Friday, 8 December 2017

Elvis Depressedly

Elvis Depressedly are a two-piece lo-fi/indie rock band from Asheville, North Carolina that formed in 2011. Initially formed by vocalist/guitarist Mathew Lee Cothran (also of Coma Cinema), the project now includes drummer/keyboardist Delaney Mills. As their name suggests, they aren't the sunniest of soundtracks. With a decidedly lo-fi recording aesthetic, their drone-y, atmospheric sound ultimately clouds what are, at their core, indie pop songs. They're rounded off by some lonely chords, light percussion and despondent vocals, which all contribute to creating their distinct landscape.

The band's earliest material was self-released. Following the EP Holo Pleasures released on Birdtapes, they signed to Run For Cover Records and released New Alhambra. This was followed by a RFC re-release of Holo Pleasures, which also included a previously recorded/unreleased EP California Dreamin'. Elvis Depressedly has, without a doubt, been one of the most highly requested bands I have yet to post. Thus, they were an easy pick for one of the last bands to cover before 2018 hits. Enjoy.

1. bummer dreams
2. boy satan
3. save the planet kill yourself
4. turn blue
5. life sentence

1. jesus rots inside his grave
2. mickey yr a fuck up
3. kill me, mickey
4. die in the summertime (r.j.e)

1. cry babies
2. crazier with you
3. i'm never going to understand

1. daughter of a cop
2. prison line (so lovely)
3. my lai (amy's version)
4. waves of bad intention
5. exhaustion prevails
6. a bible in a bath of bleach
7. mickey's dead
8. warm wolves (milking mary)
9. u angel u
10. road side memorial (repeat)

1. mcdade
2. hotter sadness
3. bodil
4. madison acid
5. visiting angels
6. i bought a gun
7. hurt everything
8. i can't wait for you to die

1. okay
2. pepsi/coke suicide
3. inside you
4. teeth
5. weird honey
6. thinning out

1. thou shall not murder
2. n.m.s.s.
3. new alhambra
4. bruises (amethyst)
5. rock n' roll
6. big break
7. ease
8. new heaven, new earth
9. wastes of time

1. angel cum clean
2. slip
3. cop poet
4. holo pleasures (california dreamin')
5. nakamura
6. up in the air


  1. Thank you!!!
    Any chance we could get be your own pet sometime next year?

  2. Saw them live this year and they totally sucked. I asked them to play a song and they wouldn't. Their new stuff sucks. I hate them now

  3. thanks for sharing this band, hope in the future can share also Coma cinema.
    ps a big big thanks also for all the great music shared in the last years

  4. Love this band, seen them a few times now and they're awesome.

  5. Thank you, for keeping this place alive.


  6. I am Brazilian. And I was looking for these records. Thank you very much, indeed.

  7. thaaaaaaaaaaank you so much ;_; <3



  10. New album out now!