Sunday, 8 November 2015

I Hate Sex

I Hate Sex are a four-piece emo/screamo band from Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). They began earlier this year, and put out their debut EP a few months. It's got to be one of my favourite releases within the emo/screamo realm this year, it's definitely worth the listen. There's tons of melodic guitar parts that are nicely balanced with the harsh, screamed female vocals, making them a more noodly Cerce, or something like that. Either way, check them out, they're one of the many amazing screamo bands that have come out of Edmonton in the past few years, and they are definitely a good example of what makes bands from there so good. Enjoy.

1. January 24th
2. Sleep Paralysis

1. January 24
2. I Fucking Hate Sports
3. San Francisco
4. One by Metallica
5. Sleep Paralysis
6. Happy Anniversary
7. You + Me = Slipknot

5. weird dream, conscious stream
6. old new girlfriend
7. new new girlfriend

Note: I Hate Sex side only

1. I Hate Sex - This Floating World
2. Black Knight Satellite - Unrequited Love! The North Pole Aurora
3. Black Knight Satellite - Nü Jersey
4. Algae Bloom - A Weight in Space


  1. This band are so so good, they deserve so much more recognition!

  2. they just added a new release, you should update this.

  3. Could you please upload their new split EP w/ Low Level :)

  4. They're amazing. Thanks a lot for uploading! It would be great if you could also add split EP w/ Low Level.

  5. They've got 2 splits out now, you should add them both

  6. They just released a new album,if you could post it it would be awesome

  7. wow, what a killer band. thanks for sharing them.