Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Major League

Alright, I know it's been a long time since I posted anything in the pop punk vein (partially because I admittedly don't listen to a lot that doesn't involve Milo), but here's an essential modern pop punk band for those of you who have been waiting: Major League.

Major League are a four-piece pop punk band from Manuta, New Jersey that formed in 2007. They were a five-piece until 2014, when their singer left, and guitarist took over vocal duties. If you already listen to bands like Handguns, Seaway, State Champs, and Knuckle Puck, along with the obvious Man Overboard and The Wonder Years, you already have a pretty good idea what Major League sound like. Their songs are catchy, they've got a solid energy, and their production work is really good. They're currently signed to No Sleep Records. Enjoy.

1. I Don't Like You, Whatsoever
2. What You Make Of It
3. Take Me
4. Six Ways To Lie
5. Head Up, Kid!
6. From States Away
7. The Truth Is...

1. Subject to Change
2. Together and Tonight
3. Need I Remind You
4. Seasons

1. Some Kids Just Can't Hang

Note: This was a Japan-only release that contained both The Truth Is... and Variables, plus this bonus track

1. Hard Feelings
2. Walk Away
3. Twenty Seven
4. Arrows Crossed
5. Nightmares
6. Because Heaven Knows
7. Pull Me Out
8. Landslide
9. Home Wrecker
10. Final Thoughts

1. Wallflower
2. Graves
3. Pillow Talk
4. Kaleidoscopes
5. Just As I Am
6. Montreal
7. Little Eyes
8. Recovery
9. Devil's Advocate
10. Bruiser
11. Rittenhouse


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  2. thank you, you rock!!

  3. I just found out they did a split and nobody I know has ever talked about it. Its called Cities and States and they did it with Giants At Large.