Friday, 10 February 2017

Everyone Asked About You

Everyone Asked About You were a four-piece emo/indie/twee pop band from Little Rock, Arkansas that were around in the late 90's (only '97 and '98 are definite years). Though relatively unknown in their heyday, they've built up a following over the years, almost exclusively because of their sole 7". Besides that self-titled EP, they only ever released one split and another EP, neither of which gained as much attention of the self-titled one. They did record an album in their time together, but it wouldn't be officially released until 2012.

Everyone Asked About You are one of 90's emo/indie's best kept secrets. They took the juvenile pop energy of Cap'n Jazz and blended it with some incredibly songwriting. They clearly had an ear for catchy melodies, in addition to the raw guitar sound employed by contemporary punk/emo bands. They band featured two vocalists, one female and one male. The female vocals are dominant, and unique to say the least. They're very high-pitched and "girly", for lack of a better word. This is really where the band's sugar-sweet pop influence comes in, and one of the major factors that sets them apart as being this fantastically unique project.  It's also a clear indicator of where bands like Rainer Maria and Football, etc. would take influence from. The male vocals often act as a backing voice for the female vocals, though sometimes take the lead in the gruffer parts of their songs. Fans of 90's era emo will definitely see what makes this band so special, and why that one 7" has held up so well over the years. Their full-length is also fantastic. This is one of many bands that make me glad to be in the Internet era of music, because underground gems like this may never have been unearthed (or at least hard as hell to find). Enjoy.

1. Paper Airplanes, Paper Hearts
2. Me Vs. You
3. It's Days Like This That Make Me Wish the Summer Lasted Forever
4. Everyone Asked About You

1. The Shyness Clinic - Barcelona To Madrid
2. Everyone Asked About You - I Will Wait
3. Everyone Asked About You - A Better Way To A Broken Heart 

1. Handsome, Beautiful
2. Sometimes Memory Fails Me Sometimes

1. Crazy
2. Boston
3. Song For Chris
4. Letters Never Sent
5. Taxi
6. Last Dance
7. Let's Be Enemies
8. Solitaire / Across Puddles
9. Greek To Me
10. Outro


  1. Literally just as I was talking about them trying to see if they were up here you put them up thank you so very much!

  2. Same drummer as The Body!

  3. an amazing band, thanks for writing about them.

  4. Thank you so much! This blog is an amazing discovery.

  5. holy shit this is one of my favorite blogs. whenever i need something sophie's floorboard has it. <3

  6. They have one more unreleased album, Lee Buford told me after a show. Someone please leak or release that album....

  7. Sem dúvidas, uma puta banda reconhecido por poucos