Sunday, 28 December 2014

Kodan Armada

(The) Kodan Armada were a screamo/post-hardcore band from Louisville, Kentucky, that were active from 2000 to 2005 and went through numerous line-up changes. They put out one EP in their lifespan, as well as a handful of splits, all of which are compiled on their discography album Collection. The Kodan Armada are one of the standout bands from the late 90's/early 2000's screamo sound, along with bands such as Neil Perry, Saetia, Joshua Fit For Battle, and The Spirit Of Versailles. They played a cathartic style of music that focused more on the raw passion of chaos rather than cleanliness or production value. They fuse dark bass lines with ripping guitars, and top it off with strangled, shrieking vocals at their emotional and physical breaking point. Early in their career, they even had a keyboard player. They also brought out the quiet, melodic guitars with spoken word parts a top it. Basically they covered every aspect of the entire screamo genre within a handful of songs. The Kodan Armada's discography is small but essential. They are an integral part in the development of screamo/post-hardcore/emo/hardcore/you know how the list goes, and one of the best bands to come out of it. Enjoy.

1. If I Wanted To Hear The Beat Of Your Heart I Would Rip It Out And Stick It Next To My Ear
2. One
3. Two
4. Three
5. Butterfly Effect
6. Stars Will Always Be There
7. Outro

1. Kodan Armada - No Has Never Had Three Letters
2. Kodan Armada - Bullshit Buffet
3. Montcalm - I Stopped Believing In Existence 

1. Gospel - Congratualtions... You've Hit Bottom!
2. Gospel - Ghost & Gun
3. Gospel - What Means Of Witchery
4. Kodan Armada - Coppers!
5. Kodan Armada - Death Wears A Necktie
6. Kodan Armada - Say Something

1. What's Yr Damage? - Mourning Against 
2. Kodan Armada -

1. Kodan Armada - Kodan Armada Gave Me The Clap
2. Pretty Faces - Pretty Faces...Broke My Shit Up

1. Good Time
2. No Has Never Had 3 Letters
3. Punk Rock
4. Bullshit Buffet
5. Internet
7. Short Walks Down Long Roads
8. Handcuffs
9. Cops
10. Death Wears a Necktie
11. Importance
12. Say Something
13. Forgiveness
14. One
15. Share Something
16. Butterfly Effect


  1. i'm fucking loving this band. when i think of skramz i think of exactly their style

  2. holy SHIIITT!!!! I'm kinda new to skramz, so maybe I'll have a different opinion once I'm more familiar, but Kodan Armada are along with Joshua Fit For Battle, pg.99, Orchid and Hot Cross are some of the best skramz bands - if not bands in general - I've ever heard!!

  3. Montcalm Split and What's Your Damage Split aren't working. :(

  4. the scene was always full of fools, calling this skramz is just a shame

    at least we have the music in a world of degenerates

  5. Collection isnt working anymore :(

  6. Only Ohio Killed The Grey Ghost is working

  7. please re-up the pretty faces split...been searching for so long...