Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Moon Bandits

Band submission. Moon Bandits are a two-piece folk punk band from Los Angeles, California. I suppose they do warrant comparisons to other great folk punk bands, such as Ghost Mice, Ramshackle Glory, or Defiance, Ohio, but they're way too definitive to dismiss them as being just another. For one, the instrumentation they use consists mainly of a banjo and violin, which sound incredible together. There's tons of great harmonies, the melodies are catchy and memorable, and the lyrics are well-written and could have come from an anarcho-punk band or something (as well as the artwork, actually). Everything is just great, all around. I'm personally really enjoying this, and highly suggest checking it out.

1. Burn it Down
2. The Symptom
3. Speaker and the chairman
4. From the windows of your home
5. Revolutions Personal
6. Cold Leaves
7. Southwest to Northwest
8. It's a lie
9. Keep your head up
10. Fool's gold


  1. Hi, I really enjoy this blog and all the stuff in it. Is hard to find goods blogs like this... any way, I have a zine and i wonder if you like tocollaborate in it... is in spanish but we can translate it... here is the facebook link if you want to check us out...

    1. Hey, thanks. That sounds interesting, e-mail me at and we can talk more.

  2. If you want to support this band we have some of their LP's in our distro.