Wednesday 21 August 2013

Fall City Fall

Thanks to Patrick for the request.

Fall City Fall are a five-piece hardcore/metalcore/post-hardcore/I don't really know what to call them since every one of those tags are technically inaccurately used outfit from Calgary, Alberta that formed in 2008. The band features two vocalists, which they certainly use to their advantage by constantly playing off of each other and varying their vocal styles. I admittedly am not usually into bands like this, but Fall City Fall actually seem quite authentic, and actually make some decent music to back it up, or at least I think so. This is some quality stuff, definitely check them out. Enjoy.

1. The Gate
2. Dead Eyes
3. Blackout
4. Trodden Black
5. The Body Discourse
6. From The Dust, To The Grave
7. Still Life In Stop Motion
8. 1629

1. Intro
2. Fearamid
3. Psalmute
4. Unawarewolf
5. Funeralationship

1. St. James
2. Dissentipede
3. Anxiety Attack
4. Bitter To The End
5. Lovebirds
6. Many Masters
7. Many Lives
8. Shallow Believer
9. Dead Saints
10. Taken
11. Victus

The Beautiful Ones

Thanks to Alvarock for the request.

The Beautiful Ones are a five-piece hardcore band from Mesa, Arizona that formed in 2011. They play mid-tempo, intense hardcore/punk that trudges and tramples, but keep an element of melody, particularly with the vocals, which are often close to being sung (and at some points actually do so), with lyrics that are usually very distinguishable. There's also a hint of thrash metal influence thrown in there. They're a really cool band, check them out. They've got an EP out with 6131 Records titled Birth Of Desire, which is probably the best starting point, even though they don't really have much else out. Enjoy.

1. Too Beautiful
2. Truth Hurts
3. Old News, Same Blues
4. Absolute Minds

11. Hear Me

Full comp here

1. Can't Stand The Sight Of Me
2. True To Me
3. Down
4. Birth Of Desire
5. Cut Me Out

15. Drain You (Nirvana cover)

Full comp here

1. Absolute Minds

1. Flowers Are Forever
2. All Eyes On Me

1. Jaded
2. Preface (Take It All Away)
3. Exhale (Room 312)
4. Transcend
5. The Morning
6. Flowercrown
7. Lovers Stomp
8. Bloom & Destroy
9. Stay
10. Heart in a Jar
11. Nothing. Existing. Missing.

Tuesday 20 August 2013

Trapped Under Ice

Thanks to Justin for the request.

Trapped Under Ice are a five-piece hardcore punk band from Baltimore, Maryland that formed in 2007. As of August 2013, they're on hiatus, though do plan to return someday, thankfully. Stylistically, they take influence from a lot of NYHC bands. They're brutally intense, and straight up kick ass, as I'm sure most of you know. They're probably one of the better-known hardcore bands around now. But if you are just getting into them, enjoy. They have two full-lengths, a split with Dirty Money, and a compilation titled Stay Cold. The compilation contains the 7" EP of the same name, their demo from 2007, and some live stuff.

Update: They reunited in 2015, and released their first new album in 2017, which was third album, Heatwave

1. Half A Person
2. Stay Cold
3. Skeleton Heads
4. Street Lights
5. Brain Waves
6. Beneath The Sheets
7. Soul Vice (Demo)
8. Reality Unfolds (Demo)
9. Evelyn (Demo)
10. Unfinished Business (Demo)
11. Heavy Thoughts (Demo)
12. Evelyn/Street Lights (Live)
13. Between The Sheets/Soul Vice (Live)
14. Reality Unfolds (Live)
15. Evelyn Dub (by Black Ark)

1. Trapped Under Ice - Gemini
2. Trapped Under Ice - Death Clock Ticking
3. Dirty Money - Hollow Shell
4. Dirty Money - 2007 Was A Bad Year

1. See God
2. Believe
3. American Dreams
4. TUI
5. Gemini
6. Too True
7. The Vortex
8. Eye Hand
9. From Birth
10. Titus
11. Against The Wall
12. World I Hate

1. Born To Die
2. Pleased To Meet You
3. Jail
4. Outcast
5. Victimized
6. The Waits
7. Dead Inside
8. True Love
9. Disconnect
10. Draw The Line
11. You And I
12. Still Cold
13. Reality Unfolds

1. Backstabbed
2. XL
3. No Relief
4. Do It
5. Throw It Away
6. Pressure Is On
7. Oblivion
8. Slow Death
9. Heatwave
10. Other Side
11. Move

Monday 19 August 2013


Aurora are a four-piece pop punk band from Leominster, Massachusetts. They kick some serious ass, seriously. They're fast paced and super fun to listen to. If you like bands such as Post Season, Handguns, A Loss For Words, and Misser, Aurora might be a band for you. They've currently released 2 great EPs independently. I highly recommend downloading Stepping Stones, but don't let that stop you from downloading their first EP. These guys have a full length coming out soon, and I have a feeling that they're going to get big, so give them a listen, you won't regret it.

