Thursday, 21 January 2021

Elements Of Need

Elements Of Need were a five-piece hardcore/emo band from Audobon, Pennsylvania that were around between 1994 and 1996. They were an early screamo band that took pretty clear influence from the Gravity Records roster. Sonically, the band balanced the quiet, gently arpeggiated moments with bursts of distorted, chaotic melancholy, a formula anyone familiar with this era will surely know. They are perhaps best known as being one of the bands Eric Wareheim (of Tim & Eric fame) was involved in, along with other bands such as I Am Heaven and Ink & Dagger. Their output is limited as expected, with just one EP and two splits (one of each being with the fantastic Frail), but all definitely worth checking out. Enjoy.

1. Scale
2. Prize Fight
3. Empty

1. Elements Of Need - Spanish Horses
2. Frail - American As Apple Pie
3. Frail - Simply By The Book

1. Elements Of Need - On 7
2. Elements Of Need - Industry Falls
3. Elements Of Need - I Bet You Look Great In Silicon
4. Jasmine - Heritage
5. Jasmine - Silence

Untitled (Inspirit, 1995)
Ride Pony Ride (Follow N Believe, 1996)

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