Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Still Life

Still Life were a three-piece emo/punk band from Moorpark, California that formed in 1989 and broke up in 2003. That's an incredibly long time for a band like them to last, and oddly enough the only reason they broke up is because they had their equipment stolen, allegedly. When they started out, they had a similar sound to other 90's emo bands like Evergreen, The Hated, and Policy Of 3. They're kind of like the dark underbelly of the more well-known bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, and in my opinion just as good. Still Life were very prolific, releasing a ton of material compared to other bands of the era that only put out enough to scrounge up a single discography compilation. This also means that Still Life had time to evolve as a band, expanding their palette from its hardcore base into more experimental territory in their later years. Overall Still Life are a phenomenal band with a discography that is infinitely interesting to explore, so enjoy.

1. Still Life - Barriers
2. Evergreen - 250 Dollar Losers
3. Evergreen - Bully Rag

1. Empty Cage
2. Truth
3. Weak Foundations
4. In Time
5. A Song About Love
6. Kill No More
7. Tomorrow Brings
8. Minute Falling
9. Sunrise Sunset
10. Burning Like The Bridges Behind Us...

1. Sometimes
2. Outside Looking In

1. Tree
2. The Push And The Pull
3. Small

1. Still Life - Pecola Breedlove
2. Still Life - Memorial
3. Still Life - A Fieldmouse Lullaby
4. Still Life - Angel
5. Jara - Obsolete
6. Jara - My Own Private Lieutenant Calley
7. Jara - Power Chant
8. Jara - Faith

1. Still Life - Looks Like Tomorrow

Note: Missing Cerberus Shoal side

1. Broken Boy
2. El Cucui Esta Aqui
3. Perdoneme Madre
4. Book On You

Note: Missing Resin side

1. Fool
2. A Sunset To The Cliff
3. Old English Eight-Hundred
4. Worked
5. Dopamine
6. Useless
7. Looks Like Tomorrow
8. Sweet Demise
9. The Straydog Lullaby
10. Fill The Oceans

1. No One Is Free
2. Into Fruition
3. Sometimes
4. Overworked
5. My, Oh My

1. Wishful Thinking (Slowly Sinking)
2. Breathe
3. Simple
4. Pumpkinseed Teeth, Seaweed Antlers
5. Hole Like The Sky
6. Greet The Bringer Of Pain
7. Abandoned Hope All Who Enter
8. Godforsaken
9. The Most Southerly Vertical Sun
10. Mute


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    1. Already done!

  2. Still one of my all time favs and part of my introduction to the genre along with iconoclast - legends of the sport esp Angry heads

  3. super late, but is there a way to re-upload the resin split link? says it is no longer availalable...thanks!

  4. Any chance for a re-up, most of the Still Life links are expired. thanks

  5. Please can you re-up Still Life/ Jara Split? Cheers from Argentina!!

  6. Please please re-up!!! Pretty please!