Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Scapeshift are a four-piece pop punk/emo band from the great city of Windsor, Ontario. They just released their debut EP, Reasons I Need To Disappear. Fans of early Title Fight, Real Friends, and Pentimento will definitely take interest in this. They blend the high-energy and catchiness of pop punk with the intricate guitar noodling and introspection of emo to create one hell of a solid EP. This is definitely recommended. "Heavily Played" and "You Should Have Left Me At The River" are essentials. Enjoy.

1. Near Mint
2. Lead Heart
3. Heavily Played
4. Teardrops And Art Museums
5. Eulogy (Good, Fuck 'em)
6. You Should've Left Me At The River
7. Teardrops and Art Museums (Acoustic Versions)