Thursday, 23 April 2020


armywives are a five-piece screamo band from Brooklyn and Philadelphia that seemed to have begun 2010, but have been predominantly active since 2018 (or so it seems). After a discography of early material, they released a handful of singles throughout 2019, which leads us to their self-titled debut EP, released this month via Zegema Beach Records. This is 4 blistering tracks of post-hardcore leaning screamo, which fans of bands such as Kidcrash, Eyelet, We Were Skeletons, and Pianos Become The Teeth will revel in. Enjoy.

1. breathe
2. herald
3. see
4. choke
5. bygones

1. "thoughts + prayers"
2. unmarked
3. twenty-four karat

Note: Individually released tracks in 2019, included together for convenience

1. est cette vie?
2. est-ce la mort?
3. able
4. first you must die to be reborn

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  1. Might have to name our next song Theresa's Death Spell

  2. FYI: missed out records did 20 7" lathes but they are sold out already