Friday 21 June 2019

Long Distance Runner

Long Distance Runner are a five-piece screamo band from Auckland, New Zealand that began in 2016. They share members with Parents, Sere, How Get, and Body 125. Now two releases in, Long Distance Runner have come bursting out with some of the most chaotic and strangely anthemic screamo I have ever heard. If you combine Orchid, Bay Area hardcore, and a dash of noise rock, this is what you get. Their latest release, No Escape, is virtually flawless, and one of the most blood-pumping and throttling releases this year. This band has carved out something incredible here, and I cannot recommend this enough. Enjoy.

1. I Fall
2. No Value
3. None Like Me
4. The Mask
5. No More Regrets
6. A Savage Place

1. The Downcast
2. Eulogy
3. The First Lie
4. Fear Of Life
5. Black Mirror
6. No Escape

Wednesday 19 June 2019


Overo are a four-piece emo/screamo band from Houston, Texas that began in late 2018. They were formed by members of football, etc. and Perfect Future. If you're familiar with those two bands, you've already got a good idea of what Overo sound like, as they blend the melancholic chords and sweeping vocals of the former with the pounding drums and distorted chaos of the latter, with impassioned screams to complete the dual-vocal duo. This band really does sound like a seamless amalgamation of its members past work, which leads to a new and incredibly refreshing listen. Their debut, self-titled LP is being released by both Count Your Lucky Stars and Middle-Man Records, which are essential mainstays in their respective emo/screamo worlds, putting Overo in the center of this metaphorical Venn diagram. Enjoy.

1. Cold Concrete
2. Shattered

1. The Dead
2. Constellations
3. Pact
4. Summer Wheat
5. Interlude
6. Pine And Black Oak
7. Dark Eyes
8. Diffraction
9. Joseph

1. Overo - Haunted By Heat
2. Overo - Near The End
3. Asthenia - Humans
4. Asthenia - Ghosts

1. Overo - Another Year In Hell
2. Overo - A Hole In The Earth
3. Punch On! - Gore-tex Aorta
4. Punch On! - Rokycany
5. Punch On! - Defensive About Being On Fire
6. Zochor - Have You Considered Going There?
7. Zochor - Syncopation
8. Coma Regalia - Uncoming
9. Coma Regalia - In Sentiment Only
10. Coma Regalia - Further Into You

1. Walls
2. Dumpster Full of Glass
3. Never
4. Chestnut Hill
5. Fading
6. Lung Compliance / Witness (feat. Roberto Tejada)
7. It Won't Be Pretty
8. Body
9. Lost Our Way
10. Without You

Monday 17 June 2019


Caracara are a four-piece indie/alternative band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that have been around since at least 2017. Their debut LP came out that same year, and was produced by Jake Ewald of Modern Baseball and Slaughter Beach, Dog. It was recently followed up with a new single, Better, which is one of the most powerful songs I think I've heard all year (with two other incredible tracks to boot). The latter was produced by Will Yip. Not only do they have a penchant for good producers, but a particular soft spot for sad songs. That's really the best descriptor for them, as their sound is quite hard to pin down, with an array of influences and each song offering up new ideas and textures. What remains consistent though is the incredibly strong songwriting, gorgeous instrumental arrays, and gripping lyrical content. To provide you with a very vague and not super-accurate comparison, fans of bands like Pianos Become The Teeth, mewithoutYou, Foxing, and Slaughter Beach, Dog will probably dig them. Also, if a mix of indie rock, post-hardcore, shoegaze, and emo influences sound appealing, absolutely check this out. Enjoy.

1. Evil
2. Glacier
3. Pontchartrain
4. Burn Me I'm Made of Matches
5. Revelatory
6. Prenzlauerberg
7. Interlude
8. Oh Brother
9. Apotheosis
10. Another Night
11. Crystalline
12. Vulpecula

1. Better
2. New Chemical Hades
3. Learn Your Love

1. My Thousand Eyes
2. Hyacinth
3.  Colorglut (feat. Anthony Green)
4. Nocturnalia
5. Ohio
6. Peeling Open My Eyelids
7. Song For Montana Wildhack
8. Strange Interactions In The Night
9. Useful Machine
10. Harsh Light
11. Monoculture

Friday 7 June 2019

Letters To Catalonia

Letters To Catalonia are a three-piece screamo band from Los Angeles, California that began in 2015. Sonically, they can be loosely compared to bands like Neil Perry or Loma Prieta, but with a more hardcore edge to them. Their output is fairly short, with only a demo and split fully released. In 2017, they release a three-track teaser titled fragmentary, which included songs meant for an LP due out in 2018. No word on when/if that will come to fruition, seeing as some members are currently active in the incredible and very busy SeeYouSpaceCowboy. For now their discography to date is super solid, and I can't believe it's taken me this long to get a post up on them, seeing as I'm fairly certain I've mentioned them multiple times already. Enjoy.

1. I
2. III
3. II

1. letters to catalonia - how'd u like it if i milked u?
2. letters to catalonia - decay
3. letters to catalonia - my lyfe is a pyramid scheme nd yr just a [s]quare
4. ilill - intro
5. ilill - hana
6. ilill - nanae

1. manufacturing optimism
2. insignificance
3. if i hear one more flip flop outta you dude... i'm gonna throw up in my mouth

Sunday 2 June 2019


Amygdala are a five-piece hardcore band from San Antonio, Texas that began in 2014. Beginning with a self-released tape, they have continually grown with staunch DIY values and a very vocal powerful political message, which is just as crucial to this band as their music. They give a voice to oppressed and marginalized people, including people of colour, members of the LGBTQ community, and women, by directly addressing very current issues affecting these individuals, and relay that message through their lyrics and at their shows. It's a crucial part of the band, and one that makes them one of the most important hardcore bands in recent years. Not to mention, their music is incredible and extremely intense, and blends together elements of early metalcore and screamo through a distinctly hardcore lens. They recently released their newest album on legendary metal label Prosthetic Records, which will hopefully put this band on a much wider radar, because they deserve to be heard. Enjoy,

1. One joy will scatter a hundred sorrows
2. It may be those who do most, dream the most
3. Forever Love
4. Stardust
5. Neurodegeneration
6. Punk has no room for closet misogynists

1. Amygdala - You Can't Handle The Truth
2. Amygdala - Floricanto
3. Saligia - No Halo, No Crown
4. Saligia - Phoenix

1. Rose Buds
2. Punkerxs Del Barrio
3. Apathetic Psychoanalyst
4. These men aren't sorry
5. We are the resistance
6. Healing in a world where we don't exist
7. Wandering Eyes
8. Population Control II
9. Abandon All Patriarchy
10. Counteractive Activist

1. Born Into Abuse
2. Why Can't I Heal?
3. It Takes A Village
4. I Hate To Say It
5. Look Back And Reflect
6. Semillas
7. 18 Years And Counting
8. Our Bodies, Our Choice
9. We Exist//Yo Existo
10. BPD Versus Me
11. I Wish Upon A Shooting Star