1. The North Star Narratives
2. Cry Baby
3. One More Night
4. Little Traps

1. Stepping Stones
2. Searchlight
3. Rough Gem
4. Violet

Monday 12 August 2013

Ivy League TX

Thanks to Emily for the request.

Ivy League (sometimes referred to as Ivy League TX) are a three-piece pop punk band from Midland, Texas that formed in 2009. They also take quite a bit of influence from hardcore and alternative rock. They're a great band that just recently put out their first full-length, Transparency, on 6131 Records, and it is just awesome, as are the things they did before it. The vocals are gruff, the songs are fast-paced, but they always carry some melodic sensibilities to strike a nice balance between catchiness and aggressiveness. If you're into Title Fight, Make Do And Mend, Rotting Out, Turnover, Citizen, Polar Bear Club, or Basement, then Ivy League are definitely a band that you should be checking out immediately. Enjoy.

1. Daily
2. Les Incompetent
3. Jaded
4. It's Only Temporary

1. Daybreak
2. 1508
3. Daybreak (Acoustic)
4. Les Incompetent (Acoustic)
5. Here's Looking At You, Kid (Acoustic)

1. Canopy
2. History Repeats
3. Void
4. Transparency
5. Coalesce
6. Egress
7. Losing Sleep
8. Watch You Suffer
9. Daily, Pt. 2
10. All My Skeletons
11. My Mercenary

1. Ivy League TX - Cave
2. Turnover - I Would Hate You If I Could
3. Maker - Here She Comes
4. Such Gold - Framed

1. Daily Pt. III
2. Four Years ft. Drew Fish
3. Cold Burn

Sunday 11 August 2013

Swain (formerly This Routine Is Hell)

Swain (who were formerly known as This Routine Is Hell) is a four-piece hardcore punk band from Utrecht, the Netherlands that began in 2009. They're passionately furious, making each song sound like a vicious declaration. Rumbling bass lines are violated by sharp, piercing guitar parts, which are backed by pounding drums and vocals that tear at your skin. Basically, this band just kills it. Check them out, Howl is probably one of my favourite hardcore releases of 2013 (so far). Enjoy.

FFO: Ceremony, Paint It Black, Trash Talk, Midnight Souls

1. The Gate
2. Tied Down (but comfortable enough)
3. Manufacturing Consent
4. Crossed Fingers
5. Crooks & Robbers
6. The Verve Crusade
7. Make Haste
8. The Weight Of Defeat
9. Hear. See. Speak?
10. Question Everything
11. The Desperate Sway

1. Without Spirit, We Roam
2. Repent. Repeat.
3. Shine
4. Memories Are Haunting Me
5. Repulse
6. The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner

1. Gather Your Stones
2. Nostalgia
3. Howl
4. Shiver
5. - 
6. Wrongdoer
7. Cancer
8. I Wake To See The World Go Wild
9. Gloom
10. Don't Let Them
11. Uncommon Ground
12. Asleep

1. I Weep For Mankind
2. Heavy Dancing
3. I Need Some Space
4. Vaarwel

1. Hold My Head
2. Half Asleep / Half Awake
3. Punk-Rock Messed You Up, Kid
4. Never Clean My Room
5. It's Hard To Make Friends
6. Kiss Me Hard
7. Faze Me
8. Secrets Inside
9. Seen A Good Man (In A Bad Mood)
10. You're Not Special
11. Hoping For It
12. It's A Strange Way Down (The Underwater Song)
13. Rid Myself Of You


Thanks to Justin for the request.

Backtrack are a five-piece hardcore punk from Long Island, New York that began in 2008. They're carrying on the legacy that tons of great New York hardcore bands started before them such as Youth Of Today, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All, Madball, H2O, and tons of others. They, like the bands that came before them, play pissed-off and in-your-face music that just makes you want to break shit. Enjoy

1. Standing On Two Feet
2. Kept Out
3. Different Direction
4. Another Way Back
5. Paused Progress

1. Retrace The Lines
2. Welcome To The Pound
3. The Roots Of Evil
4. Organized Crimes
5. Deal With The Devil
6. Drawn Back To Misery

1. The Worst Of Both Worlds
2. Life's Plan
3. Too Close
4. Violent Split
5. The Greater Good
6. Scratch The Past
7. Darker Half
8. Hard To See
9. Erase The Rat
10. Enough To Know
11. Soul Sucker
12. Red Handed
13. Retrace The Lines
14. Drawn Back To Misery
15. The Roots Of Evil
16. Welcome To The Pound
17. Deal With The Devil
18. Organized Crimes
19. Standing On Two Feet
20. Kept Out
21. Different Direction
22. Another Way Back
23. Paused Progress

