredibly underrated, crafting violent bursts of grind-influenced emoviolence, with elements of metalcore thrown into some riffs. The vocals are also a major high point, which sound face-melting in a literal sense. Highly recommended, enjoy.

1. Waifle - Australian For Women
2. Crestfallen - Epileptic Requiem

1. Nine To Five RSVP
2. Beyond Recognition
3. Never Say Never!
4. Scouring For Any Signs Of Life
5. Seen And Not Heard...
6. ...Biting Your Tongue Off
7. Pecking Order
8. Disappearing Act
9. Eternal Nightmare

1. Backlashed
2. Spread Bald Eagle
3. Rogue Rodeo
4. Sucker Punch Fucks Off
5. Early To Bed Early To Rise Again
6. Silent Track (66.6 Seconds)
7. Minor Threat (Minor Threat cover)
8. Human Fly (The Cramps cover)

Aussitôt Mort

Aussitôt Mort (translated: As Soon As Dead) are a four-piece screamo band from Caen, France that formed in 2005. Since 2014 they've gone by the name Mort Mort Mort, though Aussitôt Mort is still what they're better known as. They played a technically winding style of screamo, with the guitars riffing with and around each other, bringing in elements of off-kilter post-hardcore and melodic post-rock. The rhythm section laid a solid foundation while also driving each song, making for a chaotically layered sound that somehow came together in sonic perfection. This band also stood out for merging elements of doom metal into their sound, particularly early on with some heavy down-tuned riffs. Fans of French screamo acts such as Amanda Woodward, Sed Non Satiata, Gantz, and Mihai Edrisch absolutely need to check this out if they're not on your radar yet. Enjoy.

1. Memoria Grigia
2. Aussitot Dort, Aussitot Mort
3. Une Once De Courage
4. Le Desespoir Des Singes

1. Balboa - The North
2. Balboa - Clandestine
3. Aussitôt Mort - Dur Comme La Banalité

1. Memoria Grigia
2. Aussitôt dort, aussitôt mort
3. Une once de courage
4. Le désespoir des singes
5. Dur comme la banalité
6. Percuté

1. Mort! Mort! Mort!
2. Une heure plus tard
3. Que le veilleur gagne
4. Huit (Part 1)
5. Huit (Part 2)
6. Le kid de la plage
7. On a qu'à se dire que l'on s'en fout
8. Le prophète de malheur

1. Aussitôt Mort - Une Défaite À La Piaule
2. Aussitôt Mort - Supraliminaire
3. Heaven In Her Arms - Lost Title / Inversion Operation

1. Aussitôt Mort - La bourse ou la vie
2. The Catalyst - Thumbsucker
3. The Catalyst - Our Science is Too Tight

1. La ride du lion
2. Sur un radeau, des cannibales

1. La ride du lion
2. Sur un radeau, des cannibales...
3. Une défaite à la piaule
4. Supraliminaire
5. La bourse ou la vie

1. Le chant des sirènes
2. A quatre pages du bonheur

Thursday 9 February 2023


Forcefedglass were a three-piece emoviolence/screamo band from Falmouth, Massachusetts that formed in 1997 and disbanded in 2000, after having relocated to Richmond, Virginia. Their actual released output was pretty minimal, with just one "full-length", two splits, a demo and a few compilation appearances. The majority of their recorded stuff was included on a reissue of that sole album, When Backs Are Turned, Knives Are Pulled. This is what's included below, with bonus tracks from those splits and other misc. songs. Sonically, this band crafted short burts of distorted, blast-beat heavy chaos, with vocals pushed to their limit and frenzied guitar riffs. Ben Koller was actually the drummer of this band prior to joining Converge, as a fun fact for ya. Highly recommended, enjoy.

1. Paper Mache
2. M.P.
3. What Do You Think of That?
4. A Hollywood Ending
5. Something To Say
6. The Plague
7. Nailed To The Wall
8. Can't Look Back
9. Proper Use Of Explosives
10. Emobombs
11. Deadeyes
12. Strapped In
13. The Untold Stories of Brick Walls
14. Thirteen Second Sickness
15. A Beginners Guide to Piracy
16. Open Face Surgery
17. Pistol Complex
18. Fifteen Minutes to Fairvale
19. Running On Borrowed Time

Index For Potential Suicide

Index For Potential Suicide were a five-piece screamo/hardcore/grindcore/noise band from Charleston, South Carolina that formed in 1998 and broke up in 2000. They released an EP, a split, and one full-length, with their entire discography being compiled on a single release in 2005. This band was a total melting pot of extreme music, which confluenced into their unique abrasion. They pull from varied sources including Man Is The Bastard, The Locust, Rorschach, and In/Humanity, with an added element of experimental noise and electronics thrown in the mix, with interludes sounding industrial and cavernous. Highly recommended, enjoy.

