Thursday 26 March 2020

The Newfound Interest In Connecticut

The Newfound Interest In Connecticut were a post-rock/post-hardcore/emo band from Toronto, Ontario that were around from at least 2002 to 2005-ish. I can't find too much info on this band, so if anyone knows anything please do feel free to share. Additionally, they apparently put out a split and EP prior to the sole full-length they are best known, but I can't find any of those. Thus, we've got just the LP here. It's a unique collection of songs, to say the least. They fall somewhere in between Godspeed You! Black Emperor, On The Might Of Princes, and The Microphones, with some definite midwest emo background influence. Despite those comparisons, the band really does stand out on their own, without contemporaries. Tell Me About The Long Dark Path Home is meant for cold nights, and will appeal to fans of drawn-out atmospheric build-ups, math-y rhythms, and dynamic sung/spoken/screamed vocals. Enjoy.

1. The Computers Stopped Exchanging Information
2. And Started Sharing Stories
3. And Then They Kissed
4. Okay, You Can Be Tigers, But No Crashing
5. Five Years Of Work And We Built That Song
6. And It Sings For Itself
7. I Can Hear Your Footsteps Just Outside Camp - Sah, Sah, Sah...
8. I Can See Your Breath Rising In The Air
9. On My Back Watching The Northern Lights Recede
10. The Arctic Circle


  1. Hey Guys... I put together a zip of the EP, the Split just has 1 song from the full length. Enjoy

  2. There is a YouTube video where someone who claimed to be a former member and currently a teacher made some comments about the bands name &, history. The name was inspired by a members online relationship with someone from Connecticut

  3. Recently because of the new cult following they have, they got a Spotify now

  4. Hey if anyone wants to hear the split version of Arctic Circle, here it is.

  5. I found the EP on the Internet Archive