Sunday, 19 February 2017

Giants Chair

Giants Chair were a three-piece post-hardcore band from Kansas City, Missouri that formed in 1993 and broke up in 1997. They were a part of the burgeoning underground hardcore scene in the mid 90's that would be crucial in developing post-hardcore and emo into what we all know and love today. Though perhaps not as well-known as a band like Drive Like Jehu, or associated with a legendary label such as Gravity, Giants Chair are nonetheless an incredible act who put out two perfect albums. This band plays with such a tight complexity, with songs walking the line between melodic and aggressive. Their musicianship is impressive, and their songwriting ability only furthers the notion that they're one of the best post-hardcore bands of the 90's. I only have their two full-length albums, though they did release a few splits and such. If anyone has them, I'd really appreciate them being sent my way. Thanks "ogg future"!  Enjoy.

1. Common Cold
2. Weed Roses

1. Boys Life - Worn Thin
2. Giants Chair - Ever Present

1. New Orleans
2. Mother Brother Sister Lover
3. Gutshot and the Jogger
4. Mainline
5. Semi
6. Blue 88's
7. Kick The Can
8. Weed Roses
9. Fingerhood
10. Full on Flat White 

1. Purity And Control
2. The Callus

1. Nondescriptionist Ethic
2. Robbing Peter, Paying Paul
3. Single File Accident
4. Purity and Control
5. 1000 of Anything
6. Work as Fuel
7. The Speech
8. Blind in One Eye
9. The Ballad of Jody Hamilton
10. Muelbach Pigeon


  1. here's two of their seven-inches, i've put the boys life split in the comments on their page.

  2. Hello there, I really love your blog. It's really well down and catalogues the works of so many bands. I've been able to find a lot of music from a lot of bands all in one spot that I've been looking for.

    I was just wondering and hoping if I could get both singles Hot Boy / Purity And Control re uploaded, there download links are dead. Anyways, thank you for all you do on here and please keep it up. Thanks a bunch!

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  4. Just heard they have reunited and have a new album out.