Saturday 27 October 2012


Mahria (Marr-ee-uh) is a four-piece emotive hardcore/screamo band from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). There's actually quite a few really good bands from there, which is funny since I didn't even realise that there was anything remotely resembling civilisation between Ontario and B.C., but apparently I'm wrong (and this is why I fail don't try to humour people). Anyway, they are easily one of my favourite screamo bands
around now, even possibly of all time.
Their Facebook's influence citations give you a pretty good idea of where they're coming from: Yaphet Kotto, Kidcrash, Loma Prieta, La Quiete, Celeste, Orchid, Beach House, Joy Division, Converge, and Hiretsukan. Mahria are female-fronted and can be quite diverse vocally: shrill screams, spoken pants, male backing vocals. As a band, they incorporate melodic, atmospheric, very beautiful guitar parts as well as gritty, jarring, dissonance. They know how to keep things interesting is what I'm trying to get at. They're a really tight band with some amazing jams. I highly, highly recommend anyone into the aforementioned bands (maybe with the exception of Beach House and Joy Division for obvious reasons, though they're still both amazing bands) check them out if you haven't done so already. At this point they've put out a split 10" with the amazing Todos Caerán and an EP. They'll also appear on an Orchid cover compilation being put out by Dog Knights Productions alongside a ton of amazing bands later this. They may have a few more splits (they just put one out with Vancouver-based band Watcher, at the end of 2012) and a full-length coming, all of which will be posted as soon as I can get them. Enjoy.

1. Mahria - Scarlet Letter
2. Mahria - Blind
3. Mahria - Mask
4. Mahria - Self Sacrifice
5. Mahria - Smog Line
6. Todos Caerán - Diamond Age
7. Todos Caerán - Snow Crash

1. Lights
2. Justification Of An Old Man
3. Ghost Limb
4. Wagering Life
5. Sleep
6. Instrumental
7. Save Yourself

1. Mahria - Lady Problems
2. Mahria - Fault
3. Watcher - The Father, The Son, And The Hot Doggin' Ghost
4. Watcher - I May Be A Chump, But Champs Change
5. Watcher - No Limit Soldiers (Vs The West Texas Rednecks) 

Epilogue Of A Car Crash...A Tribute To Orchid (2013)
22. Mahria - Let's Commodify Sexuality

Note: Full comp here


Ravachol are a four-piece screamo band from the UK. They got started in early 2011 I think, and unfortunately broke up earlier this year (2012). They're female-fronted, the guitar's fairly clean, you'll definitely like them if you're into La Quiete, Raein, Suis La Lune, etc., if you haven't heard them already. They put out two EP's and a split. There's also a remastered version of Great Moments In The Void on their Bandcamp if you want to check that out too (and if you really want to download that and enjoy being cheap [don't we all?] just leave a comment and I'll upload it too). Enjoy.

1. Just Another Month
2. Great Moments In The Void
3. Know / Learn
4. Meinhof
5. Sale Sell Sold

1. Ravachol - Three
2. Ravachol - Equilibrium
3. We Came Out Like Tigers - The Sailor Does Not Pray For Wind, He Learns To Sail
4. We Came Out Like Tigers - Do Not Say Reduced To Tears

1. Futile Theoretic
2. Prerequisite Silence
3. Sono Un Robot
4. A Brief Allegory On Wasted Time