Saturday, 12 December 2020

Viva Belgrado

Viva Belgrado are a four-piece screamo/post-hardcore/post-rock band from Córdoba, Spain that began in 2012.  They've released three albums since that, a demo, and a fantastic EP. Sonically, they play heavily into their post-rock influences, with melodic, delayed guitars slathered in reverb and tons of tremolo picking. In quieter moments, they also incorporate some spoken word. When the songs build up, they hit their screamo peaks, with throat-searing vocals and powerful instrumentals. On their latest album, they slightly eschew their screamo roots for a cleaner sound, with a mix of singing and sing-speaking taken the forefront. There's some clear La Dispute influence here, especially with the vocal flows and post-hardcore instrumental leanings. This band crafts some absolutely beautiful songs, and are a prime example of how emotion can transcend language. Enjoy.

1. Conflagración
2. Ego Redibo, Tu Nunquam
3. Ersa 
4. Crisálida
5. Uróboros

1. Catedrales
2. Reykjavík
3. El Gran Danés
4. ( )
5. Terminalia

1. Báltica
2. De Carne y Flor
3. Madreselva
4. Höstsonaten
5. Los Olivos
6. Cáncer, Capricornio
7. ~
8. La Reina Pálida
9. Osario
10. Córdoba 2014

1. Calathea
2. Pleiades/Pasaportes
3. Por la mañana temprano
4. Aeropuertos
5. Erida
6. Annapurnas
7. Transatlántica
8. Fresas Salvajes
9. Apaga la llum
10. Cassiopeia/Contraluces
11. Ravenala

1. Una Soga
2. Bellavista
3. Cerecita Blues
4. Más Triste Que Shinji Ikari
5. Un Collar
6. Ikebukuro Sunshine
7. Vicios
8. Shibari Emocional
9. Amapolita Blues
10. Lindavista
11. ¿Qué Hay Detrás de la Ventana?

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