Sunday, 17 December 2017

Ten Yard Fight

Ten Yard Fight were a five-piece hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts that formed in 1995 and broke up in 1999. Along with other Boston bands such as In My Eyes, they were a major factor in the revitalization of youth crew and straight edge in their era. Additionally, Ten Yard Fight were known for their football influence (the American kind, sport not band). They would occasionally play shows decked out in football gear, and some lyrics touched upon the sport. For the most part though, what they are remembered for is their passion and energy, which exploded in a relatively short of span, and across a handful of solid releases.

1. First And Ten
2. Line Of Scrimmage
3. Enough
4. Pit Of Equality
5. Drug Free Nation
6. Offsides
7. Till Death

1. Hardcore Pride
2. Forever
3. Where I Stand
4. Believe
5. Proud To Be Straight
6. Holding On

1. Ten Yard Fight - From The Start
2. Ten Yard Fight - Fear Of Failure
3. Ten Yard Fight - We Know The Truth
4. Fastbreak - Should Have Known
5. Fastbreak - For The Next Fall
6. Fastbreak - All The Things

1. Running Scared
2. Refuse To Change
3. The Same Side
4. We Know The Truth
5. Still Lives
6. You Taught Them
7. Lost Sight
8. Back On Track
9. Opportunities
10. Back It Up
11. False Convictions
12. Frame Of Mind
13. Our Times
14. Stronger Than Before

1. Glory Bound
2. Actions Speak
3. The Proof
4. The Only Way
5. What I Say
6. Don't Come Back
7. No Place

1. Back On Track
2. Pit of Equality
3. Proud To Be Straight
4. Hardcore Pride
5. Salad Days (Minor Threat cover)
6. Changes (with Mark Peters from Floorpunch)
7. The Only Way
8. Still Holding On
9. Running Scared
10. First And Ten

Drawing The Line
Falling Behind
Put It Aside (Youth Of Today cover)
Stand Against
Straight Edge In Your Face (Slapshot cover)

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  1. Here's another comp song. SSD cover of "Forced Down" for a SSD tribute record.

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