1. Adolfo De Jesus Constanzo's Cookbook
2. Four Fingers, To Hell With The Thumb
3. 81 Days Without Employee Accident
4. Twenty Pound Sledge
5. Filipino Cancer Eaters
6. This Week's Boycott

1. Index For Potential Suicide - A Bag Of Mustard And Water
2. Index For Potential Suicide - Number 4
3. Usurp Synapse - I'm A Fufucking Vavampire
4. Usurp Synapse - What Would I Say If I Say I Love You
5. Usurp Synapse - I Was Born With A Hard-On
6. Usurp Synapse - Upenya

1. The Newest Youth Rebellion
2. Flavor Of The Month
3. Remote Controls And Mousepads
4. Eat Lightning Crap Thunder
5. Global Injustice
6. Rock Out With Your Cock Out
7. Arriving At Suicide
8. Escape Unsuccessful
9. Death Toll Confirmed
10. Electronics, Sabotage And Surveillance
11. Escape From Uncle Bill's Lap
12. The Nine Envelopes Content
13. How To Build A Silencer For A Semi Automatic Weapon
14. Monoroid Manipulation
15. Silencer, Completed
16. 212, Fuck You

1. The Newest Youth Rebellion
2. Flavor Of The Month
3. Remote Controls And Mousepads
4. Eat Lightning Crap Thunder
5. Global Injustice
6. Rock Out With Your Cock Out
7. Arriving At Suicide
8. Escape Unsuccessful
9. Death Toll Confirmed
10. Electronics, Sabotage And Surveillance
11. Escape From Uncle Bill's Lap
12. The Nine Envelopes Content
13. How To Build A Silencer For A Semi Automatic Weapon
14. Monoroid Manipulation
15. Silencer, Completed
16. 212, Fuck You
17. Sex, Violence, Whatever
18. Number 4
19. A Bag Of Mustard And Water
20. No Practice?
21. Rev Frank Whiteside Vs. The Deep Blue Supercomputer
22. Somebody Loves You
23. 22 Disciples Of Hell
24. Adolfo De Jesus Constanzo's Cookbook
25. Four Fingers, To Hell With The Thumb
26. 81 Days Without Employee Accident
27. Twenty Pound Sledge
28. Filipino Cancer Eaters
29. This Week's Boycott
30. Rise Of Yen Lo Wang
31. Dancefloor Justice
32. The Dangers Of Rope
33. Filipino Cancer Eaters (Demo)
34. You'd Kill Us Too
35. This Week's Boycott (Floorpunch version)
36. One Day Marriage License
37. Beer And Women
38. To Cause The Destruction Of An Enemy
39. 26 Year Old Patient, IQ 45

Wednesday 8 February 2023

Love Like... Electrocution

Love Like... Electrocution were a six-piece screamo band from Adelaide, Australia that were active from 2002 to 2005. They first released an EP, which was eventually included in full on their only full-length, a self-titled album put out that same year. Besides that, their only released material was a demo and tour split. They toured quite a bit in Australia, but never beyond that. Members of this band were also in St. Alban's Kids. Sonically, this band brought an insatiable energy to every song, with a unique blend of emoviolence and post-hardcore elements. It was chaotic, but the guitars wind around each other with technical precision, matching the dynamic that their two vocalists also brought to the table, with blends of screams and straight singing all in the mix. If you're a fan of bands including Kodan Armada, Spirit Of Versailles, or Hot Cross, definitely check this out, or at the very least their self-titled record. Enjoy.

