Thursday, 28 March 2013

Clyde Webb

Band submission. Clyde Webb is one awesome dude from some place in the Northwest. He just put out his first full-length, as well as his first to feature electric guitars and drums (though there still are some songs that feature an acoustic). And I must say, this is fucking awesome. I'm seriously really digging this. I'm sensing some Latterman influence, particularly with the vocals (though much sloppier, as is everything, in a good way though), some pop punk vibes (I keep thinking of Jawbreaker for some reason), some Gainesville-punk hints maybe, and some folk-punk in there as well (which is kind of what he was doing on his previous releases). His lyrics, as simple as they may be, are really endearing and relatable, which I found myself focusing on and enjoying quite a lot. Overall, this is just amazing. I really appreciate him sharing this with me, and seriously advise checking this, as well as his other stuff, out.

1. Home
2. You're Worth It
3. Church
5. Negative Numbers
6. Life Is A Harsh Toke
7. Charms
8. Snot
9. Suicide Pact
10. Cave
11. Crust Fund
12. Happy Now
13. Twin Peaks
14. Iceage
15. I Miss You
16. Growing Up, Giving Up feat. Tim B of Tim Blood
17. Home Pt. 2

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