Wednesday, 19 June 2019


Overo are a four-piece emo/screamo band from Houston, Texas that began in late 2018. They were formed by members of football, etc. and Perfect Future. If you're familiar with those two bands, you've already got a good idea of what Overo sound like, as they blend the melancholic chords and sweeping vocals of the former with the pounding drums and distorted chaos of the latter, with impassioned screams to complete the dual-vocal duo. This band really does sound like a seamless amalgamation of its members past work, which leads to a new and incredibly refreshing listen. Their debut, self-titled LP is being released by both Count Your Lucky Stars and Middle-Man Records, which are essential mainstays in their respective emo/screamo worlds, putting Overo in the center of this metaphorical Venn diagram. Enjoy.

1. Cold Concrete
2. Shattered

1. The Dead
2. Constellations
3. Pact
4. Summer Wheat
5. Interlude
6. Pine And Black Oak
7. Dark Eyes
8. Diffraction
9. Joseph

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