1. Suburban Scum - Beaten From Birth
2. Backtrack - Boiled In My Blood
3. Turnstile - Figure It Out
4. Soul Search - Burning
5. King 9 - No Dreams

1. Their Rules
2. Wash Away
3. Lost In Life
4. Under Your Spell
5. Nailed To The Tracks
6. Tortured
7. Rot In Your Race
8. Right This Wrong
9. Play Safe
10. Still Searching
11. Guilty Conscience
12. The Way It Is

1. War
2. One With You
3. Bad To My World
4. The Deep Is Calling
5. Dead At The Core
6. Cold-Blooded
7. Gutted
8. Crooks Die Slow
9. Never-Ending Web
10. Sanity

Friday 9 August 2013


capacities are a four-piece screamo/hardcore band from New Jersey that began in 2012. Members of this band were also in The Saddest Landscape, You And I, Black Kites, and a bunch of other great bands. Regardless of their association with other amazing bands, capacities have certainly made a name for themselves. They play intense, chaotic, and emotional screamo with pummeling force. Lyrically, they explore many social/political/philosophical themes in addition to some personal ones. Seriously, check them out if you aren't already familiar with them. They're probably one of my favourite modern screamo bands around now, they're just too fucking good. Enjoy.

One quick note: Preliminary Recording was just a sampler thing that the band first put up on their Bandcamp. It's been removed now because all of those exact recordings also appear on The Unexamined Life.

1. Booker Tells It
2. All That One Can Do
3. An Unsuccessful Attack
4. I Am Better On Pills

1. capacities - In The Ground
2. capacities - A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee
3. capacities - Waking Up At The Doctor
4. capacities - I Didn't Know We Were At War
5. Coma Regalia - It Actually Is Rocket Science

1. An Apology
2. Hedgehog's Dilemma
3. An Unsuccessfull Attack
4. Shigoto
5. A Cycle of Hollow Joy and Vicious Self Hatred
6. I Am Better On Pills
7. Walk Me Through This
8. All That One Can Do
9. I'm Glad You Like A Book
10. Booker Tells It
11. Presque Vu
12. The Unexamined Life

1. Personhood In The 21st Century
2. Tacenda
3. Academic Flexing
4. Through The Mill
5. Narrow Hallways / Trapped Doors
6. God to the Flatlanders
7. A Young Woman Against The Taliban
8. Home For The Holidays
9. Sons Of A Silent Age

1. Calculator - Only The Winds Home
2. Calculator - You Say It, We Play It
3. Calculator - Victoria
4. Innards - July 5th
5. Innards - Slow And Repeat
6. Capacities - This Man's Navy
7. Capacities - The Art Of Excuses
8. Capacities - Advice From Tyrion
9. Capacities - Condolences
10. Ittō - Death Frenzy
11. Ittō - Daigoro

1. Watchmaker
2. Splitting The Breast
3. The Statue
4. Show Of Hands
5. Empire In Decay
6. Animatic
7. Bumper Sticker Education
8. Family Future
9. Personal Constructs
10. Words In The Black Lodge
11. What's A Rerun
12. Elycroft
13. The Pink Noise

For Want Of

For Want Of are a screamo/hardcore band from Austin, Texas that began in 2008. They play music in a similar vein to Loma Prieta, Hot Cross, You And I, and La Quiete.These guys are a great band, and are currently releasing their long-awaited, much-antipicated full-length album, and it was certainly worth the wait. This thing delivers, and it delivers a lot. They let out spurts of passionate fury in each song, make great use of their multiple singers, and just kill it. Anyone into modern screamo needs to be checking this band out. Enjoy.

1. The Orchestrated Decay of Self Sufficiency
2. Moment In Time
3. Summer Of Distance
4. Shattered City

3. Death Of A Modernist (Orchid cover)

Full comp here

1. I'll Go It Alone
2. Golden Cages
3. Coyote
4. Assimilation
5. Dogmatists
6. Episode IV
7. Mentors
8. Dark Path

American Pleasure Club (fka Teen Suicide)

Teen Suicide (now known as American Pleasure Club) are a four-piece punk/indie/emo/pop/noise/lots of stuff band from Maryland that existed for a very short time, from 2011-2012. Despite their brief tenure, the band managed to keep busy by putting a ton of music, and some amazing music at that. The band's sound can certainly be described as being "lo-fi", which is pretty much the only completely consistent thing the band does. This is with the exception of being incredibly depressing and self-deprecating, of course. They seem to inject heavy doses of that into each song.  Besides that, a multitude of ideas are explored, practically from song to song. They take influence from a plethora of sources which keep them constantly varied and interesting. I guess they do have quite a few songs that have a similar thing going on to Wavves, but in super-sad form. Some Daniel Johnston influence often seems to seep through a few times as well. I guess I could just keep naming bands to draw parallels to, but you can just listen for yourself. Oh, and a few members are now in another great band called Julia Brown. Enjoy. Edit: As you probably know they've been back for a while, and just put out a new album with Run For Cover.

