Wednesday, 5 December 2018

2018 In Review...

Another year another list. In keeping up with tradition, here's a compiled list of all the new releases posted on this blog from 2018. It's one last look back to catch up on any you might have missed or want to revisit before the year is out and we're starting all over again. This year has been an incredible one for music, with an insane amount of good albums coming out left and right. Let me know what some of your favourite releases from 2018 have been, and I'll have my usual Top 50 list out in a week or two. Also, since there's only so much I can keep up with, please let me know if there's any releases from this year that I haven't uploaded yet, and I'll try and get on them ASAP. Enjoy.

American Nightmare - American Nightmare
American Pleasure Club - A Whole Fucking Lifetime Of This
Animal Flag - Void Ripper
awakebutstillinbed - what people call low self-esteem is really just seeing yourself the way that other people see you
Baptists - Beacon Of Faith
Basement - Beside Myself
Bearings - Blue In The Dark
Belmont - Belmont
Birds in Row - We Already Lost The World
Blind Girls - Residue
Boston Manor - Welcome To The Neighbourhood
California Cousins - Distant Relatives
Camp Cope - How To Socialise & Make Friends
Candy - Good To Feel
Can't Swim - This Too Won't Pass
Carson Wells - No Relic
Casanovas In Heat - Twisted Steel, Sex Appeal
Charmer - Charmer
Closer - All This Will Be
Cloud District - Don't Give Up, Skeleton
Crywank - Egg on face. Foot in mouth. Wriggling. Wriggling. Wriggling.
Cult Leader - A Patient Man
Culture Abuse - Bay Dream
Cursive - Vitriola
Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want
Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Death Cab For Cutie - Thank You For Today
Death Grips - Year Of The Snitch
die Hoffnung - Elegies And Creation Songs
Donovan Wolfington - WAVES
Drug Church - Cheer
Elle - She
Fiddlehead - Springtime & Blind
Foxing - Nearer My God
Gillian Carter - ...The Earth Shaped Tomb
Good Looking Friends - Settle In, Decay
Gouge Away - Burnt Sugar
Graduating Life - Grad Life
Graf Orlock - Examination Of Violent CInema Vol. 1
Gulfer - Dog Bless
Harms Way - Posthuman
Homewrecker - Hell Is Here Now
Hop Along - Bark Your Head Off, Dog
Hot Mulligan - Pilot
It Looks Sad. - Sky Lake
itoldyouiwouldeatyou - Oh Dearism
Jesus Piece - Only Self
Joyce Manor - Million Dollars To Kill Me
Just Friends - Nothing But Love
Kid Feral - Live And Let's Die!
Listener - Being Empty : Being Filled
Messes - The Ever Closing Door
mewithoutYou - [untitled]
Mom Jeans. - Puppy Love
Moose Blood - I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore
Night Birds - Roll Credits
nothing,nowhere. - ruiner
Octaves - Exact Change
Ostraca - Enemy
Petal - Magic Gone
Pianos Become The Teeth - Wait For Love
Pool Kids - Music To Practice Safe Sex To
Portrayal Of Guilt - Let Pain Be Your Guide
Real Friends - Composure
Respire - Dénouement
Reveries - Reveries
Saves The Day - 9
Self Defense Family - Have You Considered Punk Music
Sick Of It All - Wake The Sleeping Dragon!
Single Mothers - Through A Wall
State Champs - Living Proof
Super Unison - Stella
The Armed - Only Love
The Cardboard Swords - Once more, there is nothing left to figure out.
The Dirty Nil - Master Volume
The Sidekicks - Happiness Hours
The Story So Far - Proper Dose
The Wonder Years - Sister Cities
This Will Destroy You - New Others Part One
This Will Destroy You - New Others Part Two
Tiny Moving Parts - Swell
Trash Boat - Crown Shyness
Trophy Eyes - The American Dream
True Love - The Pact
Turnstile - Time & Space
Twitching Tongues - Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred
Warm Thoughts - I Went Swimming Alone
Young Mountain - Lost Tree

