Monday 30 December 2013

Todos Caerán

Todos Caerán are a screamo/post-hardcore/post-rock band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada (which has an awesome screamo scene, with a bunch of bands that are definitely worth checking out, this band included). These guys take influence from all the greats of the genre, such as Portraits Of Past, City Of Caterpillar, Funeral Diner, Daïtro, etc. It's been amazing to follow them from release to release for the past few years and hear their development, as they began incorporating more experimental dark, atmospheric, post-rock stylings into their core screamo sound, making their songs more dynamic and expansive, and for lack of a better word, epic. This is displayed on their newest album, called Town Of Cats, which is easily one of the best records this year in its genre, even though its only been out for a few days now. So check it out, and be sure to check out all of their other material, too. These guys are an amazing band that deserve all the attention they can get. Enjoy.

1. Comfort In Chaos
2. Lilliputian Heroes
3. The Futility Of The Fight Or Flight Response
4. Answers
5. Questions

1. Bears - A Boy In Paris
2. Bears - We All Have Rocks In Our Shoes
3. Todos Caerán - Aspirations
4. Todos Caerán - Illusions

1. Lizards Have Personalities - Je suis fait d'ombre et de marbre
2. Lizards Have Personalities - Ptolomea
3. ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Dr. John Dee
4. ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! - Sin Dolor No Hay Presencia
5. Todos Caerán - The Gernsback Contiuum
6. Todos Caerán - The Fragments of a Hologram Rose
7. Book Of Caverns - Marial Bai
8. Book Of Caverns - Champion City

1. Todos Caerán - The Disposessed
2. Todos Caerán - Left Hand Of Darkness
3. Todos Caerán - The Gernsback Continuum
4. Gumilinski - The Blind Opera Overtue
5. Gumilinski - La Guerra
6. Gumilinski - Yes, We Know...

1. After Dark
2. The Wild Sheep Chase
3. Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
4. Dance Dance Dance
5. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle

1. Mahria - Scarlet Letter
2. Mahria - Blind
3. Mahria - Mask
4. Mahria - Self Sacrifice
5. Mahria - Smog Line
6. Todos Caerán - Diamond Age
7. Todos Caerán - Snow Crash

1. Polina - Sexposiyouth
2. Polina - Monroe Is A Hole
3. Bonehouse - Gentle Bones
4. Bonehouse - Paper Thin Lungs
5. Kaddish - Catastrophising
6. Kaddish - To Make Use Of Fate. To Take Care Of Time.
7. Todos Caerán - Perdido Street Station
8. Todos Caerán - City And The City

21. Todos Caerán - Tigers (Orchid cover)

Full comp here

1. Tel Fyr - Almsivi Intervention
2. Tel Fyr - Sermon 15
3. Tel Fyr - Cult Of Winter
4. Tel Fyr - Aedra
5. Todos Caerán - Flow My Tears
6. Todos Caerán - Man In The High Castle
7. Todos Caerán - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep
8. Todos Caerán - Valis

1. Norwegian Wood
2. South of the Border, West of the Sun
3. Underground
4. 1Q84
5. Kafka On The Shore
6. Sputnik Sweetheart


Dangers are a hardcore band from California that formed in 2004. Since then they've been active on-and-off, though always deliver when they get together. Currently they've got tour dates lined up, and a new EP due next year (finally), so be sure to look out for those things. Dangers comes from the same scene that spawned other bands such as Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb,  Comadre, and Punch, so are semi-comparable to those bands, though still are quite definitive on their own. In a genre such as hardcore which is known for being pissed-off, to be known as a band within that genre as being extremely pissed off is no easy feat. But Dangers pull it off, and holy shit is it intense. Their instrumentals are always impassioned, with well-crafted songs and riffs, though what really gets me is the vocals. They are incredibly charismatic, while still being ridden with anger. This suits the lyrics, which I absolutely love. Lyrically, they are socially and personally aware, but with a witty sensibility and delivery. They are incredibly well-thought out, and certainly worth looking at. These guys probably have some of my favourite lyrics from any hardcore band, regardless of sub-genre or era. Enjoy.

