Thursday, 11 August 2022

Go It Alone

Go It Alone were a five-piece hardcore band from Vancouver, British Columbia that were around from 2002 to 2007. They put out two full-lengths, a handful of EP's and a split in that time. Sonically, they took influence from the era of youth crew bands before them, with breakneck drum beats, melodic guitars, self-reflective lyrics and tons of gang vocals. They brought a vulnerable and desperate energy to their aggression, with songs meant to be screamed in unison. It's no surprise they are often regarded as one of the finest melodic hardcore bands of the 2000's, and one that fans of bands such as Life Long Tragedy, Down To Nothing, and Sinking Ships will undoubtedly love if they're new to you. Their debut album, The Only Blood Between Us is probably where you want to start, as it's the highlight of their discography (in my opinion, at least) though Histories shouldn't be missed either. Enjoy.

1. Picking Up The Pieces
2. Close At Hand
3. Reflection
4. Turn It Off
5. Water Finds It's Own Level
6. Go It Alone

1. Statement
2. Our Mistakes
3. Silence
4. The Best Of You
5. Turn It Off
6. Picking Up The Pieces

1. Evelyn
2. Nightwatch
3. Ten Percent

1. Cold Winter
2. A Constant Refrain
3. Evelyn
4. The Only Blood Between Us
5. Nothing Gold
6. Flatline
7. Water Finds Its Own Level
8. Shallow Breathing
9. Faith And Fiction
10. Nightwatch
11. Inheritance
12. Nobody But You

1. Go It Alone - Ovaltine
2. Go It Alone - West Boulevard
3. Go It Alone - Daylight
4. Blue Monday - Maplewood
5. Blue Monday - Cathedral Square
6. Blue Monday - Rum Trum Trigger

1. Love
2. Histories
3. Beacon

1. Relics
2. Rapture
3. Deserter
4. Observer
5. Weight I
6. Love
7. Hate
8. Monastery
9. Grey
10. Weight II
11. Left Of Me

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