1. empty room
2. nothing to do
3. stay inside forever
4. no fun
5. restless
6. bad vibes forever
7. feeling bored (demo)
8. i feel like dying
9. suicide
10. taking pills (demo)
11. i dont care
12. golden
13. burnout
14. crying

1. everything is fine
2. dont like me
3. bad news
4. serfs up
5. skate witches
6. 'hi'
7. oh my god

1. goblins cry too
2. hayden's getting a ddr pad
3. i wanna be a witch

1. lonely boy goes to a rave
2. benzo
3. haunt me (x 3)
4. everything is going to hell
5. falling in love
6. salvia plath
7. doing all the things i used to do with people, part 2
8. we found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (acoustic)

1. 'anne'
2. give me back to the sky
3. have you been eating that sandwich again
4. the way we were with people
5. cop graveyard
6. dan collins vs. the maryland judicial system
7. dead bird skeleton
8. grim reaper
9. the same things happening to me all the time, even in my dreams
10. swallow

1. hymn 1
2. xxxxxxx
3. hymn 2
4. untitled-oct7

1. lonely boy goes to a rave
2. benzo
3. haunt me (x 3)
4. everything is going to hell
5. falling in love
6. salvia plath
7. doing all the things i used to do with people, part 2
8. we found two dead swans and filled their bodies with flowers (acoustic)
9. worthless
10. suicide (new)
11. doing all the things i used to do with people, pt 2 (acoustic philly rooftop version)
12. no, the moon
13. spooky ghost
14. afterlife dating
15. the dermis song (feat dermis)
16. i am my own hell
17. dead cat
18. untitled-oct19
19. if i cleaned everything
20. i'm going home (hank williams)
21. home and water - everything is going to hell (hw be kind to everyone rework)
22. falling in love (original demo)
23. give me back to the sky (original demo)
24. original same things in dreams (tape demo)
25. yr glow (acoustic demo)

1. Pavement
2. Desire

1. Living Proof
2. The Big Joyous Celebration
3. Alex
4. Violets
5. Obvious Love
6. It's Just A Pop Song
7. V.I.P.
8. Wild Things Run Free
9. Bright Blue Pickup Truck
10. Big Mistake
11. What You Want
12. God
13. Neighborhood Drug Dealer
14. Have A Conversation
15. Beauty
16. Pavement
17. America
18. Devotion
19. The Things I Love Are Killing Me
20. Falling Out Of Love With Me
21. I Don't Think It's Too Late
22. Long Way Down
23. My Little World
24. The Hurricane
25. The Stomach Of The Earth
26. If I Don't See You Before You Leave

1. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
2. Lost Cause
3. Slow To Work It Out
4. Let's Go To The Beach
5. Lately
6. Beneath The Cross (Demo)

1. Loneliness (Tape)
2. Keeping Company (Tape)
3. I'll Get The Car Tonight (Tape)
4. What We Do With Our Spare Time (Tape)
5. Soft Whispered Prayer (Tape)
6. To Be Unburdened Longer (Tape)
7. When You Split The Heart Open (Tape)
8. In Bare Branched Sycamore Trees (Tape)

1. All I Ever Wanted
2. You Call On Me
3. Smoking Rock With My Angel In Milwaukee
4. (You) Know How I Like It
5. Attitude, Pt. 2
6. Dope Sick And Sobbing At The Gates of Hell
7. I Want To Fall In Love With You One Million Times
8. Rivulet(s)
9. The Way You Say My Name
10. But Not Enough To Sleep At Night
11. Live Forever
12. Together In The Big Black Car

1. florida (voicemail)
2. this is heaven & i'd die for it
3. all the lonely nights in your life
4. sycamore
5. lets move to the desert
6. there was a time when i needed it
7. seems like the whole world was lost
8. new years eve
9. before my telephone rings
10. just a mistake
11. eating cherries
12. the sun was in my eyes
13. goes_on (instrumental outtakes)

1. Oranges
2. Daniels

1. If It's Your Final Wish I'll Make It Happen

1. the miserable vision
2. what kind of love?
3. hello grace
4. it's everything to me
5. ban this book
6. let it go out
7. dragged around the lawn
8. faith

Track list is too long and complex to write out, check it out here

1. Coyote (2015-2021)