Thursday 29 August 2019

Olde Pine

Olde Pine are a three-piece indie/emo/punk band from Worcester, Massachusetts that began in 2011. They've been nothing but awesome since then, being with some energetic, twinkle-heavy fests, and continuing to change and mature, bringing consistently strong instrumental and songwriting chops to the table. Fans of bands like Coping, Our Sunday Affairs, and Tawny Peaks can definitely jam to this. Enjoy.

1. For Twinny
2. Dutch Apple Pie
3. That's Gift

1. for twinny
2. dutch apple pie

1. Foreskin Jetpack
2. Samsquamch
3. Bob Cousy's Queezy Woozie Koozie

1. Liquor Quickly

1. Ham Porter
2. Buy A Pound, Smoke A Pound
3. Delgrengo's
4. Ray Ramano's Re-Runs
5. Mr. Pavo's Jackhammer Tricks
6. Dope Anchor
7. King Tut's Burial Mask Has Been "Irreversibly Damaged"
8. The Hot Stuff
9. I'm Gonna Shoot (cr-Emo)
10. Why Not Piss Outside?

1. Wax & Wane
2. Have A Bad Day
3. Caught In A Feeling

Friday 23 August 2019

Mind Eraser

Mind Eraser are a hardcore/powerviolence band from Boston, Massachusetts that began in 2003, and I'm not sure if they ever officially broke up, but they haven't been active in years. They play a brutal brand of hardcore, with clear powerviolence influences and even hints of sludge and death metal in the mix. Fans of Hatred Surge and Mammoth Grinder will definitely see the appeal here. They put out 3 fantastic LP's, none of which should be slept on. Enjoy.

1. Internal Dialogue
2. Thawed Out
3. Burn
4. Subtle Entity
5. Last Words
6. Pro-Life No Mind
7. Amazing Solution
8. Chewed Up, Spit Out

1. Neutral Words
2. Thawed Out
3. Internal Dialogue
4. What Did I Do?
5. Finished
6. Subtle Entities
7. Clever Lines
8. Psychotic
9. You Weren't Right
10. Last Words
11. Don't Find Me
12. Human Waste
13. Amazing Solution
14. Chewed Up, Spit Me

1. Abuse Excuse
2. Manhood
3. Coping Methods
4. Equation
5. Full Spectral Dominance
6. Schizophrenic
7. Yesman
8. Wroteoff
9. Shutting Down
10. Deviant Sadistic
11. Time Served (And What You Leave Behind)
12. Juggling Anxieties

1. Conscious
2. Unconscious

1. World Unfolds
2. Manipulate
3. Spear
4. Cheap Disguise
5. Baggage
6. Insertion
7. Withdrawal Symptoms
8. Constant Victim
9. Finished
10. The Prodigal Son Brings Death

1. World Unfolds
2. Brought Back To Life
3. FYA
4. Discriminate Me (Agnostic Front)
5. Teenagers (The Meat Puppets)
6. Drugshit (Ripcord)
7. Consciousness
8. Phonophobic
9. Boiling Point (SSD)
10. Can't You See (Crippled Youth)
11. Fortress (Citizen's Arrest)
12. Human Waste (2010)
13. Neutral Worlds (2010)
14. Supremacy-2
15. Crushing In My Dreams
16. Prime (remix)

Thursday 22 August 2019


Takaru were a five-piece hardcore/screamo band from San Francisco, California that began in 2002 and broke up in 2005. They shared members with bands such as Funeral Diner, A Days Refrain, and Kwatiutl Cannibal Society. They played a ferocious style of hardcore with a heavy emphasis on political subjects and screamo sonic leanings. They released one album and two fantastic splits (both with bands also worth checking out). Enjoy.

1. A Light In The Attic - Only In Lies
2. A Light In The Attic - Moments and Monuments
3. A Light In The Attic - Even Plagues
4. A Light In The Attic - The Remembered Break In Time
5. A Light In The Attic - In Communication
6. Takaru - 160 Lbs. Of Fury
7. Takaru - True Mathematics
8. Takaru - Torrential Reigns
9. Takaru - 1849 Revisited
10. Takaru - A Truly Clearchannel
11. C.owardly F.eeding S.ilence

1. Have At It Hoss
2. Revenge of the Nerds
3. You Will Fail
4. Pic N Choose
5. Ring Bearer
7. Baby I'm A Manarchist
8. Split Decision
9. Agri-Vation
10. Charge It To Valhalla
11. Brodeo Drive

1. The Assistant - I Have A Name
2. This Ship Will Sink - George Bush Could Fuck Up A Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich
3. Takaru - Attack Of The Drones
4. Takaru - Chronophobia
5. Takaru - Why Don't You Ask Me? Motherfucker??

Tuesday 20 August 2019


Jazzbrunch are a screamo/post-hardcore/post-metal band from Sweden that got started this year. This is a fantastic new project that features members of two other incredible bands, namely Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket and Totem Skin. They released their debut EP a while back, which features two sprawling compositions of dynamic exploration and intensity, courtesy of the screamo/post-hardcore influence that really cuts through.

"Idiocracy" is a dark, and hard-hitting introduction, which builds monuments to dark clouds amdist a flurry of drums, tremolo-picked guitars, reverb and distortion. The latter track, "An Invitation to an Enormous Disappointment" takes a slightly more melodic approach, but still thrashes through some heavy crescendos before the waves break for the mid-section of the track, which features sparse drumming, atmospheric guitar work, and gentle plucks of piano keys below an incredibly passionate vocal delivery. The song ends with an incredibly symphonic conclusion, which on one hand is a fantastic wrap-up to this EP, but on the other leaves you ready for way more material from these guys.