1. We Broke The P.A.
2. I Like The Way You Look But I Don't Like You
3. 90266
4. MacKinnon
5. Did You Just Say "Faggot"?
6. We Have More Sense Than Lies

1. My Whole Entire Unit
2. 90266
3. Did You Just Say "Faggot"?
4. Neo Neo-Nazis (Stop F.ucking S.hit U.p)
5. I Like The Way You Look But I Don't Like You
6. Yes, Ticketmassa' [No Stage Required]
7. Stella Lost Her Grooves

1. We Broke The P.A.
2. Power Chord Blues
3. A Missed Chance for a Meaningful Abortion
4. Gashing In
5. Half Brother, All Cop
6. My Wonder Years Never Got Cancelled
7. Break Beat
8. Shop Till You Drop Dead
9. War? What War?
10. The Tiki House
11. Great Wall of California
12. Naysayer
13. (D)anger(s)
14. We Have More Sense Than Lies

1. Stay-At-Home Mom
2. I'll Clap When I'm Impressed
3. Pyramid Of Empties
4. Saved By The Buoyancy Of Citrus
5. Check, Please
6. Opposable
7. Cure For Cancer
8. Cure For Aids
9. Straight As She Wants To Be
10. Under The Affluence
11. Teenage Porno Hunter
12. Goliath
13. (Messy, Isn't It?)
14. Bottom Of The 9th Ward
15. Tarantula Type
16. What Goes Up
17. No Vonneguts, No Glory
18. (Love Poem)
19. The El Segundo Blue Butterfly Habitat Preserve

1. The Mourning Routine
2. (Santa Anas)
3. Midnight Traffic
4. Puncture Wound
5. Eureka! Moments
6. Five O'Clock Shadows at the Edge of the Western World

1. Human Noose
2. Those Sad Plebes Down Below
3. Darkest Arts
4. The Bend In The Break
5. Kiss With Spit
6. Loose Cigarettes
7. The Great American Songbook...
8. Softer Science
9. It's The Devil I Love
10. The Straight World
11. Very Small And Weak In A Land Of Barbarians
12. ...In Sharp Decline
13. To Finn, With Our Regrets 

Neck Deep

Neck Deep are a five-piece pop punk band from Wrexham, Wales, UK, that formed in 2012.  Despite their short existence, they're already becoming a very prominent name in modern pop punk, particularly as being one of the frontrunners in the UK scene. They're stylistically similar to bands such as Such Gold, The Story So Far, Real Friends, Handguns, Transit, and A Loss For Words. They have a full-length coming out in 2014 on Hopeless Records, and already have two great EP's to their name. These guys get requested a lot, so I hope you enjoy.

1. Kick It
2. Silver Lining
3. What Did You Expect?
4. Over And Over
5. A Part Of Me (feat. Laura Whiteside)
6. I Couldn't Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago
7. All Hype, No Heart

1. Up In Smoke
2. Tables Turned
3. Head To The Ground

1. Losing Teeth
2. Crushing Grief (No Remedy)
3. Staircase Wit
4. Damsel In Distress
5. Zoltar Speaks
6. Growing Pains
7. Say What You Want
8. Mileage
9. Sweet Nothings
10. What Did You Expect?
11. Blank Pages
12. Candour

1. Neck Deep - Crushing Grief (No Remedy)
2. Neck Deep - Growing Pains
3. Knuckle Puck - Gold Rush
4. Knuckle Puck - Fences 

1. Citizens Of Earth
2. Threat Level Midnight
3. Can't Kick Up The Roots
4. Kali Ma
5. Gold Steps
6. Lime St.
7. Serpent
8. The Beach Is For Lovers (Not Lonely Losers)
9. December
10. Smooth Seas Don't Make Good Sailors
11. I Hope This Comes Back To Haunt You
12. Rock Bottom

1. Serpents (Mark Hoppus Remix)
2. Serpents
3. Can't Kick Up The Roots (Mark Hoppus Remix)
4. Can't Kick Up The Roots

2. Happy Judgment Day
3. The Grand Delusion
4. Parachute
5. In Bloom
6. Don't Wait (feat. Sam Carter)
7. Critical Mistake
8. Wish You Were Here
9. Heavy Lies
10. 19 Seventy Sumthin'
11. Where Do We Go When We Go
12. Beautiful Madness
13. Worth It

1. Sonderland
2. Fall
3. Lowlife
4. Telling Stories
5. When You Know
6. Quarry
7. Sick Joke
8. What Took You So Long
9. Empty House
10. Little Dove
11. I Revolve (Around You)
12. Pushing Daisies

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck is a five-piece pop punk band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in 2011. They have a golden sound, catchy songs, and great lyrics. I honestly don't know how to correctly describe how fucking radical these guys are, so my only recommendation is to download all of their music and just enjoy it. If you're a fan of Real Friends, Post Season, and/or The Wonder Years, Knuckle Puck is a band for you.

