Friday, 20 February 2015

White Lung

White Lung are a four-piece punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada that formed in 2006. They've slowly built up a solid reputation through some phenomenal albums and a stellar live show. A lot of discussion surrounding this band involves their similarities to riot grrrl bands such as Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, and Babes In Toyland. Though the influence is definitely there, the only prominent comparison would be the vocals, since White Lung are a female-fronted band, as well as most of the band's members being female (though they don't seem to have an overtly feminist agenda). The guitar work is very angular, and usually eschews the typical power-chord sound of punk in favour more post-punk influence, often employing sharp, bright, trebly, octave riffs. They play hard and fast, and waste no time getting to the point in each song. White Lung are probably one of the best and most notable "punk" bands around today, and definitely a personal favourite of mine. Every album they've put out is worth a listen, and each one is better than the last. Enjoy.

1. Local Garbage
2. Breaking Boxes
3. Amy White Out

1. Magazines
2. Therapy (Song For Chad)
3. Backhouse

1. Atlanta
2. 80,000 Times
3. D.O.I.

1. Viva La Rat
2. Atlanta
3. Sleep Creep
4. Two Seen
5. Elf/546 Kids
6. Psychoholic
7. Shoot
8. Loose Heels
9. Like Dad
10. Tale
11. Wild Failure

1. White Lung - Aristocrat

Note: White Lung side only

1. Take The Mirror
2. St. Dad
3. Thick Lip
4. Bag
5. Bunny
6. I Rot
7. Glue
8. Those Girls
9. The Bad Way
10. Deadbeat

1. Hunting Holiday
2. Two Of You

1. Blow It South
2. Down With You

1. Drown With The Monster
2. Down It Goes
3. Snake Jaw
4. Face Down
5. I Believe You
6. Wrong Star
7. Just For You
8. Sycophant
9. Lucky One
10. In Your Home

1. Dead Weight
2. Narcoleptic
3. Below
4. Kiss Me When I Bleed
5. Demented
6. Sister
7. Hungry
8. I Beg You
9. Vegas
10. Paradise