American Pleasure Club - Oranges b/w Daniels
Anatagonize - Demo
Beach Slang - Everything Matters But No One Is Listening [Quiet Slang]
Blacklisted - Slow Moments b/w I Should Have Been A Murderer
Boneflower - MM/Seashells/Wanderers
Candy - Studio F12 Demos
Code Orange - Only One Way
Code Orange - The Hurt Will Go On
Commander Salamander - Live
Commander Salamander - Off The Goop LP Promo
Converge - Beautiful Ruin
Crowning/Swallows Nest
Crowning/Marée Noire
Counterculture - I Think You Didn't
Dad Thighs - Easy Listening
Darkle - Pain Train
Envy - Alnair in August
Foxtails/Algae Bloom
Full Of Hell/Intensive Care
Ghost Spirit/Frail Hands
I Create - Veneer / Fear Of Due Season
It Looks Sad. - Light
Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper
itoldyouiwouldeatyou - Get Terrified EP
Joliette - El Alphabiotista
Knuckle Puck - Shifted
La Dispute - Somewhere At The Bottom Of The River Between Vega and Altair (10th Anniversary)
macseal - Map It Out
meth. - I Love You
mewithoutYou - [untitled] e.p.
Michael Cera Palin - "I Don't Know How To Explain It"
Microwave - keeping up
Modern Life Is War - Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 1
Modern Life Is War - Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 2
No Right - Unjustified
Oso Oso - gb/ol h/nf
Portrayal Of Guilt/Street Sects
Power Trip - Opening Fire: 2008-2014
Rained In - Demo
Remo Drive - Pop Music
SeeYouSpaceCowboy/Second Grade Knife Fight
Sick Shit - Demonstration
Sick Shit - Thick Spit
Sick Shit - Persevere
Sleep Debt - Sleep Debt
Snag/Swallows Nest
Spiritual Cramp - Police State EP
Spiritual Cramp - Television
Stars Hollow - Happy Again
Terrible Love - Doubt Mines
The Dirty Nil - Surrender
The Front Bottoms - Ann
The Get Up Kids - Kicker
The Guiding Wave - To Dance Around Love
the sylvia north story - ii
the sylvia north story - iii
the sylvia northern story - iv
the sylvia northern story - v
the sylvia north story - vi
thisishowitendedintokyo - april(s)in
thisishowitendedintokyo - somehow soon!
toe - Our Latest Number
Touché Amoré - Green
Touché Amoré - 10 Years / 1000 Shows - Live at the Regent Theater
Tower of Silence - Tower of Silence
Trail of Lies - War
TTNG - Animals Acoustic
Worst Party Ever - The Year Of The Manatee
Worst Party Ever - Japan
WVRM - The Blood Of The Coven Is Thicker Than Water Of The Womb


  1. Thanks for your work!

  2. Where is Commit More Arson by Binary?? :(

  3. Another year of you being the best blog, thanks!

  4. Thanks for the blog!

  5. The only thing missing in this blog is Bloodlet's discography, pleaaasssee

  6. trophy eyes - the american dream

  7. Replies
    1. Holy shit, I can't believe I managed to forget one of the best albums this year, haha. It's been added!

  8. infant island lp?

    1. Incredible album, but it was never featured in a typical post. Just a track premiere, so the whole thing was never uploaded. You can listen/download it here:

      It's nothing short of amazing!

  9. what about ugly spiral by ajj? appreciating this btw!

  10. Your blog got me into messes. Ever closing door is a top 3 aoty for me thanks to you. Forever greatful.

  11. Thanks for posting the list. Realised I forgot a couple of good ones that I wasn't even aware of. Any chance you've stumbled upon "the drew thomson foundation vol. 1 (huh, it's generally pretty empty in here" again? The thing has literally disappeared from the world... Cheers

  12. Forgot the steller E.P from Lord Snow!!

  13. wha do u think of this track?