1. Woodwork Acoustic (feat. Dan Lambton of Real Friends)
2. Poor Excuses

1. Give Up
2. Stuck
3. Woodwork

1. Everything Must Go
2. Your Back Porch
3. Stateside
4. No Good
5. Your Back Porch (Acoustic)
6. No Good (Acoustic)

1. Neck Deep - Crushing Grief (No Remedy)
2. Neck Deep - Growing Pains
3. Knuckle Puck - Gold Rush
4. Knuckle Puck - Fences 

1. Transparency
2. Oak Street
3. Alexander Pl.
4. But Why Would You Care?
5. In My Room
6. Bedford Falls

1. Wall To Wall (Deprecation)
2. Disdain
3. Poison Pen Letter
4. Swing
5. Ponder
6. Evergreen (feat. Dan Lambton)
7. True Contrite
8. Stationary
9. In Your Crosshairs
10. Pretense
11. Untitled

1. Nervous Passenger
2. Twist
3. Double Helix
4. Gone
5. Everyone Lies To You
6. Stuck In Our Ways
7. Want Me Around
8. Conduit
9. Wait
10. Plastic Brains

1. Conduit
2. Twist
3. Nervous Passenger
4. Gone
5. Wait

1. 20/20
2. Tune You Out
3. Sidechain
4. Earthquake
6. Breathe (feat. Derek Sanders)
7. What Took You So Long?
8. Into The Blue
9. Green Eyes (Polarized)
10. True North
11. Miles Away

Modern Baseball

Modern Baseball are a four-piece emo/punk/indie/alternative band from Maryland, formed in 2011. They are currently signed to Run For Cover Records.
Modern Baseball is one of the best bands to form in the past 10 years (in my opinion). They're catchy and relatable, capturing aspects of love and loneliness and what it feels like to grow up in this day and age. Definitely check these dudes out if you're a fan of The Front Bottoms, Tigers Jaw, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Joyce Manor, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, etc., and even if you don't like those bands (which would be seriously weird), download their album "Sports." It's perfect. Thanks Lava!

1. Best Friend
2. Short
3. My Love
4. Casket
5. Home

1. Marietta - Yeah Yeah Utah
2. Marietta - Green Call Her Sims
3. Modern Baseball - Hope
4. Modern Baseball - It's Cold Out Here

1. Re-Do
2. Tears Over Beers
3. The Weekend
4. @chl03k
5. Hours Outside In The Snow
6. I Think You Were In My Profile Picture Once
7. Re-Done
8. Cooke
9. See Ya, Sucker
10. Look Out
11. Play Ball!
12. Coals

Modern Baseball/The Hundred Acre Woods (2013)
1. Modern Baseball - (240)
2. Modern Baseball - Re-Do
3. The Hundred Acre Woods - All I Love
4. The Hundred Acre Woods - Left Of The Hill

1. Dikembe - I Watch A Lot Of Jackie Chan Movies (Acoustic)
2. The Hotel Year - Settle The Scar
3. Modern Baseball - Voting Early
4. Old Gray - The Foxes Begin To Starve
5. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - The Hour of Pearl
6. Pentimento - It Happens To The Best Of Us

1. Fine, Great
2. Broken Cash Machine
3. Rock Bottom
4. Apartment
5. The Old Gospel Choir
6. Notes
7. Charlie Black
8. Tommy Bowers
9. Going To Bed Now
10. Your Graduation
11. Two Good Things
12. Pothole

1. Best Friend
2. Short
3. My Love
4. Casket
5. Home
6. Hope
7. It's Cold Out Here
8. The Weekend (Demo)
9. Tears Over Beers (Demo)
10. Phone Tag
11. (240)
12. Re-Do (Acoustic)
13. Rock Bottom (Demo)
14. Voting Early
15. Pothole (Demo)
16. Green Eggs and Ham

Note: Compilation album of old songs/demos/b-sides that is only available on CD during their current tour

1. The Waterboy Returns
2. Alpha Kappa Fall of Troy The Movie Part Deux (2 Disc Directors Cut)
3. Infinity Exposed
4. The Thrash Particle
5. ...And Beyond
6. Revenge Of The Nameless Ranger

1. Holy Ghost
2. Wedding Singer
3. Note To Self
4. Mass
5. Every Day
6. Hiding
7. Coding These To Lukens
8. Breathing In Stereo
9. Apple Cider, I Don't Mind
10. What If...
11. Just Another Face