Friday, 17 March 2023

The Lazarus Plot

The Lazarus Plot were a four-piece emo band from Elgin, Illinois that were active from 1997 to 1999. This gem of a band's output was limited, but what they did put out is absolutely incredible and severely underrated. They often utilize clean, melancholic arpeggios, and spoken word that often build into crescendos, which can either stay clean and become sweetly sung, or occasionally burst into heavy climaxes with shredding screams. It's a formula tried and true; fans of bands as vast as Eldritch Anisette, Plunger, Endive, The Little Rock Nine, Rainer Maria, Indian Summer, or Don Martin Three should absolutely be checking this out. I do want to emphasize that this isn't a direct comparison, as this band brought something truly special to the table, thanks in part to the dejected lyricism and raw, almost lo-fi production quality. It encapsulates a plethora of viscera and a spectrum of mood, or something along those lines. This may be slightly off-topic, but if you're a Bright Eyes fan, the singer of The Lazarus Plot is Laura Laurent (Lifted... track 12).

On another side-note, I just want to quickly shout out this fantastic new blog, Canadian Wasteland. It's incredibly comprehensive, and if you're into what I share here, you'll definitely find something to love there. Enjoy!

1. Quatro - 5th Grade Diet Plan
2. Twelve Hour Turn - Two
3. The Vidablue - '87 Yankees
4. The Lazarus Plot - Unmarked

1. Friday The Thirteenth
2. Confessions To An Early Summer Nightmare
3. Dissolving Substance
4. Sleepwalker
5. Ending Time
6. Goodbye, Again

1. Charmed, I'm Sure
2. Eyes Like Sticks
3. Asleep/Awake

1. Long Live Nothing - Selbstmord
2. Long Live Nothing - Untitled
3. The Lazarus Plot - Something Good Has Got To Come Out Of All These Goodbyes


  1. A tragically limited output was such an unfortunate common occurrence with music in this genre (or it's sibling screamo.) I at least partially attribute it to the emotional intensity of the material making it exponentially more likely to create insurmountable differences of opinion. When emotions are wound to 110% constantly tiny disagreements escalate extremely quickly