Wednesday 27 March 2024

Narrow Head

Narrow Head are a five-piece alternative rock band from Houston, Texas that formed in 2013. They've put out three full-lengths and a slew of other releases, with their most recent stuff all being put out by Run For Cover since joining their roster in 2020. Admittedly I have not done much of a deep dive on this band, even though they've been requested a ton and their latest LP, Moments Of Clarity gained a good amount of traction last year. The band's sound consists of big, heavy, shoegazy guitars and alt rock riffs juxtaposed against very melodic vocals. That's not a very good summation, but I'm sure a lot of you are more familiar with them than I am. If you're a fan of bands such as Superheaven, Daisyhead, or Modern Color and haven't heard them yet, I highly suggest you give them a try. Despite being new to them, everything I'm hearing is incredibly solid. Enjoy.

1. Glass
2. Nervous Habits

1. Far Removed
2. Make It Hurt
3. In Slow Time
4. Nervous Habits
5. Brain Dead

1. Hard To Swallow
2. Ash Anywhere
3. Emmadazey

2. Feels Like Sand
3. Ashtray
4. Cool In Motion
5. Stay
6. Nancy France
7. Paranoid Hands
8. Wallflower
9. It's Whatever To Me
10. Uncover
11. See You Around

1. Stuttering Stanley
2. Nodding Off
3. Snoozy

1. Satellite
2. Ash Anywhere

1. Yer Song
2. Ponderosa Sun Club
3. Stutterng Stnaley
4. Hard To Swallow
5. Crankcase
6. Nodding Off
7. Night Tryst
8. Emmadazey
9. Wastrel
10. Delano Door
11. Bulma
12. Evangeline Dream

1. T.W.I.N.

1. The Real
2. Moments Of Clarity
3. Sunday
4. Trepanation
5. Breakup Song
6. Fine Day
7. Caroline
8. The World
9. Gearhead
10. Flesh & Solitude
11. The Comedown
12. Soft To Touch


  1. Satisfaction is a very potent grower, every song on this album is really good

  2. thank you for your work, for continuing searching for good music in this tiktok music oriented world...<3

  3. Hi Kevin, any chance you are willing to re-upload "Universal Order Of Armageddon"? Thanks JJ