Thursday, 19 February 2015

Beach Slang

Beach Slang are a four-piece punk/rock/alternative band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that formed in 2013. They sound like a cluster of The Psychedelic Furs, Built to Spill, Archers Of Loaf, and Dinosaur Jr., with the heavy guitars of My Bloody Valentine and the songwriting of The Replacements and Jawbreaker.  They keep things melodic and energetic, in the best ways possible. Their vocals are distinct, though would make for a great "Steal My Sunshine" cover. Their songwriting is great, their lyrics are solid, they've got a solid, fuzzy guitar sound, and already have two perfect EP's out, and they can only get better from here. Beach Slang are easily one of the best up-and-coming bands around, so I highly suggest giving them a listen. Their name has been all over the place, so I'm sure they've already gotten around. Catch them on tour now with Cursive (aka the best band ever). Enjoy.

1. Filthy Luck
2. Kids
3. Get Lost
4. Punk Or Lust

1. All Fuzzed Out
2. Dirty Cigarettes
3. American Girls And French Kisses
4. We Are Nothing

1. Love My Way (The Psychedelic Furs cover)

1. Like A Daydream (Ride)
2. Anything, Anything (Dramarama)
3. Too Much Kissing (Senseless Things)
4. A Million Miles Away (The Plimsouls)
5. Pickin' Flowers For (Best Kissers In The World)

1. Throwaways
2. Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas
3. Noisy Heaven
4. Ride the Wild Haze
5. Too Late to Die Young
6. I Break Guitars
7. Young & Alive
8. Porno Love
9. Hard Luck Kid
10. Dirty Lights

3. About A Girl (Nirvana cover)

Note: Full comp here

1. Future Mixtape For The Art Kids
2. Atom Bomb
3. Spin The Dial
4. Art Tramps
5. Hot Tramps
6. Punks In A Disco Bar
7. Wasted Daze of Youth
8. Young Hearts
9. The Perfect High
10. Warpaint

1. Future Mixtape For The Art Kids
2. Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas
3. Androgynous
4. Thirteen

1. Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas
2. Noisy Heaven
3. Future Mixtape For The Art Kids
4. Filthy Luck
5. Dirty Cigarettes
6. Too Late To Die Young
7. Spin The Dial
8. Young Hearts
9. Throwaways
10. Warpaint


  1. Check out Old Flings from Asheville, North Carolina. Maybe you could post some of their work?

  2. The Cheap Thrills zip is broken. Keep getting error saying "file path could not be specified"

  3. Do you happen to have "Too Late to Die Young", the track from the upcoming compilation Strength In Weakness?

  4. So... You should do a Cursive post.

  5. PLEASE do Cursive!

  6. Wow besides the replacements similarities, I can also hear an early soul asylum comparison as well. Nice.

  7. Thank you! Do you think you could bring Weston onto the blog? It would be cool to see this band's predecessor.

  8. I love Sophie's Floorboard for showing me stuff like this that I would never otherwise find. Has that shoegaze revival sound verging on Yuck or Veronica Falls but the vocal delivery is so Archers of Loaf it comes off as something straight out the '90s that got dug out of a vault and mastered in 2015. I love it.

  9. Here's the newest Beach Slang EP -

  10. Do you have the new quiet slang album? :-)

  11. Is there any chance you could re up these? Please...