Thursday, 22 April 2021


Orwell were a five-piece post-hardcore/emo band from Chicago, Illinois that were briefly around from 1995 to 1996. For many years, they were really known as being another project Bob Nanna (Braid, Hey Mercedes) was involved in, as their official releases were limited to sporadic compilation tracks and a handful of unreleased bootleg recordings circulating the internet. Finally, in 2021 an official discography was released, including all recorded material, as well as some live tracks and demos. The result was Orwell 1995, which is titled as such since everything on here was recorded that year. Sonically, fans of Nanna's other work will dig this, though it does have a more raw, aggressive sound in comparison to the usually melodic works of Braid. This compilation was thankfully made possible and released by American Handstand Records and Expert Work Records, who you can check out here. Enjoy.

1. 4242
2. Angular Momentum
3. Ph9 Green
4. Bandsaw Architecture
5. Icemaker
6. Chicago Skier
7. 9:30
8. Model Trains
9. 4242 (Live at The Fireside Bowl August 3, 1995)
10. Angular Momentum (Live at The Fireside Bowl July 12th, 1995)
11. Ph9 Green>>>Bandsaw Architecture (Live at The Fireside Bowl July 12th, 1995)
12. Icemaker (2nd practice tape)
13. Chicago Skier (2nd practice tape)
14. Model Trains (2nd practice tape)
15. Ph9 Green (original instrumental version)


  1. yessss thank youuuuuuuuuuu
    whenever i think of this band it reminds me of calm and you need to do that band next please

  2. I know this is the internet, so it seems like it doesn't matter, but labels, artists, people worked on this. Would be nice to see that recognition.

    This was put out by Expert Work & American Handstand records. Everyone involved also have several records out, not just Bob.

    As one of the dudes who helped put this out and helped with the artwork, kind of stinks to see nothing mentioned.

  3. Hey thanks for giving this a shout out. I run one of the labels that put this out (Expert Work Records). I co-released this with my friends label, American Handstand Records. It would be great if you tagged us or gave us credit for putting this out, since we did all the hard work on this. We are close friends with all the members of Orwell and this something I have wanted to put out for over 15 years. The physical release comes with a 20 page booklet telling the story of Orwell, the history, and how all of this came to be. And there is a lot more history and important bands tied into this that just what Bob Nanna did. We love Bob and his bands, but the other 4 members are very crucial part to the story and history of Chicago's punk, emo, and hardcore scenes. Please see Hubcap, The Traitors, Gila Bend, Gainer, Punjab, Haymarket Riot, Big'n, Friction, The Sky Corvair, Lifted Bells, Hey Mercedes, Bull In China, Guttersnipe, etc.

    Thanks again for the write up. Not trying to be mean by any means, just want credit where credit is due. Orwell was a great band and this is an important release.

    and the guy above, Calm is great. Put me in touch I would love to put out a discography for them too.

    1. Absolutely, thank for you letting me know this! Always happy to give credit where it's due. Updated the post accordingly, and thank you for making this finally happen!

  4. Thanks Kevin! I appreciate it.