Thursday, 12 February 2015


Spraynard are a three-piece punk/indie/emo band from West Chester, Pennsylvania that formed in 2008, broke up in 2012, and reunited in 2014. These three young gents have knocked out some of the best jams this corner of the musical universe can offer. This is the soundtrack to small towns, skateboarding, and the summer, and the definition of "good vibes". Whether you're 15 or 30, Spraynard have got something to say. Funtitled is perfect from start to finish, get into it. If you like crunchy pop punk, such as Iron Chic, Latterman, or RVIVR, get into this band. I know I'm missing a few of their splits, but the majority of their discography is here, and the songs on the splits are compiled on The Mark Tom And Patrick Show. Enjoy.

1. Are You Ladies Familiar With the Work of Zach and Cody?
2. Timmy Gave Me a "G"
3. Don't Throw Me Down, Clark
4. Punch and Pie
5. Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
6. Mary Swanson
7. Just Like Mexico

1. Stickin' Together Is What Good Waffles Do
2. That's A Cake!
4. Different Cat, Same Result
5. That's No Moon
6. Take Your Shoes Off, Thank My Mom
7. The "Z" Sealed It For Me
8. Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
9. Say What You Want About Jesse...
10. Jay's Cafe
11. Damn Julie, Damn.

1. Spraynard - No Taxis In Malvern
2. Spraynard - Subsidizing Edward Norton
3. Sundials - Snowballs At Cops
4. Sundials - Fire Escape

1. I Care Not
2. The Denver Broncos Vs. The Denver Broncos
3. O.R. They?
4. Little Green Ghouls
5. We're Pretty Nice Guys
6. Ah Gun
7. Damn You, A Box
8. Spooky, Scary
9. Homies Where The Heart Is
10. Quite Exciting, This Computer Magic
11. Not Good Enough, Gary
12. Joe Gallgher's Fantasy Fun Camp

1. Can I Borrow A Feeling?
2. You Can't Get There From Here
3. Trembling
4. Intents And Purposes (Three Words)

1. Paramedic! - Hellz Yea!
2. Paramedic!/Spraynard - Yokozuna Daydreamer
3. Spraynard - Do You Guys Even Like U2? 
4. Spraynard -  Airports And Prank Phone Calls

1. Internet May Mays
2. Are You Ladies Familiar with the Work of Zach and Cody
3. Just Like Mexico
4. 84' Sheepdog
5. I'm Going to Look One More Time for That Baby Deer
6. Thrillhouse
7. Do You Guys Even Like U2?
8. Airports and Prank Phone Calls
9. No Taxis in Malvern
10. Subsidizing Edward Norton
11. Until Next Time
12. Our Retired Explorer
13. Live Recording at My Parents' House
14. Everyone Everywhere

1. Applebee's Bar
2. Buried
3. Medicine
4. Pond
5. Everywhere
6. Bench
7. Listen To Me
8. Lost Boys
9. Out Of Body
10. Home


  1. Really Great, thank you

  2. can you upload the new split with violent soho please? i can't find it anyware..

    1. :)

  3. Is there a way to get any of these again? I deff missed out on this band

  4. I'm not a big pop-punk fan but have a real appreciation Spraynard; they got reasonable success but remained dedicated to creating a scene in West Chester instead of migrating to the big city. They were very supportive of smaller bands and smaller scenes. Their drummer, Pat "Dos" Ware, is the drummer for Joyce Manor now. He was a real pro at drumming one-handed; I recall seeing him eat a banana or an ice cream cone while playing shows before.