Sunday, 8 November 2015

Super Unison

Super Unison are a four-piece post-hardcore band from Oakland, California that began in 2014. They're fronted by Meghan from Punch and Justin from Snowing is their drummer. They put out their debut EP this year through Deathwish. Super Unison takes their name from a Drive Like Jehu song, which makes sense when listening to them. Off-kilter rhythms and riffs drive this EP, along with shouted vocals that sound like a Sleater-Kinney melody turned up to 11. The band hammers out 4 solid songs in under 8 minutes, making this EP a must for any fans of modern hardcore or 90's Bay Area post-hardcore. Enjoy.

1. Walk Away
2. Recognize You
3. Close Your Eyes
4. On Repeat

1. Prove Yourself
2. Keeper
3. Losing You
4. You Don't Tell Me
5. Luxury
6. Time & Distance
7. Muted
8. Broken
9. What Are You Going To Do
10. Don't Look Up
11. Everything
12. Auto

1. Unconditional
2. The Snake
3. Parts Unknown
4. The Birthday Gift
5. Comfort
6. Falcon
7. Nev
8. Virus
9. Quiet Again
10. Scars


  1. Could you post the new Kindling and Longings stuff?

  2. Longings lp

  3. lol members of snowing, street smart cyclist, harrison bergeron, boy problems, punch, boys & sex, cassilis, the list goes on and on, some of my faves

  4. could you post their latest single photorealism?

  5. could you post their latest single photorealism?