Friday, 24 February 2017

Boys Life

Boys Life were a four-piece emo/indie band from Kansas City, Missouri that formed in 1993 and broke up in 1997. They briefly reunited in 2015 for a tour behind the reissue of their second full-length (and classic album), Departures and Landfalls. Without a doubt, this band is one of the many beloved bands to come out of 90's indie/emo, and fans of bands like Christie Front Drive, Braid, The Promise Ring, Indian Summer, and Shotmaker will immediately see the appeal here. Boys Life were often melodic, but with some technical, off-kilter tendencies that showed some post-hardcore influence in the mix. They put out two full-lengths, both of which are fantastic. They also released a few 7" singles and splits, most of which I unfortunately don't have. If anyone has anything missing from here, please send 'em my way! Enjoy.

1. Lister
2. Without Doubt

1. Boys Life - Worn Thin
2. Giants Chair - Ever Present

1. Golf Hill Drive
2. Tucked In
3. A Quarter's Worth
4. Without Doubt
5. Lister
6. Breaker Breaker
7. Cloudy and 47
8. Temporary
9. Clay Hill

1. Christie Front Drive - Instant Romance
2. Christie Front Drive - Bowl
3. Christie Front Drive - Valentine
4. Boys Life - Sight Unseen
5. Boys Life - Homecoming
6. Boys Life - Two Wheeled Train

1. Fire Engine Red
2. All Of The Negatives
3. Twenty Four Of Twenty Five
4. Radio Towers
5. Sleeping Off Summer
6. Calendar Year
7. Friends For That
8. Painted Smiles

15. Sight Unseen (Live)


  1. please do milk teeth!! they are a fantastically underrated fantastic band

  2. here's that giants chair split.

  3. Have you got the split with Vitreous Humor?

  4. Hey there, the download link for Sight Unseen (Live) from (Don't Forget To) Breathe is down, could I get that back up by any chance? Thank you.