Friday, 26 February 2021

Wow, Owls!

Wow, Owls! were a five-piece screamo/hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia that were around from 2003 to 2006. Their output was pretty limited, with one incredible LP, a split, a demo, and a few final recordings. Sonically, they are fairly comparable to bands such as L'Antietam, Wolves, and Life At These Speeds with a dash of post-hardcore a la At The Drive-In. They played with a burgeoning energy and distinct attitude, creating tension with angular chords and heavy syncopation. Their LP, Pick Your Patterns is sorely underrated, and I highly suggest anyone who has not heard give it a listen, I think a lot of people who frequent this blog would dig it. The only other note to make on their discography is the compilation Pee Sout, which includes their demo (also included here), a remix and the final three songs they recorded. Members went on to play in Best Practices and Mouthbreather. Enjoy.

1. Initiate Mind Explosion Sequence
2. Five Sexy Alligators, Please
3. Chris, Did You Ruin The Dance Party?
4. Cole Hutchison: 1982-2012
4. 1989: The Best Four Years Of My Life
6. More Explosive Than A Jerry Bruckheimer Joint
7. Mind Explosion: The Saga Continues

1. The Setup - My T-Shirt Has Something Important to Say
2. Wow, Owls! - Hissy Fits and Temper Tantrums
3. Wow, Owls! - Cole Hutchinson 1982-2012

1. 1989: The Best Four Years of My Life
2. Your New Favorite Song
3. Five Sexy Alligators, Please
4. I'll Be Your Huckleberry
5. Destination: Pizza
6. Houston, We Have a Drinking Problem
7. Chris, Did You Ruin the Dance Party?
8. Saccharine for My Sweetie
9. Nominative Was The Case They Gave Me

1. Scary Barry
2. Gems
3. Let's Get The Fuck Out Of Raccoon City
4. Initiate Mind Explosion Sequence
5. Five Sexy Alligators, Please
6. Chris, Did You Ruin the Dance Party
7. Cole Hutchison 1982-2012
8. 1989, The Best Four Years of My Life
9. More Explosive Than A Jerry Bruckheimer Joint
10. Mind Explosion: The Saga Continues
11. Five Sexy Alligators, Please (Yeah Yeah Remix)


  1. band basically defined my 2004-2006, awesome

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  3. Fantastic band! Their influence in contemporary post-hardcore is undeniable. Also links for Louise Cypher are dead, pls reboot <3