1. With Horses In Her Eyes, She Spat Like A Wildcat
2. Hunger Like Numb Toes On An Oslo Sidewalk
3. Das Plague (French For Germans)
4. This Charade Has Lasted While Past The Curtains Fall
5. The Tropics Of Cancer, Capricorn And A Smashed Face
6. The Graduate Walks With A Distant Gait

1. We Only Fuck To Black Sabbath Vol. 4
2. Tips For Avoiding The Clap. 1. I Wouldn't Piss On A Scorpion If It Was On Fire
3. Das Plague (French For Germans)
4. With Horses In Her Eyes, She Spat Like A Wildcat
5. The Truth Of The Matter Is I Am Satan And On The Guitars We Have The Devils. This Is Devil Music
6. Hunger Like Numb Toes On An Oslo Sidewalk
7. The Tropics Of Cancer, Capricorn And A Smashed Face
8. I Might Have Shed a Tear for Him, but He's No Depardieu
9. This Charade Has Lasted Well Past The Curtains Fall
10. We've Built Our Tombs. Now Were Sleeping In Them
11. The Graduate Walks With A Distant Gait

1. Love Always, Your Dearest Klaus Kinski
2. We've Built Our Tombs, Now We're Sleeping In Them
3. Upon Recovering, From My Last Bout Of Governmentality
4. In Bed For Months With Sat. Night Fever
5. Domicile Conjugal (Up And Down, In And Out)
6. Drowning, In A Sea Of Pressed Shirts & Conscientious Suntans

1. Love Like... Electrocution - Love Always, Your Dearest Klaus Kinski
2. Love Like... Electrocution - Drowning, In A Sea Of Pressed Shirts & Conscientious Suntans
3. This Night Creeps - Channel Surfed Our Way to Epilepsy
4. This Night Creeps - Surfboards In Indian Country
5. This Night Creeps - [Noise!]

Tuesday 7 February 2023


Barrow were a four-piece post-hardcore/screamo/post-rock band from Greensboro, North Carolina that formed in 2009 and ended in 2015, with a final reunion show taking place in 2017. They released two full-lengths, a split, and demo in that time. This band's sound is pretty hard to pin down, as it was incredibly dynamic, layered, and above all, cathartic. As a rudimentary description, they blended the heavy, rhythmtic lurching of post-hardcore acts with the chaosa and impassioned vocals of screamo, all between intermittent breaks of lush, reverb and delay-heavy guitars and melodic singing borrowed from post-rock. It's a sound that could appeal to a wide spectrum of fans of bands as varied as Apart, Caravels, or Moving Mountains. Barrow also made incredible use of their two vocalists, who played off and with each other so naturally, making everything sung or screamed absolutely magnified. This band was incredible, and worth finally getting around to share on here. If you're new to this band, my suggested starting point would be Being Without. Members now play in Rotting In Dirt, who are absolutely worth checking out too. Enjoy.

1. Monochromatic
2. Sundown

1. Where I Was
2. Monochromatic
3. Stretching Arms, Shaking Hands
4. In Blight And Boast
5. The Undertow
6. An Absent Crown, My Diadem
7. Sundown
8. Ashen, Pallid

1. Fox Ears And Silence
2. A Dead Hum, Echoed
3. Wither
4. Old Time
5. Fed (Choking, Retching)
6. Clawhold
7. Dogwood
8. You Can Probably Find It In Norfolk
9. God's In His Heaven - All Is Well

1. Barrow - Resembool
2. Oddczar - Purple Hearts

Jade Dust

Jade Dust are a five-piece hardcore punk band from Portland, Oregon that formed in 2021. Following a demo, they put out two fantastic EP's last year, both of which I somehow managed to miss until now. This band is fantastic, and call back to one of my favourite eras in punk (as you probably can tell), the late 80's to early 90's DC scene including bands like Swiz, Ignition, Marginal Man, Shudder To Think and Dag Nasty. Though the influence there is apparent, Jade Dust manage to make that sound distinctly modern, while still emulating the energy of those legacy acts, making for melodic hardcore in its truest, most bare-bones definition. Their last EP was a co-release between Extinction Burst and the legendary Ebullition Records, which is just another example of this band being the best of both worlds. Enjoy.

1. Jammaastyr
2. Stay
3. Signal Towers
4. Lie And Wait
5. Fucking Nightmare

1. Signal Towers
2. Margin of Error
3. Embrace The Hours
4. Jammaastyr
5. Stay
6. Learn To Scream

1. Wild Geese
2. Lie And Wait
3. Waking Nightmare
4. Phoenix
5. Empty Tomes
6. Levitate
7. Weightless
8. Absolution