Fans of the aforementioned bands will undoubtedly love this, as it sounds like an amalgamation of the two, with the sounds of Envy and Suffocate For Fuck Sake thrown into the mix. Their self-titled debut EP is out now via Zegema Beach Records on 7", and is limited to 200 copies. Order info can be found below. Enjoy!

1. Idiocracy
2. An Invitation to an Enormous Disappointment

Order the 7" here:

30 Second Motion Picture

30 Second Motion Picture were a four-piece post-hardcore band from Ottawa, Ontario that existed for a short time in 1996. They were formed by members of Shotmaker, a legendary band that if you have not heard I highly, highly suggest checking out as well. They were one of the first bands posted on here if you feel like flipping through the archives. 30 Second Motion Picture carried on a similar post-hardcore vein to their predecessor, but with far less recorded output. They recorded one demo in 1996, which was released posthumously a year later. This demo is what became Can't Kill Time, an incredibly solid effort. Enjoy.

1. The Hundred Hands
2. Fricative
3. Recovery Analysis
4. No Questions, No Answers
5. Input To Receiver
6. To Change A Mind

The Blacktop Cadence

The Blacktop Cadence were a four-piece indie/emo/post-hardcore band from Gainesville, Florida that were around from 1996 to 1998. They featured members of Hot Water Music and Baroque. Sonically, they were a little more subdued than their other projects, with emphasis being placed on melodic guitar chords, an intricate rhythm section, and forlorn vocal deliveries. During their brief tenure, they only released one album, titled Chemistry For Changing Times in 1997. They also were featured on one of the legendary Emo Diaries compilations with "Cold Night In Virginia". Their LP was reissued by No Idea Records in 2003, which included two bonus tracks, "Worthwhile" and the aforementioned song. Enjoy.

1. Last Night... After I Bought The Wine
2. Slowstep
3. Off-Track
4. Are You My Angel?
5. Forty Two
6. Sinker
7. I Don't Do Well In Social Situations
8. Sad Passing Shame
9. Station Me Wherever
10. Unlucky
11. Cold Night In Virginia (Bonus Track)
12. Worthwhile (Bonus Track)


Apostle are a three-piece hardcore band from Marietta, Georgia that began in 2017. They've had two releases thus far, with their recent LP Sufferer being the most notable. Sonically, they take from a multitude of heavy music leanings, with Trap Them and Birds in Row being the two names I think draw the most parallels. But really, if you're a fan of unique, down-tuned screamy hardcore, Apostle is right up your alley. Sufferer is highly recommended, though Shallow Graves is also an incredibly sharp offering. Enjoy.

1. Where I End
2. Cowards
3. Stranger
4. Faded & Broken
5. Hold Me Down
6. Where You Begin

1. Sentient
2. Prey
3. Taketh
4. Nearer My
5. Phantom Limb
6. Amor Eterno
7. Sparrow
8. Stasis
9. Abandoned
10. Mother

Saturday 17 August 2019

Soul Glo

First off, yes it has been a while since I've posted anything. It's not quite the ghosting that happened between April and September 2017, but it's been nearly 2 months. As I've said before, sometimes reality pops up and drags me away from here for a while, but I will always come back. And just like the aforementioned dark age, I'd like to start again with the band I had planned to post before disappearing. That of course is Soul Glo, a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that began in 2014.

Even before and to this day, I have a hard time knowing where to begin with this band. They're one of those acts that remind you why you fell in love with this genre in the first place, by bringing a brutal intensity, a sense of truth and honesty, and a pushing of the boundary in their respective musical landscape. All of these things are readily apparent on their most recent LP, The Nigga In Me Is Me, a staunch reminder that the voice of hardcore is more important and unique than ever today. There's only so much my dumbass can express, but a lot of incredible points are hit on poignantly in this interview with the band from 2017, so be sure to check that out. There's really no words I can conjure here, especially for a band that transcends all genre dichotomies with a landmark release such as their latest LP. Soul Glo seamlessly blend aspects of classic hardcore, powerviolence, noise rock, hip-hop, and even a touch of screamo appeal with their distinct take on a sonic assault.Their previous efforts, as exemplified on Untitled LP are no slouch either, and a physical manifestation of what "raw power" truly means. I implore everyone to check them out, both for their dire political relevance and insane musical aptitude. Enjoy.

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4
5. 5
6. 6
7. 7
8. Guilty Of Being... Wait.
9. New Humanism
10. Inextricable
11. Created In H.I.S. Image
12. Two Hits
13. Real Ass Life
14. Put Yr Head Down
15. Son Of A Gun
16. But Fucking Why?
17. Trigger Warning
18. Violence Against Black Women Goes Largely Unreported
19. The Movement Has No Head
20. Closer 2 Tha God

Note: Includes their debut " " from 2014

1. 22
2. 32
3. 21
4. noise tracc
5. 31
6. 24
7. 23
8. 27
9. 30

1. (Quietly) Do The Right Thing
2. 29
3. 2K (feat. Archangel)
4. Mathed Up
5. I'm On Probation

1. FL Style Permz
2. Rolling Loud, Hear My Cry
3. Screamo Del Barrio

1. Nigga Don't Uplift Me
2. Yerrrnin
3. B.o.m.b.s.

1. Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)
2. Coming Correct Is Cheaper
3. Thumbsucker
4. Fucked Up If True
5. Jump!! (Or Get Jumped!!!)((by the future))
6. Driponomics (feat. Mother Maryrose)
7. (Five Years And) My Family
8. The Thangs I Carry (feat. BEARCAT)
9. We Wants Revenge
10. John J (feat. Kathryn Edwards and Zula Wildheart)
12. Spiritual Level of Gang Shit (feat. McKinley Dixon and Lojii)